Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heavy Metal Product Promotion

Alright so I mentioned Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society was promoting a new line of hot sauces so I decided to do a little segment of the blog called...

Heavy Metal Product Promotion.

We'll start things off with the BLS hot sauce...

Strength, Determination, Merciless, Berserker Hot sauce, Forever?

That's right. Zakk Wylde and his crew want to terrorize your tastebuds with a variety of molten hot sauces. Is this a petty attempt at making those extra dollars to support Wylde's booze habit? Or an honest product from a hot sauce lovin' American? You decide!

Flavors of the product include: Shot to Hell, Stronger Than Death, Sonic Brew and Original.

Do you folks like coffee?

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Charlie Benante of Anthrax think so and they are giving Starbucks a run for its money with their new lines of coffee. You can join the Dave Mustaine monthly coffee crew for $19.99 a month or the Charlie Benante crew for the same price.

Get autographed mugs for only $39.99 a piece! What steal... I guess?

Note: Due to reduced sales Benante recently changed his slogan from "Put some Anthrax in your coffee!" to "Fuck I need money because Joey left the band again and Scott Ian keeps buying bagels with the band fund!"

You can't be Kvlt without the proper threads!

Finnish chart toppers Alexi Laiho and Henkka Seppala, who are in Children of Bodom, decided to launch Wild Child Industries Clothing in order to get the kids some gear that will put them among the elite in their respective metal communities for the low, low price of $60 a hoodie.

Disclaimer: Black nail polish and eye liner not included.

Light your cancer sticks with the help of Kiss!

Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss have made enough merchandise that they could fill up their own store. And now Kiss has revealed yet another must-have product that is coming soon.

The strummable, light-up, guitar lighter shaped like Paul Stanley's axe.

That's right you can rock out to Kiss while lighting your cigs, or if you are a non-smoker, bring this bad boy to the concert and hold it up during one of the ballads. Then rock out on mini-guitar to the solo!

What's next? Hopefully Kiss brand cigarettes!

There you have it...

This is has been Heavy Metal Product Promotion brought to you by The Metal Show, Randy and the failing record industry of America. Maybe if you weren't such a douche and stopped downloading all your music Charlie might stop charging people $19.99 a month for coffee... maybe...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Metal Show gives its condolences to metal singer Blaze Bayley as his wife passed away on September 27.

Bayley formerly sang for legendary acts Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane, and currently is touring with his solo band.

Here is an official statement from Larry Peterson, drummer of Blaze Bayley.

"Sadly, I have to let you all know that Blaze's wife Debbie has passed away in hospital this morning. I know that Blaze has always appreciated the massive amount of supportive emails and letters for Debbie and he, and many were passed on to Debbie in hospital.

"Blaze is understandably not here to write anything so if you don't mind, I would like to write something here about Debbie. I didn't meet Debbie until I auditioned for the band in September 2007. She was always a very genuine person who laughed easily and enjoyed life and she and Blaze were obviously a very strong couple that loved each other totally. I know she was also extremely proud of Blaze, and should have been very proud of herself for helping Blaze 'come back' from what was a dark period for him.

"When I learned that Debbie — the singer's wife — was the band manager, with no previous experience, I had to admit that I was sceptical. I have seen 'Spinal Tap'... and been in enough bands to know that often a situation like that doesn't work! But I was so very impressed with her. She grabbed the job and ran with it... surpassing everybody's expectations (apart from Blaze's, who knew what she was capable of) with her abilities, proving to be both tough and strong in all aspects of the job and life. She shared the same ups and downs, slept on the same airport floors, spent hours and hours in negotiations and ALWAYS cared about the welfare of 'her boys' before everything else. She was bloody brilliant and I am just glad that we all told her that on several occassions. Debbie was also a very supportive friend whatever personal circumstances were happening, and she was always there when you needed her.

"On July 5th, we all went to the IRON MAIDEN show at Twickenham and were fortunate enough to be at the aftershow party. Debbie was like a proud mum as Nico [Bermudez, guitar], Dave [Bermudez, bass] and I were buzzing to be in the company of some of our heroes. She looked so happy that my girlfriend took this photo [see below] on her phone and immediately sent it to her. The album was two days away from release and everything going so well. She had been instrumental in turning around the band's fortunes since 2007. The next day she fell ill.

"Blaze has lost his wife, her family have lost a daughter and sister, the band has lost its manager and we have all lost a very good friend. The world is a poorer place for it."

The Metal Show hopes that Bayley makes it through this hard time and continues to make the music he loves.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hop aboard the Rock n' Roll Train with AC/DC!

Oh and click here to the new Tesla song Break Free off the album Forever More due out October 7.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amon Amarth Releases New Video

The guys in Amon Amarth are preparing to release another dose of Norse mythology soaked metal to the masses on September 30 here in North America.

The album is called Twilight of the Thunder God and the single is the title track off of the album.

Here is the video and make sure that you listen to The Metal Show tonight from 8-10PM on KRUI 89.7!

Twilight of the Thunder God

Metallica- Death Magnetic Review

There is always that one band that you get excited about whenever they are about to release a new CD. For some it's the band that got them into music and for others it's the band that brings back memories from days or years ago. Metallica is that band for me and I cannot say that this review is unbiased... because it is.

With that in mind here is what I (Randy, host of The Metal Show) think of Death Magnetic after letting it sink in over many listens.

The album opens with the sound of a heartbeat on the first track That Was Just Your Life. Perhaps it's Metallica's way of pumping the listener up for the album. Then come the guitars sounding like something right off And Justice For All.... Then a heavy riff and Jame's Hetfield's vocals come in, sounding more pissed off than he has in a long time.

I don't think any Metallica fan could resist a smile after hearing this song. It reminded me of why I fell in love with metal music and the band in the first place.

The second song is entitled The End of the Line. It opens strong and is followed by one of the grooviest monster riffs Metallica has ever written in their career.

By this point I realized that the bass really got turned down low in the mix again, which is a shame because Rob Trujillo is an amazing bass player (check out his work with Suicidal Tendencies if you disagree).

If you listen closely you can hear that Trujillo is actually throwing in some heavy and intricate bass lines. Hopefully his presence on the songs will be realized in the live setting.

The End of The Line also has a mellow breakdown reminiscent of Load era Metallica. It is good to see the band didn't abandon that last 10 years of work completely.

Next up is Broken, Beat and Scarred which has yet another solid groove and some of my favorite lyrics on the album. Catchy as hell too.

Kirk and James work together on this album to come up with awesome riffs and harmonies. You can really see the Thin Lizzy influence in the harmonies on this album.

The Day That Never Comes, the first single, is next on the CD and I think after listening to it more, it is a good song. Just not exactly what I hoped the first single would be.

All Nightmare Long kicks things back into gear with an aggressive riff that puts all the Metallica naysayers to shame.

Cyanide and the Unforgiven III have been called out as the weakest links on the CD. They definitely aren't bad songs, but yeah they do feel a bit disjointed and lacking somehow.

Cyanide is structured sort of like the Frankenstein monster. It has lots of good sections, but that doesn't mean they flow together well in the finished product.

Unforgiven III is very different from the first two. I actually enjoyed it my first listen through, but it definitely could have been shortened from its 8 minute running time.

The Judas Kiss is another solid song, but not the best on the CD in my opinion like so many other reviewers seem to say (I reserve that title for the first 3 songs on the album).

Suicide & Redemption is the first instrumental that Metallica has written since To Live is To Die. It doesn't send chills down your spine like previous instrumentals and goes on for too long, but it is still cool and it seems like the guys really had fun with this one.

The album closes with My Apocalypse, which is the shortest song on the album, clocking in at a little over 5 minutes. It is another good song, maybe not great, but I thought of Kill em' All while listening to it. Which is a good thing!

Death Magnetic is by no means a perfect CD. Several of the songs go on for longer than they should, but the standout solos by Kirk Hammet help to atone for this and add some much needed variety from the solo-less St. Anger.

The drums are too loud in the mix. The bass too low. And some of the guitars and vocals can sound a bit over-distorted at times.

However, I still think the production is much better than St. Anger and even And Justice For All....

Lets hope for the next CD Metallica will get a new producer. I think it would be awesome to hear someone like Roy Z produce the album. Although who knows when a new CD will come out...

Overall Death Magnetic falls right around the likes of Kill em' All, And Justice for All... and The Black Album for me (Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets being the best in my opinion).

Metallica did more than what most people probably thought they would. I can't wait to hear the new songs live.

Go buy this CD if you haven't yet. It's more inspired than the new Testament, Megadeth or Slayer albums (and those aren't bad albums!).

Final Score: 8 out of 10

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Metallica Invades The Metal Show and Celtic Frost Disbands!

That's right if you caught the show tonight (Tuesdays from 8-10PM), then you might have heard me mention doing a special Metallica edition of The Metal Show.

I decided that the first half of the show on Tuesday September 16 (from 8-9PM) will be a normal show with the usual mix of rockin' metal tunes and the second half (9-10PM) will be dedicated to Metallica old to new. So if you are debating buying Death Magnetic maybe that will persuade you to buy it. Or not.

In other news, legendary underground metal band Celtic Frost officially disbanded today after reuniting in 2001.

I think you know what I have to put up now (Note: don't know what is up with the video for the song, but it seems like a decent quality version song wise so crank it up).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Official Metal Show Timeslot

So as long as nothing else goes wrong...

The Metal Show will air TUESDAYS from 8-10PM on KRUI 89.7 starting this week.

Note that the webstreaming on KRUI's website is currently unavailable, so right now you have to own a radio to listen to the show. I suggest buying one because it will be worth it!

Now watch Glen Danzig play with wolves!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Geezer Butler reacts to Sarah Palin

This release was taken from the official Heaven and Hell website:

"Thank you all who came to see the Metal Masters tour. It was a pleasure touring with such great bands and friends — JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD and TESTAMENT, and their respective crews. It was great meeting everyone who came to the meet and greets after the shows.

"Now back to reality. As you may know from my web site and lyrics, I am pro all life, not just unborn fetuses. I don't understand people who say they are pro-life, but then support unnecessary wars and the disgusting slaughter of animals for sport. I respect people's freedom of religion, but I absolutely abhor hypocrites. Which brings me to this horrific video of cowardly bastards in airplanes, shooting wolves for so-called 'sport,' and the hypocritical politician [referring to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin] [she's supposed to be pro-life, remember], who allows this cowardly act to take place in her state.

"I know lots of people who hunt, and I enjoy shooting at my local gun range, but I don't know, nor would I want to know, anyone who gets pleasure from this disgraceful behaviour. God/nature has created a beautiful earth, and populated it with beautiful creatures, and I believe that all life is miraculous. Why do politicians [royals included] enjoy killing so much, and treating those miracles with such contempt?"

I am not trying to support any candidate on this blog, but I did find Geezer's comments to be interesting. Seems a lot smarter than some of those musicians that try to get political (cough... Dave Mustaine cough...).

In other news In Flames released a new video for the song Alias off A Sense of Purpose. The song may not be traditional In Flames style, but I like it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Metal Show on TONIGHT!

Last reminder The Metal Show will be on-air tonight from 9-10PM on KRUI 89.7(currently no web streaming).

I apologize for people that are not in the listening area or that do not own radios of some sort. Hopefully this issue will be addressed soon.

A permanent time slot should be arranged by next week so check back on the blog for another update!

And while you are waiting for the show to start her here is the new video for Trivium's song Down From the Sky. As much as I hate to give credit to Trivium they have written a damn good song that has some awesome riffage in it. If these guys are getting kids into metal, then all the better!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Metal Show is Back Baby!

That's right, TOMORROW NIGHT (that's Wednesday) from 9-10PM there will be the first metal show of the semester.

Don't worry, there will be a full 2 hour Metal Show next week and it will actually be on THURSDAY from 8-10PM if all goes to plan.

Scheduling conflicts you know? Nothing is ever easy!

Oh, and due to the flood KRUI studio is now located in the Quadrangle dorm, so as of now there is no iPod connection and no live streaming.

That means that currently there is no online version of The Metal Show until further notice! But don't worry, hopefully that will be fixed soon. So right now, it is a more intimate show with limited selection and a small studio with a soon to be fixed phone...

Anyways, make sure to listen to tomorrow's show only on KRUI 89.7! New Metallica maybe some new Into Eternity as well as the classic and modern metal anthems that you know and love (and probably some you don't).