Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Listen to The Metal Show Kids!

The first ever commercial for The Metal Show Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. Thanks to metalsucks.net for the find of this ridiculous site!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tim Ripper Owens: The Scream Machine Releases Solo Album Details

The madman that has filled in on vocal-duty for epic metal groups Judas Priest and Iced Earth recently released details on his new solo album, "Play My Game", which is coming out on May 19.

I have always felt that the Beyond Fear album was solid and proved that Ripper could hammer out face-melting metal music, even when not having the safety-net of a great back-catalog of songs.

Many give the man shit for being the "fill-in" guy, but that gig pays good and he has filled in for some damn good bands! Now the true test comes when he releases his solo album on the world.

Ripper plans on getting out and touring this summer (2009) and his tour line-up will be as follows:

Tim "Ripper" Owens - Vocals
John Comprix (BEYOND FEAR, RINGWORM) - Guitar
David Ellefson (MEGADETH, F5) - Bass
Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO) - Drums

I was actually most excited to see Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra veteran Chris Caffery on this list. The man can shred, although he can't sing very well (no offense either can Dave Mustaine), so him backing the Ripper is a dream come true!

Now check out the massive list of guest musicians on the album:


Bob Kulick
Carlos Cavazo (RATT, ex-QUIET RIOT)
Craig Goldy (DIO)
Zeil Zaza
Mike Callahan (ex-EARSHOT)
Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE)
Michael Wilton (QUEENSRĊ¸CHE)
Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE)
Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL)


Marco Mendoza (ex-WHITESNAKE)
Billy Sheehan (MR BIG, ex-DAVID LEE ROTH)
Dave Ellefson (ex-MEGADETH)
James Lomenzo (MEGADETH)
Tony Franklin (ex-BLUE MURDER)
Dennis Hayes (BEYOND FEAR)


Simon Wright (DIO, ex-AC/DC)
Brett Chassen

Will this be the recipe for success for Ripper? We will just have to wait and see. If you are unfamiliar with his vocals check out the Beyond Fear live performance of Words of Wisdom below.

Also now available, a gydget! Although I thought they were called wydgets or something, I guess there are multiple names for these things...

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What Don't Kill ya, Make ya More Strong: Metallica Unleashes Broken Beat and Scarred Music Video

Check it out at Metallica.com.

The video is a live recording of the band and it really showcases the energy these guys have right now. You can hear Rob Trujillo's bass and backing vocals unlike on the album!

"Broken Beat and Scarred" is one of my favorite tracks off "Death Magnetic" and this video just reminds me how good the band is live.

I will post the actual embedded video once it is up so you can view it directly from the blog also.

UPDATE: Video posted. Also I heard Rob Trujillo will NOT be playing with Metallica at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, but instead it will be Jason Newstead!

I guess this could be because Metallica is mainly getting in for the Black Album, but I know I would like to see them both play. It's nice of Trujillo to step back and let Newstead jam though. Both are class acts.

UPDATE: I thought I would share a recent video of Jakhals Frank interviewing James and Lars from Metallica for a Dutch TV show. Funny interview from a guy who isn't afraid to ask the band the tough questions.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gene Simmons Sells Out: Dr. Pepper Wild Cherry Commercial

The best damn sell-out in the business! Watch and learn as Gene markets the new Dr. Pepper Wild Cherry drink. I actually didn't mind the commercial and yes, I am a fan of Kiss.

Right now the band is in the studio working on the new one. I'm hoping it turns out to be good, but who knows at this point. Paul Stanley's producing it and Eric Singer on drums can't hurt anything!

Gene DP Commercial

In Flames "Delight and Angers" Music Video

In Flames is one of the best metal bands out there right now and have evolved on pretty much every album they released. And have done it well for the most part!

A Sense of Purpose made it onto my top 5 list of 2008 I did for KRUI and after watching this video I remember why.

It's catchy, rockin' and short and to the point. That doesn't make it a bad song! Watch and learn from the masters below in the music video for "Delight and Angers".

IN FLAMES - Delight And Angers - HD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candlemass Streaming "Death Magic Doom" on MySpace

First the new Heaven and Hell track "Bible Black" went up and now the entire new Candlemass album "Death Magic Doom" is streaming online.

Check it out here.

UPDATE: It appears the new album is no longer streaming on MySpace, but the new track "If I Ever Die" is still on there for your listening pleasure.

If you don't know who Candlemass is do yourself a favor and pick up the albums "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" and "Nightfall" two of doom metal's best contributions this side of Black Sabbath.

Rob Lowe sounds good on the mic and the rest of the band is rockin' as usual.

Right now I'm doing a brief listen through and "Hammer of Doom" is offering some tasty sludge-laden riffage.

The album is out to buy on May 5.

Heaven and Hell New Song "Bible Black" Online Now!

Below is the link to access the new Heaven and Hell song "Bible Black" off the new album coming out April 28.

Thank you Noisecreep!

It doesn't break any musical barriers, but delivers on the solid sound you come to expect from Dio and the rest of the gang. Lets hope there is even more great music to come.

Make sure to listen to The Metal Show back for the attack from 6-7PM tonight.

UPDATE: YouTube version of the song right below. "Bible Black" is now available for download at all major digital retailers. Also you can find a track-by-track preview of the album here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amon Amarth "Guardians of Asgaard" Music Video (and new Queensryche)

So now that Spring Break is over it's time for me to come back to reality and start doing some work! That includes working on this blog, so here is a new music video from Amon Amarth for "Guardians of Asgaard" off "Twilight of the Thunder God".

It is some badass melodic viking metal! There are even guest vocals from LG Petrov of Entombed fame.

I wanted to put up the new Queensryche video also, but a) the new song "If I Were King" is kind of boring and b) I cannot find any of the videos that will let me embed them on my page. Damn copyright protection.

Anyways here is the link to that video on Military.com (if only they made a cooler song in support of those troops).

UPDATE: You can preview more of the album online now. Here are the links to listen on various music players... I kind of like the first track, but the rest is just mediocre in my opinion. It sounds a little stronger than some of the more recent efforts though.

+Windows Media Player

DOUBLE UPDATE: New Queensryche streaming live on VH1's The Leak!

I gotta say, I actually like some of the tunes much better than "American Soldier"! Nothing insanely good, but some decent tunes.

Now for the metal!

Guardians Of Asgaard ft. LG Petrov

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

While We Were Boozing

A lot of music news came out the last couple o' days while I have been in online avoidance mode aka Spring Break. Sometimes you just have to slow things down, grab a bottle of Jimmy Bean and appreciate mother nature (pissing on mother nature is not appreciating it, D'oh).

Anyways here is an update of what we missed while partaking in the festivities of the break/St. Patrick's Day...

+Mastodon are currently streaming the new album "Crack the Skye" on MySpace.

+Judas Priest announced they would be playing "British Steel" in its entirety this summer for the 30th Anniversary of the album (along with other hits). No details yet on them doing all of "Nostradamus". I have heard that will be a more limited run, which is probably a good idea!

+The Frenchies in Gojira announced they will be going on a headlining tour here in States. "The Way of All Flesh" made my top five list of 2009 and they seem to be a tight live band. The closest date to Iowa is May 10 in Chicago, Illinois (see tour dates to the right). I think they should come to People's Court in Des Moines though!

+Killswitch Engage will put out the new CD on June 23. Lets hope they can recapture some of that magic on "Alive or Just Breathing"!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ride the Tiger: Heaven and Hell Cover Art

Check out the new Heaven and Hell album cover. They could have easily gone and made it cheesy, but instead it is a pretty sinister piece of art.

The Devil You Know will be unleashed to the masses on April 28. I can't wait!

The first single off the album is said to be the song Bible Black. Check out the complete tracklisting here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Metal Show will not be airing tonight...

I am posting to regrettably inform listeners that The Metal Show will not be airing this Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

Feel free to listen in as Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band will be interviewed in place of the show and will be playing at The Mill (I am holding a rally to throw eggs at the band when they play, so feel free to join in there!).

Seriously, though while I may be angry that my show isn't airing tonight, I am always in support of the bands and understand they want some exposure on the radio (just don't do it during The Metal Show next time).

Next week is Spring Break so The Metal Show will be off the air then also.


Now I end my post with an excerpt of the mighty lyrics of Manowar. Remember, there is no stopping metal!

Fight fight fight
Fighting the world every single day
Fighting the world for the right to play
Heavy Metal in my brain
I'm fighting for Metal 'cause it's here to stay

Fighting,fighting,fighting the World
I been fighting the World
Fighting,fighting,fighting the World
I been fighting
Fight for a living - Fighting the World
Fight for a living - Fighting the World
Fight for a living - Fighting the World

See my brother standing by my side
Only got one thing on ever mind
Radio's playing this nation wide
Turn it up louder till we all get fright

Fighting,fighting,fighting the World
I been fighting the World
Fighting,fighting,fighting the World
I been fighting
Fight for a living - Fighting the World
Fight for a living - Fighting the World
Fight for a living - Fighting the World
Fight - Fighting the World
Fight for a living - Fighting the World

Slow News Week

It seems that not much exciting is going on in the metal world so far this week... but Dave Mustaine has the cure!

UPDATE: Below is the latest Mastodon video for the song Divinations that I just realized I never put up here. It is kind of a goofy video and you all know my opinions on Mastodon, but it is still a decent tune.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wizards, Dragons and Blind Guardian!

Blind Guardian is one of the most atmospheric, epic and awesome bands in the whole metal realm. These guys can write about some of the cheesiest stuff and still make it badass.

"A Twist in the Myth" was the band's last release and it was solid. I think the new one could have potential to be better though. In fact the band just finished recording eight new tracks in the studio.

Here's what Hansi Kursch had to say:

"What can I say about these songs? They rule, of course. You want a more precise description? Impossible. All I can say is that each and every song is 100% BLIND GUARDIAN, which, naturally, means there is a wild bunch of different things going on from time to time (always?)."

Kursch is the man and has one of the most unique voices in metal.

Check out the epic sounding track "Sacred" below, which will appear on the new album when it eventually comes out (probably not until later in the year). Yes I know it looks like a trailer for a videogame, that's because it is. Like I said, only certain bands like Blind Guardian can get away with stuff like this!

Congratulations Lamb of God!

First off I just wanted to say congrats to Lamb of God who landed at the number two spot on the Billboard Charts after selling around 68,000 copies of the new album "Wrath". That is their best debut to date! ("Sacrament" sold 63,000)

I finally got the physical CD this week and I will be posting a review of it soon on The Metal Review.

The main point I wanted to bring up though is that God Forbid's new album "Earthsblood" only sold 5,400 copies in its first week of release. And while they charted at number 110 on the Billboard Charts and number two on the Heatseeker's chart, they still deserve to sell even more.

I ordered my copy online right away after seeing this. I tried to order the new CD here in Iowa City, but no store got it in so I was sick of waiting, plus I wanted to support the band. It is a great CD! I will review that one too, as soon as it arrives in the mail.

The main point of all this is that metal is still alive and well in the music world, especially if a band such as Lamb of God can debut at number two on the Billboard Charts! Lets hope that the album will continue to sell will in the following weeks.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Trivium Issue

I was reading an interview with Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu on Blabbermouth.net which discussed the love/hate relationship people have with the band, and I thought it raised a good question.

Why do so many people hate this band?

Even I initially felt like I should dislike this band before I ever really heard them, causing me to fail to give them a chance. I think part of the problem is that Trivium started out as a straight-up metalcore band, as shown in this live video for "Ascendancy".

That kind of sucked right? It sounds bland and generic and doesn't merit repeat listens. The band isn't terrible, but there are better lesser known bands I have seen perform live.

After the somewhat successful run of "Ascendancy" the band began working on a follow-up album. Members began talking about how the album was more straight-up metal with clean vocals. "The Crusade" came out and instantly the haters trashed the band for selling out and ripping off Metallica and Testament. Matt Heafy even looks like a young Kirk Hammett.

Maybe he is a clone?

"The Crusade" is the point where I decided to give Trivium a chance after reading some positive reviews of the album. I did hear a lot of borrowing of riffs from thrash bands, but isn't all music a rehashed form of its predecessor? There is no 100% PURE music and there are countless bands the same haters of Trivium love that sound like other bands.

Songs like "Ignition" and "Entrance of the Conflagration" are awesome tunes that I thoroughly enjoyed. The band was definitely improving at this point and I no longer hated them.

The band gets better...

In 2008 Trivium started doing interviews in support of the new CD that was coming out called "Shogun". Heafy stated that the band was bringing back some of the screaming vocals along with the melodic vocals found throughout "The Crusade".

I'll admit that I have not purchased the full album yet (I didn't download it either), but the first two singles off the album ("Down From the Sky" and "Throes of Perdition") are good tracks that show the band finally getting into its own sound.

Check out the most recent video for "Throes of Perdition".

So in summary Trivium may have started out as a standard metalcore band, but they have grown into a unique band with its own sound. Even if you dislike them, there is no denying the band's technical ability.

Maybe we should all remember a little band called Pantera" (RIP), that started out as a glam metal band, then transformed into a Judas Priest sounding band ("Power Metal"), until finding its true sound on "Cowboys From Hell" and "Vulgar Display of Power".

Before there was Dimebagg Darrell, there was Diamond Darrell!

If Trivium is being hated for what they used to be, then maybe we should all open our minds to the new stuff and listen to it from as unbiased of a perspective as possible. Is Trivium the best band out there right now? Probably not. Are they a proficient metal band that writes great metal tunes that make you want to headbang? This metal show DJ thinks so.