Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This is Randy, wishing all of you metalheads a good Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanzaa as well as a rockin' New Year!

2008 saw a lot of great metal releases (my favorite probably being the new Metallica or In Flames albums) and lets hope that 2009 will be even better(check the Release List to the right for a sneak preview of what's to come!)

A new Lamb of God song is posted below and it appears God Forbid are also releasing a new song called War of Attrition via their new Web site on Friday (December 26).

Remember that although living the rock n' roll lifestyle is awesome, be careful out there and don't drink and drive. I don't want any of my Metal Show fans dying!

Once again have a good holiday and make sure to crank the metal loud as hell!

Here is a funny video a friend of mine discovered... I decided it was better than posting a cliche Christmas video or something.

Lamb of God Contractor Widget

Lamb of God recently released the song Contractor to build hype for the new album Wrath which is due out in February.

This song sounds like it has a mix of everything from the band's past with a thrash feel.

Drummer Chris Adler had this to say:

"This album is going to surprise a lot of people. Typically bands that get to where we are in our career begin to slack off, smell the roses and regurgitate.

We chose a different path.

No one wants to hear another band member hyping a new record. 'Wrath' needs no hype. We have topped ourselves and on February 24 you will feel it."

My only complaint is where are the solos? But I imagine Willie and Mark will have that covered as well.

If this song is any indicator, Wrath is going to be better than Sacrament and may even be a candidate for album of the year in 2009.

Plus they brought back more of that groove seen on Ashes of the Wake so it sounds like they listened to me on that one!


Also you can download the song courtesy of right here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

8-bit Metal Music is Awesome.

Just imagine getting to the castle in Mario Bros or beating up bad guys in Double Dragon to this music!

Click on the video itself to find other links to 8-bit metal songs including Reign in Blood and Hangar 18.

UPDATE: Found Cowboys From Hell too and it sounded too badass to pass up.

Pantera- Cowboys From Hell

Metallica- Master of Puppets (8-bit style)

Thanks once again to the great for discovering this funny shit.

Monday, December 15, 2008

No Metal Show this Week

So I am starting the long process of studying for finals and I will not have time to do the show Tuesday night. Then I am back in Des Moines for winter break until a few weeks into January.

Be sure to keep checking back for occasional updates as well as an announcement of the new time-slot for next semester!

Also I just added a new album to the upcoming CD Release list. It's the new Saxon album Into the Labyrinth.

Check out Saxon's video for the song Beyond the Grave below!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RIP Dimebagg

Well Monday December 8 marked the day that Dimebagg was killed in action on stage. I remember my brother calling me at 4AM telling me the news and I did not believe him when I heard it. Went on and sure enough, the unthinkable had happened.

However, we will always remember him in when we pop in a Pantera CD, play one of his riffs on guitar or watch Vulgar Videos.

Hell we will remember him when whiskey is cracked open and fireworks are shot off!

Here is one of the best solos from a metal legend! (The solo is from Floods off The Great Southern Trendkill album.)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Metallica releases All Nightmare Long video!

Metallica released their second single off the album Death Magnetic called All Nightmare Long.

It seems to have some sort of sci-fi vibe going on and is very different, not something anyone expected Metallica to put out I'm guessing!

I'll let you judge for yourself whether you love it or hate it. Either way, good tune!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was reading a list of the top 10 Doom Metal bands from

I am glad that IGN has been finding the time lately to support metal music in general and this is actually a pretty cool list.

Nowadays it seems like the sludge/doom metal moniker is overused, but throughout the years there were bands that made the genre great.

This song is one of the catchier and more awesome Sabbath inspired riffers though. Check it out!

Candlemass- Bewitched

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Two Loves in Life

KFC and metal music brother!

Remember to listen to The Metal Show Tuesday night from 8-10PM!

Thanks to for finding this hilarious commercial!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Break

Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been on Thanksgiving break for the last week. I hope to start updating the blog regularly again in the next few days here.

The Metal Show will be back on the air at its usual time from 8-10PM this Tuesday!

UPDATE: Just added a new concert and updated the Future Releases section to the right. Decided I would give you all a preview of the many bands that will be releasing CDs in 2009. Stay tuned for set release dates!

Until then enjoy this Testament video for the song Souls of Black!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free Dr. Pepper!

Hell yes! Just letting you know the details on how to get a free Dr.Pepper are available due to the soon-to-be release of Chinese Democracy on November 23!

If you didn't know, Dr. Pepper said they would give everyone a free can if Guns n' Roses put out the new CD before the end of 2008.

Here are the instructions from the Dr.Pepper dudes:

Dr Pepper is ready to give out free soda coupons to every American when the album releases on November 23, 2008. If you're out to get a free Dr Pepper just follow these simple steps:

How to get your free Dr Pepper:

1. On the Nov. 23, 2008 release date, go to
2. Register your information to receive a coupon for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.
3. When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.
4. Drink your Dr Pepper slowly to experience all 23 flavors. Dr's orders.

Coupons will be available for 24 hours, starting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on Nov. 23, 2008. Allow 4-6 weeks for coupon to arrive. Coupons will expire on February 28, 2009. Limit one coupon per person. Full terms and conditions available at

Getcha Pull!

God Forbid Go Green

God Forbid is a newer band that is waving the banner of heavy metal for a younger generation (OK so they have been around for a little while now). I picked up their album before I went to a Anthrax show which they were opening for.

I liked what I heard on the album IV: Constitution of Treason. A modern sound, but definitely influence by old-school metal as well.

Live, the band put on a better show than most of the bands I have seen at their level. High energy and great sound.

Now they are preparing to release a new album called Earthsblood which is due out Feburary 24, 2009(same day as new Lamb of God)!

This band seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each album, so lets hope they keep up the trend with this new release.

Here are some clips from the new CD!

And if you want more while you are waiting check out the video for the song The End of The World off IV: Constitution of Treason.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motley Crue to make stop at Wells Fargo Arena

The notorious Motley Crue will be back in Des Moines at the Wells Fargo Arena on February 17, 2009. Ticket prices range from $29.50 to $95.00 (ouch!). They go on sale this Saturday.

I did see the band when they were here in 2005 and the show was fun. The crowd is a little lame, as much of it is an older crowd that prefers to sit rather than headbang to Shout at the Devil, but there are still plenty of hot chicks and the occasional younger generation of fans.

The new album isn't bad either, which is saying quite a lot for a band that falls under the glam-rock/hair-metal genre (a category which hasn't had much good material since the 80's).

Here is the video for Motherfucker of the Year, the most recent single off the new Crue album. A little poppy and contrived yes, but it makes for some mindless enjoyment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kings of Rock!

Remember a time when MTV used to play music and had TV shows also related to metal music, such as Beavis and Butthead?

Ok, so maybe even I am a little young to remember the full impact MTV had on the world back in the day... but that doesn't mean I can't hope that maybe one day the station will go back to its roots and play a varied selection of music videos!

Anyways, MTV has a new site out called MTV Music and it actually has some cool videos on it. Although it is missing a lot of artists (especially in metal), you can find some decent stuff with solid quality.

The site inspired me to post two videos, one metal and one not.

UPDATE: D'oh! Both of the players seem to do weird stuff in Firefox (the superior browser), but somehow they are working alright in Internet Explorer. Hopefully it is a temporary problem, otherwise MTV has failed yet again!

Anthrax- Belly of the Beast

Great song from one of the best thrash albums of all time!

Run DMC- Kings of Rock

Best Hip-Hop band EVER. There is something about their music... it rocks and it talks!

Johnny Cash = METAL

I was talking to a friend online about Johnny Cash and then the song Thirteen came up, which was written by Glenn Danzig for Johnny Cash to perform.

It is a very cool song and both artists perform the song in different forms. Check it out! Both artists are legends in my book!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese Democracy Gets Reviewed and Other News

Only 12 days until Chinese Democracy comes out. Strangely, I'm not all that excited, but hey at least Axl finally has the balls to put it out.

Rolling Stone released a review of the CD by music critic David Fricke.

This basically sums up what he thought of the CD:

"If Rose ever had a moment's doubt or repentance over what 'Chinese Democracy' has cost him in time (13 years), money (14 studios are listed in the credits) and body count — including the exit of every other founding member of the band — he left no room for it in these 14 songs."

Check it out more at Rolling Stone's website.

Now I don't trust Rolling Stone's review staff very often, they tend to have some sucky tastes in music, but I think this album will be pretty decent.

Not as great as this guy is making it sound though. It will be kind of like the Sebastian Bach solo album. A very solid effort, but did it really need to take this long to come out? I mean bands have started careers and made 5 or 6 CDs in the time it took for this to come out!

In other news...

Mudvayne released the video for their new single Do What You Do today. While the singer kind of look likes a tool in this video and the song is very pop-friendly it isn't terrible. Mudvayne is one of those bands I put off as being nu-metal garbage, but when I got L.D. 50 a year or two after its initial release I was actually surprised.

There are some groovin' bass lines on there and some unique music. Now the new stuff isn't as impressive, but I put it on here because of one reason. At least their guitar player is trying to solo now. It may not blow anyone away, but I didn't think it was too bad for a band that doesn't have that many solos. So I give him props for that.

The bass player and drummer are the main draws in this band though. They need to get some more bass intensive songs again!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What will be the biggest album of 2009?

2008 has been a year of multiple heavy hitting metal albums. Metallica, AC/DC, Testament, Iced Earth, In Flames, Sebastian Bach, Meshuggah and several other bands released solid albums this year.

Newer bands such as Gojira and Trivium kept metal alive for a new generation of fans with their 2008 releases.

A little over two weeks and we will have the new Guns N' Roses as well.

Now looking at 2009, it looks like there could be some more great metal CDs released in the near future.

Anthrax, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Sepultura, Slayer and possibly Ace Frehley will be releasing new albums.

However, one of the biggest new releases will be coming from a band that hasn't recorded a new CD since about 1995 when they released the self-titled album Alice In Chains. Recording only three full-length albums, the band left a huge mark on the metal and rock world.

One can argue this band is grunge, but to me, Alice In Chains is just good music. I have high hopes for the new CD. Lets hope that this band and the others make 2009 a year to be remembered for metal music and music in general!

Week 2 Update

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a Little Crazy...

I'll give you 20 bucks if you guess the song reference from the title above... just kidding!

Apparently some dude named Jim Bartek has made the news after he listened to the craptastic Judas Priest release, Nostradamus, in its entirety for 145 straight days.

Total listening time racked up to: 249 hours or one-and-half weeks.

Goddamn! That is a lot of Nostradamus listening. In fact that is a lot of listening for any album. I mean, God could record a metal album and I probably wouldn't listen to it that much!

I could see it now...

YHWH to release MIGHTY THUNDER. This would be his first album obviously. The Jesus saga would come out later!

1) Creation
2) Cain and Abel
3) Flood
4) Plague, Famine and Death
5) Exodus
6) Mt. Sinai
7) The Ten Commandments
8) Goliath

Excuse my proper biblical order I did this very fast!

But anways back to the main topic...

Just what does a man that is willing to listen to Nostradamus 145 days straight look like you ask? Look below.

You can check out the full Blabbermouth article here.

White Zombie Boxset

Looks like Rob Zombie has been keeping himself busy like usual. The new boxset Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is due out on November 25, only three days after Chinese Democracy hits.

The price-tag looks a little steep... $71.98 on, but I am debating picking this up as White Zombie is pretty amazing.

The DVD has an unreleased live footage from the band as well as all the music videos. And the first two CDs of the set are hard-to-find songs from the band.

If you want to see the complete package you can check out the Amazon page.

Bloggin' After Midnight

Randy here with a late night update on all things metal.

It looks like Anthrax are finally hitting up the studio with their new singer Dan Nelson and Rob Caggiano back in the fold.

As much as I hated to see Joey go, I still am kind of excited to hear what these guys are going to come up with. It is going to have to be good or Anthrax will be pissing off a lot of people.

The name of the CD is Worship Music and it is supposedly going to come out May 2009. The first track Fight 'Em Til You Can't has already made it to the band's live set. Check it out below.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Sepultura and Lamb of God in Early 2009!

Yesterday Lamb of God announced that their new album Wrath will be released on February 24, 2009.

Today the Brazilian metalers in Sepultura announced that the new album A-lex will be coming out on January 26, 2009.

I am relieved to hear that these two awesome metal bands will be coming out with CDs early 2009 as the CD Release list on the right was getting weak and I am getting antsy waiting for a heavy metal album that will blow me away.

Lamb of God has got to be one of the most relevant bands in metal today. Yes, I too, was a little disappointed by Sacrament. When I heard Redneck I thought, they found their groove, just like Pantera did! But when I got the album the rest of the songs were good and heavy, but there was something missing.

That groove that 75% of Ashes of the Wake had was missing. Cue track: What I've Become on said album.

Every time I put that song on I feel like partying, grooving and taking whiskey shots. That is the groove I want to hear on this new album Wrath!

As for Sepultura, the last album Dante XXI was one of my favorites the band ever put out. Andreas Kisser is a great guitarist and always has some very interesting riffs. I hope that A-lex which is based on the book/movie A Clockwork Orange is as inspired as the last effort!

2008 has been a great year for metal music from the greats (Testament, Metallica, AC/DC, etc.) Now it is time for the next generation to prove itself in 2009!

Oh and one more thing. Listen to The Metal Show tonight from 8-10PM!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Randy here, just taking some time out of this frightful night to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

I hope that whatever you metalheads do you have a wild and scary time. Now I am out to put the finishing touches on my costume, but watch this cool Misfits video for the song Scream directed by George A. Romero himself!

Also I read in USA Today that Romero is working on another zombie movie that involves a tribal setting. It is due out sometime in 2009. Could be cool, as he is the master of zombie flicks!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

AC/DC signs deal with Microsoft to make all videos for Black Ice Microsoft Office Exclusive!

Ok, so maybe I am just kidding with the headline. Although it wouldn't be a stretch seeing the way the music industry is going nowadays and that the new AC/DC album, Black Ice, is available only at Wal-Mart...

Soon musicians might be wanting to sell albums and make money so badly that they partner with anyone.

Anyways, some person put together a video for the band's first single, Rock n' Roll Train, in Excel. The video of it is directly below.

What's next? The new Guns n' Roses video in Excel? It would almost be cool to see someone do a classic music video like this.

Thanks to (another cool metal blog) for discovering this one!

Check out the actual Excel version if you have the program!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slayer Releases Rough New Track: Psychopathy Red

Slayer has a new album coming out Summer 2009. This track is going to appear on the album and I believe the guys are still finishing up recording the album right now(check it out below).

It looks like Greg Fidelman, the man behind the controversial mixing of Death Magnetic, is also mixing this one. Ha, I guess we can see what he does with this album. I still don't mind the sound of the Metallica album despite some distortion and such.

I don't know about you guys, but Slayer hasn't really put out anything mind-blowing in awhile. Everything is OK lately, but nothing that is great. Maybe this CD will be different?

Oh, and I was reading the always entertaining comments section for this topic and saw this post with someone trying to figure out the lyrics... ha ha. I thought it was pretty funny.

posted by : Thared33
10/29/2008 5:38:29 PM

Meat house and mutilate
Eat your child today

But look here satisfaction
Time out - twin to the act?

My pain is intimidating
See? My lunch fell here

The human eyes!
Crying out mutilated
Your ice cream fills my bowl"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Slipknot Releases Dead Memories Video

The validity of Slipknot may be a hotly debated in the world of metal, but they definitely have achieved something no metal band from Iowa has ever accomplished...

World-wide recognition and a ridiculously loyal fan-base.

So I guess this one is for all you maggots out there. Or if you hate Slipknot watch the video and laugh.

I think it is a decent song, although I was surprised at the ballad-like structure of it. Seems a little ridiculous to be singing songs like this when you have a dude in a mask that hits a garbage can as one of your members, but hey, more power to em' I guess!

Note: the building and location in the video if you are from Iowa. They could have done without the stereotypical corn fields though...

Link to better quality video.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Flames Unreleased Track

Just updating to give you guys a link to an unreleased track that In Flames put online recently.

Check out the song which is called Tilt!

(You will need Quicktime to hear this one I believe).

In Flames is one of my favorite bands. If you look at their catalog they have such a diverse range of stuff from the classics like Whoracle and The Jester Race to the more modern Soundtrack to Your Escape and A Sense of Purpose.

I saw them play a short set promoting ReRoute to Remain and they were amazing then too!

You might not like all of their stuff, but you gotta admit they have had a varied and influential career.

Metallica in Des Moines this Sunday! I'll return with an update sometime after the concert!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's official! We are all getting a free can of Dr. Pepper!

Guns n' Roses released the new single Chinese Democracy for radio play today. An official press release said that the album WILL be coming out on November 23.

So if anything, at least we will get a free can of Dr. Pepper, it better actually happen! Check out the new tune below. I think it sounds OK, but definitely not like it should have taken 10 years to get out there!

However, I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, which apparently is being released EXCLUSIVELY at Best Buy.

What's up with all this exclusive shit? And did anyone else notice that Best Buy raised their CD prices? The average I saw here in Iowa City was between 12.99 and 14.99.

That's even more of a reason to support your local record stores over these big retail establishments. (Such as Record Collector and Real Records here in Iowa City)


Click here if you can't see the player below.

Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lordi on Conan O' Brien

What is funnier than Conan O' Brien?

Almost nothing!

Conan is also awesome because he has let bands on his show that other late night shows usually ignore, such as Slipknot and Lamb of God.

The costumed metal band Lordi will be making an appearance on the show Nov. 4 to promote their new album Deadache. The album comes out next Tuesday (Oct. 28).

GWAR will always be the superior costumed metal band, but Lordi ain't bad!

Here is the video for the newest song Bite It Like a Bulldog.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of the few cool things to come from France...

I haven't really listened to Gojira much, but I just saw the new video for the song Vacuity and it had me almost in a trance.

It is really heavy, but has a sort of melodic feel to it in the vocals at the same time.

The video is very artistic as well.

Not quite as crazy as a Meshuggah video, but cool nonetheless!

I might have to purchase the band's CD which came out Tuesday called The Way of All Flesh.


Listen to the new AC/DC album on VH1's The Leak

Hey I am listening to the new AC/DC tunes right now. Skies on Fire sounds like classic AC/DC, as I'm sure the rest of the album will.

Listen here.

In case you forgot Black Ice comes out October 21st.

Webstreaming back up online and a lack of Yngwie.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to reiterate that the Webstreaming is back online at, so you have no excuse for not listening to The Metal Show tonight from 8-10PM!

Also I could not find the new Yngwie album through iTunes or local record stores here in town, so I will not be able to get the CD in time for the show.

You think that Amazon or iTunes would carry the digital versions of this album! Maybe Yngwie is revolting against the digital format. If so, good for him, but it makes a little harder for me to obtain the album! Guess I will have to wait for it.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Yngwie Malmsteen Unleashes the Fury Once More!

I know I have been sucking at updating the blog lately. You may have noticed I added a few release dates on the right for CDs.

It appears that Guns n" Roses new album Chinese Democracy may actually see the light of day and in November none the less!

Remember if it does happen Dr. Pepper owes us all a free can of pop!

Also don't forget that tomorrow is the day when Yngwie Malmsteen's new album Perpetual Flame will be released in the U.S.!

Epic Guitar Solos. Check.

Blazing metal vocals from Tim Ripper Owens. Check.

Incredibly cheesy 80s album cover in 2008. Check.

Listen to the previews from!

-Randy host of The Metal Show

P.S. Listen to The Metal Show Tuesday night from 8-10PM! Should be a rockin' time! And if all goes to plan, new tracks from the Yngwie album.

If you have a request remember to call in at (319) 335-8970.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tesla Forevermore Out Now!

Out today is the new Tesla album Forevermore. The band released the video for the first single I Wanna Live which can be viewed below.

From what I have heard of the new tracks it sounds like the album is the heaviest the band has put out in awhile.

Also this Saturday October 11 at 8PM Cedar Fall's Dark Mirror will be playing at The Straight Edge in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It costs a measly 5 bucks to get in and is an ALL AGES show.

The band just released the digital-exclusive EP Immortalized and is back touring with a brand new line-up!

If you are a fan of metal greats Iron Maiden or Judas Priest you will dig these guys. The classic metal sound with a modern heavy twist!

Check them out here.

Oh and I updated the concert section. Iced Earth in Chicago anyone?

Here is the new Tesla video.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alice Cooper Releases New 3 Song Video!

Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper recently released a ten minute video featuring three songs off of his latest album Along Came a Spider.

The songs featured in the video include:
"Vengeance is Mine"
"(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side"
"Killed By Love"

Cooper and the producers did a good job of melding the longs together in a theatrical video. It is one of the cooler music videos I have seen released in awhile.

Also making a guest appearance in the video includes former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash.

Check it out now!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heavy Metal Product Promotion

Alright so I mentioned Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society was promoting a new line of hot sauces so I decided to do a little segment of the blog called...

Heavy Metal Product Promotion.

We'll start things off with the BLS hot sauce...

Strength, Determination, Merciless, Berserker Hot sauce, Forever?

That's right. Zakk Wylde and his crew want to terrorize your tastebuds with a variety of molten hot sauces. Is this a petty attempt at making those extra dollars to support Wylde's booze habit? Or an honest product from a hot sauce lovin' American? You decide!

Flavors of the product include: Shot to Hell, Stronger Than Death, Sonic Brew and Original.

Do you folks like coffee?

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Charlie Benante of Anthrax think so and they are giving Starbucks a run for its money with their new lines of coffee. You can join the Dave Mustaine monthly coffee crew for $19.99 a month or the Charlie Benante crew for the same price.

Get autographed mugs for only $39.99 a piece! What steal... I guess?

Note: Due to reduced sales Benante recently changed his slogan from "Put some Anthrax in your coffee!" to "Fuck I need money because Joey left the band again and Scott Ian keeps buying bagels with the band fund!"

You can't be Kvlt without the proper threads!

Finnish chart toppers Alexi Laiho and Henkka Seppala, who are in Children of Bodom, decided to launch Wild Child Industries Clothing in order to get the kids some gear that will put them among the elite in their respective metal communities for the low, low price of $60 a hoodie.

Disclaimer: Black nail polish and eye liner not included.

Light your cancer sticks with the help of Kiss!

Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss have made enough merchandise that they could fill up their own store. And now Kiss has revealed yet another must-have product that is coming soon.

The strummable, light-up, guitar lighter shaped like Paul Stanley's axe.

That's right you can rock out to Kiss while lighting your cigs, or if you are a non-smoker, bring this bad boy to the concert and hold it up during one of the ballads. Then rock out on mini-guitar to the solo!

What's next? Hopefully Kiss brand cigarettes!

There you have it...

This is has been Heavy Metal Product Promotion brought to you by The Metal Show, Randy and the failing record industry of America. Maybe if you weren't such a douche and stopped downloading all your music Charlie might stop charging people $19.99 a month for coffee... maybe...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Metal Show gives its condolences to metal singer Blaze Bayley as his wife passed away on September 27.

Bayley formerly sang for legendary acts Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane, and currently is touring with his solo band.

Here is an official statement from Larry Peterson, drummer of Blaze Bayley.

"Sadly, I have to let you all know that Blaze's wife Debbie has passed away in hospital this morning. I know that Blaze has always appreciated the massive amount of supportive emails and letters for Debbie and he, and many were passed on to Debbie in hospital.

"Blaze is understandably not here to write anything so if you don't mind, I would like to write something here about Debbie. I didn't meet Debbie until I auditioned for the band in September 2007. She was always a very genuine person who laughed easily and enjoyed life and she and Blaze were obviously a very strong couple that loved each other totally. I know she was also extremely proud of Blaze, and should have been very proud of herself for helping Blaze 'come back' from what was a dark period for him.

"When I learned that Debbie — the singer's wife — was the band manager, with no previous experience, I had to admit that I was sceptical. I have seen 'Spinal Tap'... and been in enough bands to know that often a situation like that doesn't work! But I was so very impressed with her. She grabbed the job and ran with it... surpassing everybody's expectations (apart from Blaze's, who knew what she was capable of) with her abilities, proving to be both tough and strong in all aspects of the job and life. She shared the same ups and downs, slept on the same airport floors, spent hours and hours in negotiations and ALWAYS cared about the welfare of 'her boys' before everything else. She was bloody brilliant and I am just glad that we all told her that on several occassions. Debbie was also a very supportive friend whatever personal circumstances were happening, and she was always there when you needed her.

"On July 5th, we all went to the IRON MAIDEN show at Twickenham and were fortunate enough to be at the aftershow party. Debbie was like a proud mum as Nico [Bermudez, guitar], Dave [Bermudez, bass] and I were buzzing to be in the company of some of our heroes. She looked so happy that my girlfriend took this photo [see below] on her phone and immediately sent it to her. The album was two days away from release and everything going so well. She had been instrumental in turning around the band's fortunes since 2007. The next day she fell ill.

"Blaze has lost his wife, her family have lost a daughter and sister, the band has lost its manager and we have all lost a very good friend. The world is a poorer place for it."

The Metal Show hopes that Bayley makes it through this hard time and continues to make the music he loves.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hop aboard the Rock n' Roll Train with AC/DC!

Oh and click here to the new Tesla song Break Free off the album Forever More due out October 7.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amon Amarth Releases New Video

The guys in Amon Amarth are preparing to release another dose of Norse mythology soaked metal to the masses on September 30 here in North America.

The album is called Twilight of the Thunder God and the single is the title track off of the album.

Here is the video and make sure that you listen to The Metal Show tonight from 8-10PM on KRUI 89.7!

Twilight of the Thunder God

Metallica- Death Magnetic Review

There is always that one band that you get excited about whenever they are about to release a new CD. For some it's the band that got them into music and for others it's the band that brings back memories from days or years ago. Metallica is that band for me and I cannot say that this review is unbiased... because it is.

With that in mind here is what I (Randy, host of The Metal Show) think of Death Magnetic after letting it sink in over many listens.

The album opens with the sound of a heartbeat on the first track That Was Just Your Life. Perhaps it's Metallica's way of pumping the listener up for the album. Then come the guitars sounding like something right off And Justice For All.... Then a heavy riff and Jame's Hetfield's vocals come in, sounding more pissed off than he has in a long time.

I don't think any Metallica fan could resist a smile after hearing this song. It reminded me of why I fell in love with metal music and the band in the first place.

The second song is entitled The End of the Line. It opens strong and is followed by one of the grooviest monster riffs Metallica has ever written in their career.

By this point I realized that the bass really got turned down low in the mix again, which is a shame because Rob Trujillo is an amazing bass player (check out his work with Suicidal Tendencies if you disagree).

If you listen closely you can hear that Trujillo is actually throwing in some heavy and intricate bass lines. Hopefully his presence on the songs will be realized in the live setting.

The End of The Line also has a mellow breakdown reminiscent of Load era Metallica. It is good to see the band didn't abandon that last 10 years of work completely.

Next up is Broken, Beat and Scarred which has yet another solid groove and some of my favorite lyrics on the album. Catchy as hell too.

Kirk and James work together on this album to come up with awesome riffs and harmonies. You can really see the Thin Lizzy influence in the harmonies on this album.

The Day That Never Comes, the first single, is next on the CD and I think after listening to it more, it is a good song. Just not exactly what I hoped the first single would be.

All Nightmare Long kicks things back into gear with an aggressive riff that puts all the Metallica naysayers to shame.

Cyanide and the Unforgiven III have been called out as the weakest links on the CD. They definitely aren't bad songs, but yeah they do feel a bit disjointed and lacking somehow.

Cyanide is structured sort of like the Frankenstein monster. It has lots of good sections, but that doesn't mean they flow together well in the finished product.

Unforgiven III is very different from the first two. I actually enjoyed it my first listen through, but it definitely could have been shortened from its 8 minute running time.

The Judas Kiss is another solid song, but not the best on the CD in my opinion like so many other reviewers seem to say (I reserve that title for the first 3 songs on the album).

Suicide & Redemption is the first instrumental that Metallica has written since To Live is To Die. It doesn't send chills down your spine like previous instrumentals and goes on for too long, but it is still cool and it seems like the guys really had fun with this one.

The album closes with My Apocalypse, which is the shortest song on the album, clocking in at a little over 5 minutes. It is another good song, maybe not great, but I thought of Kill em' All while listening to it. Which is a good thing!

Death Magnetic is by no means a perfect CD. Several of the songs go on for longer than they should, but the standout solos by Kirk Hammet help to atone for this and add some much needed variety from the solo-less St. Anger.

The drums are too loud in the mix. The bass too low. And some of the guitars and vocals can sound a bit over-distorted at times.

However, I still think the production is much better than St. Anger and even And Justice For All....

Lets hope for the next CD Metallica will get a new producer. I think it would be awesome to hear someone like Roy Z produce the album. Although who knows when a new CD will come out...

Overall Death Magnetic falls right around the likes of Kill em' All, And Justice for All... and The Black Album for me (Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets being the best in my opinion).

Metallica did more than what most people probably thought they would. I can't wait to hear the new songs live.

Go buy this CD if you haven't yet. It's more inspired than the new Testament, Megadeth or Slayer albums (and those aren't bad albums!).

Final Score: 8 out of 10

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Metallica Invades The Metal Show and Celtic Frost Disbands!

That's right if you caught the show tonight (Tuesdays from 8-10PM), then you might have heard me mention doing a special Metallica edition of The Metal Show.

I decided that the first half of the show on Tuesday September 16 (from 8-9PM) will be a normal show with the usual mix of rockin' metal tunes and the second half (9-10PM) will be dedicated to Metallica old to new. So if you are debating buying Death Magnetic maybe that will persuade you to buy it. Or not.

In other news, legendary underground metal band Celtic Frost officially disbanded today after reuniting in 2001.

I think you know what I have to put up now (Note: don't know what is up with the video for the song, but it seems like a decent quality version song wise so crank it up).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Official Metal Show Timeslot

So as long as nothing else goes wrong...

The Metal Show will air TUESDAYS from 8-10PM on KRUI 89.7 starting this week.

Note that the webstreaming on KRUI's website is currently unavailable, so right now you have to own a radio to listen to the show. I suggest buying one because it will be worth it!

Now watch Glen Danzig play with wolves!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Geezer Butler reacts to Sarah Palin

This release was taken from the official Heaven and Hell website:

"Thank you all who came to see the Metal Masters tour. It was a pleasure touring with such great bands and friends — JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD and TESTAMENT, and their respective crews. It was great meeting everyone who came to the meet and greets after the shows.

"Now back to reality. As you may know from my web site and lyrics, I am pro all life, not just unborn fetuses. I don't understand people who say they are pro-life, but then support unnecessary wars and the disgusting slaughter of animals for sport. I respect people's freedom of religion, but I absolutely abhor hypocrites. Which brings me to this horrific video of cowardly bastards in airplanes, shooting wolves for so-called 'sport,' and the hypocritical politician [referring to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin] [she's supposed to be pro-life, remember], who allows this cowardly act to take place in her state.

"I know lots of people who hunt, and I enjoy shooting at my local gun range, but I don't know, nor would I want to know, anyone who gets pleasure from this disgraceful behaviour. God/nature has created a beautiful earth, and populated it with beautiful creatures, and I believe that all life is miraculous. Why do politicians [royals included] enjoy killing so much, and treating those miracles with such contempt?"

I am not trying to support any candidate on this blog, but I did find Geezer's comments to be interesting. Seems a lot smarter than some of those musicians that try to get political (cough... Dave Mustaine cough...).

In other news In Flames released a new video for the song Alias off A Sense of Purpose. The song may not be traditional In Flames style, but I like it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Metal Show on TONIGHT!

Last reminder The Metal Show will be on-air tonight from 9-10PM on KRUI 89.7(currently no web streaming).

I apologize for people that are not in the listening area or that do not own radios of some sort. Hopefully this issue will be addressed soon.

A permanent time slot should be arranged by next week so check back on the blog for another update!

And while you are waiting for the show to start her here is the new video for Trivium's song Down From the Sky. As much as I hate to give credit to Trivium they have written a damn good song that has some awesome riffage in it. If these guys are getting kids into metal, then all the better!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Metal Show is Back Baby!

That's right, TOMORROW NIGHT (that's Wednesday) from 9-10PM there will be the first metal show of the semester.

Don't worry, there will be a full 2 hour Metal Show next week and it will actually be on THURSDAY from 8-10PM if all goes to plan.

Scheduling conflicts you know? Nothing is ever easy!

Oh, and due to the flood KRUI studio is now located in the Quadrangle dorm, so as of now there is no iPod connection and no live streaming.

That means that currently there is no online version of The Metal Show until further notice! But don't worry, hopefully that will be fixed soon. So right now, it is a more intimate show with limited selection and a small studio with a soon to be fixed phone...

Anyways, make sure to listen to tomorrow's show only on KRUI 89.7! New Metallica maybe some new Into Eternity as well as the classic and modern metal anthems that you know and love (and probably some you don't).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AC/DC is back with a new track!

Check out AC/DC's official site to hear the newest single Rock n' Roll Train!

AC/DC is one band that you will never have to question what the new album will sound like. Like it or love it, it is pure rock n' roll!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just so you know...

Metallica is releasing songs off the new CD Death Magnetic every Monday until the CD comes out September 12.

Here are the first two released songs... My Apocalypse and The Day That Would Never Come.

NOTE: These songs are decent, but they definitely take some getting used to. James' vocals seem to be mixed a little lower than usual and Lars' drums are still loud as all hell much like on St. Anger. Kirk's solos seem to be the most inspired since Master of Puppets days.

I think that the album will be solid, but unless the rest of the tracks are above and beyond the ones released so far it will not be mind blowing.

However, it should be a fun album and there are bound to be plenty of riffs that will make both old and new Metallica fans smile.

UPDATE: Song #3 Cyanide Studio Version added! Plus new video for The Day That Never Comes!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Metal Meltdown!

Haven't posted in awhile, but just wanted to say that the Metal Masters tour in Tinley Park, Illinois was the shit! Was there a little late into Testament's set, but they seemed to rip it especially when playing the new track Formation of Damnation live.

Motorhead delivered a solid 40-45 minute set that reminded everyone why Lemmy is God. The highlight there was probably In the Name of Tragedy, what a rockin' song! Oh and the current drummer, I'm drawing a blank on his name, but he was in King Diamond played an insane drum solo.

Heaven and Hell won the award for best theatrics and Dio gave an awesome performance, his voice has barely changed since the 80s. One of the greatest metal singers of all time. Period.

And Judas Priest ended the night with a bang with great tunes such as Painkiller, Hellbent for Leather and Dissident Aggresor. Fuckin' right!

Oh and don't forget the new Motorhead album Motorizer comes out August 26th. Here is a preview!

P.S. Took the preview widget off of the blog because it automatically started on its own. Check out the link though here

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back in Iowa City

Greetings Iowa City metalheads,

Your most awesome host Randy is back in the Iowa City area and will be continuing The Metal Show in the fall semester assuming that KRUI gives me a spot. Stay tuned for an exact start date and time for the show. Right now temporary studio setup is in Quad (far away from my house!) rather than the usual KRUI studios, so hopefully everything will be setup and working ASAP.

And now I will leave you with yet another music video. This one is the band new Motley Crue track, Motherfucker of the Year.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Metallica North American Tour Dates!

I just was glancing at and I noticed that there were Metallica tour dates up. I know most University of Iowa students are either from Illinois or Iowa, so guess what?

There is one stop in Des Moines, Iowa, a stop in Moline, Illinois right on the Iowa/Illinois border and a stop in Chicago, Illinois.

See the tour date section for the exact dates and information. Hell yeah!

Oh, if you are wondering all dates near Iowa/Illinois are with Down and The Sword as openers. Except for the Chicago show that is. Machinehead in place of Down.

UPDATE: Check out this video of Metallica doing a Mercyful Fate medley, with the almighty King Diamond himself!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random News

Knowing the raging heavy metal fans that we all are it is important to keep up on news around the globe. I mean what better to fuel metal lyrics than real world problems? I was scoping the web, and while there are many serious matters, such as the conflict between Russia and Georgia, I found a few interesting and funny random news stories.

Here is a couple that I thought were fairly cool...

Invisibility cloak:

According to BBC news scientists are closer to developing cloaking devices, once thought only to be science fiction myths. Check it out here!

High Gas Prices Result in an Interesting new Trend...

Apparently in Oregon police have been finding discarded bottles of urine that people have dropped out of their car windows. Why? Gas is so damn expensive who wants to take the time to stop and take a leak?

See the full story.

UPDATE: Check out this other interesting news story I was reading...

The right to bear arms... in school?

A new law has made it legal for some of Texas's school teachers to carry concealed weapons. What's next? Guns for the students to protect themselves with?

Lets hope they train those teachers how to use em'!

More here.

New Metallica Song: Cyanide

Yes, that's right, Metallica have finally decided to play a new song live and it is called Cyanide. It is the one they used clips of for the video promoting their album release site Mission Metallica.

It sounds good, most surprising was that Rob has his own bass sections in the song, which Metallica has never really done before. It kind of sounds like a mix of Black Album and Load sound, with a slight thrash edge. My only worry is that the long song problem, as seen on St. Anger might show up again on this album. By long song problem I mean that the songs on St. Anger had the tendency to go on about 3 minutes longer than they should have.

However, this song has a lot more change-ups and the addition of a solo does help break up the song.

All in all I would give the song a B rating from the live performance of it. But, I won't make my final judgment until I hear it on Death Magnetic.

Check it out for yourself right here!

NOTE: Video is taken from Metallica's Ozzfest performance last night, on Saturday August 9.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in Black

If you have been glancing over at the CD Release List from time to time you may have noticed that there is now a release date and title for the upcoming AC/DC album! That's right, the album is called Black Ice and the first single is going to be released on August 28.

I think that they picked a great name for the album and I am looking forward to it, even if Angus is getting old and senile he still knows how to do one thing and that is rock n' roll.

Lets hope that alleged Des Moines, Iowa, show at Wells Fargo Arena comes true too!

And in other interesting news...

Phil Anselmo, of Pantera fame, has told photographer Ross Halfin he has begun writing his autobiography. It should be an interesting read for sure and I'll bet we can expect some response from Vinnie Paul when this comes out.

I am curious to see what he writes about Dimebagg.

UPDATE: My bad, the release date was actually bumped up a week. Expect it out October 21st!

Anyways, here is some good classic AC/DC with a song that you might not hear on the radio all that often... unless you are listening to The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7! This is none other than Big Gun. Watch for an appearance from Governator himself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh yeah...

I also updated the CD Release section with some new albums, such as Dragonforce ha ha. Sorry I didn't mean to laugh.

I might as well put another video up too. This is the newest one from Slipknot called Psychosocial. I have never been a huge Slipknot fan, but like I said, they are the biggest thing to come out of Iowa and I support them 100% even if I don't always dig their tunes.

At least Mick throws in a guitar solo with some melody in this one!


This video came out awhile ago, really weird that's for sure, but the song (Bleed) is awesome. I guess what else would you expect from Meshuggah. It has been awhile since I put a video up though, so here you go.

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Metallica Album Cover

Check it out, the brand new cover for Metallica's upcoming album Death Magnetic. I don't think it is great, but definitely not bad either. People are already calling it the white album in the internet world.

Notice one important thing: the use of the old-school Metallica logo on the cover. Could it be a sign of good things to come?

UPDATE: Oh, and in case you didn't catch it on July 23 (yesterday) the tracklist for the album was also revealed. Here it is:

01. That Was Just Your Life
02. The End Of The Line
03. Broken, Beat & Scarred
04. The Day That Never Comes
05. All Nightmare Long
06. Cyanide
07. The Unforgiven III
08. The Judas Kiss
09. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse

I didn't expect to see The Unforgiven III, but The Unforgiven is a Metallica classic. Lets just hope it is more like the original than The Unforgiven II (although I still like the latter, but it can't touch the original).

Death Magnetic album cover

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lack of updates!

I know there has been a serious lack of updates due to me being busy which equates to work/partying/school. Don't worry though as before you know it The Metal Show will be back on the air at KRUI faster than Slayer plays Reign In Blood live.

That is, if the IMU (location of KRUI studios)is reopened in August due to Waterworld like status of Iowa City.

I have heard rumors of a dreaded move to a different location in residence hall (Slater?), which would suck majorly for me, as I am far enough away from campus as it is this upcoming year. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't happen!

Anyways, hopefully I will get some more updates on here. Just filling everyone in on what's up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cool Fight Vid.

Check out the new media player released by Halford Entertainment (Rob Halford's label) which features a video of the Fight song "Into the Pit"!

Notice that you can download the video as well as two songs in MP3 format for absolutely free. Reviews about Nostradamus may be mixed, but there is a reason the album landed at #11 on the Billboard Charts. Halford knows the business and does a good job promoting his work.

Maybe someday I will get my own Nostradamus review up...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Support Iowa Metal

Slipknot, love em' or hate em', are getting ready to release their new album All Hope is Gone. This Friday for a limited time only they will be putting up the new single "All Hope is Gone" on the Roadrunner Records website.

Give it a listen and see what you think. I am not a huge Slipknot fan, but I do respect what they do and they are the biggest band to ever come out of Iowa.

Also, if you didn't notice I reformatted the right sidebars a bit. Now there is a Recent Releases section in addition to the Release Date section. That way you can see what has come out recently in case you might of missed something!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I initially said the Motley Crue album came out this Tuesday, June 17, but I was wrong. Saints of Los Angeles is actually coming out next Tuesday, June 24.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused for all the die-hard Crue fans out there.

This just gives you more time to take in the massive new Judas Priest album Nostradamus. Look for a full review on the blog shortly.

Act fast on buying it though, because you can get a code for a free lawn ticket to check out the Metal Masters tour (see tour section to the right of blog for more info on the date and time).

Right now I'm listening to the new Iced Earth single "I Walk Alone". It is nice and heavy. Barlow sounds just as good as ever!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Metallica Unveils Name of New Album

Metallica recently revealed the name of their new album due out in September on the Mission Metallica.

So what is the name of the new album?

Death Magnetic.

Sounds different. I kind of like it. Lets hope the guys can put out some good music and show a new generation of fans how to rock.

Oh, and don't forget the new Judas Priest and Motley Crue albums are going to be released on Tuesday! I have been eagerly waiting for the new Judas Priest CD, maybe I'll put up a review on the blog when I get a chance to fully take it in.

Now here is a brand new video from Municipal Waste for the song "Sadistic Magician" off the album The Art of Partying. The band can always be relied on for classic thrash entertainment.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Anthrax unveils new singer

The guys in Anthrax recently played two shows opening for Iron Maiden in Irvine, California, where they unveiled the new singer Phil Anselmo er... I mean Dan Nelson.

Watch the videos and you definitely get a Phil (Pantera and Down front man) vibe from the new singer. If you had to compare him to the other two singers his voice lies closer to John Bush's in the music spectrum.

His voice may add a new heavier aspect to the band, and I could see him working if Anthrax was going for a more modern sound. My only beef with the guy is that he can't match the range of Joey Belladonna on the older material. But then again, I consider Joey to be one of the better singers in thrash metal.

The current Anthrax line-up for those that haven't been keeping track is: Dan Nelson (vocals), Rob Caggiano (lead guitar), Frank Bello (bass guitar), Scott Ian (rhythm and lead guitar) and Charlie Benante (drums).

Now check out a video of Dan Nelson and the band performing the song I Am The Law from the classic album Among the Living. I picked this one to post as I actually like the heavier feel it gets with the new singer's vocals. He seems to falter a bit on some of the other songs, like Caught in a Mosh, but for the first few shows, coming from a no-name band, he is doing a damn fine job!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Watch the Beat!

Randy here, just saw this cool live video while surfing the net.

It is Joey Belladonna, of Anthrax fame, playing drums and singing the song Got The Time after his normal drummer was forced to sit out for a few shows.

Being the class act he is, Joey decided to take on drum duty himself and sing instead of canceling shows on his Never Look Back tour. I think he did a pretty good job!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have a rockin' Summer!

Randy here, as you all should know, The Metal Show is off the air for summer break, but it will return in Fall 2008. Right now it looks like I might be going for the 7-9PM slot on Tuesday nights, so hopefully I will get that slot.

Stay tuned to the blog for further updates. I will try and update the blog with news occasionally throughout the summer, so try and check back once a week or so, cause that is probably about how much I will be updating it.

Right now here is just a cool video that I remember watching when I was younger. One of the first music videos I ever remember watching. This is Faith No More with the song Falling to Pieces!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Bodom Video

I was surfing the web and found the new Children of Bodom video for the song Hellhounds on My Trail off of their latest album Blooddrunk.

It is a solid offering from the band, and a step up in terms of riffage.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finals suck, listen to some metal.

Today marks the start of finals week. I just want to remind everyone that The Metal Show will be on air this week, Wednesday from 7-9 p.m., with a special show to bring in the summer.

Listen for lots of newer music and summer themed songs!

Oh, and I finally got the new Testament CD Formation of Damnation in the mail, so I will be playing tracks off that also.

Good luck on finals and I hope you all will listen again next Fall!

Oh, and if you are having a bad day, check out this new trailer for the new Metallica website Mission Metallica (the video quality is better on the website so I recommend going there).

Who cares what other people think, Metallica is still one of my favorite bands of all time!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only two more shows left for the current school year!

Check out The Metal Show this coming Wednesday from 7-9PM as well as the following week as they are the final shows of the year!

For this week's show, I plan to hopefully play tracks off the new Testament album Formation of Damnation. That is if I ever get the damned thing, I preordered an autographed copy and still haven't received it in the mail. Maybe I should call someone about that.

The final show is going to be a Summer Edition of The Metal Show, full of rockin' tunes and summer time metal tunes to get you through finals week (or the work week if you are out of school/never went). You should definitely check it out!

Make sure to check for the Fall 2008 semester's schedule in the future to see when The Metal Show will be airing after summer break. Also, you can be sure to find the new time slot on this blog when it is known.

Thanks for listening and making this semester the best yet at the University of Iowa for The Metal Show!

Check out this old school Megadeth for the song "99 Ways to Die"! I was thinking of this for some reason the other day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

John 5 Shreddin'

Check this dude out. John 5 is the current guitar player for Rob Zombie and he was previously in Marilyn Manson. He is the next in line for awesome guitar shredders. He has gotten praise from Satch, Vai and Gilbert. That makes him most awesome in my book!

Oh, and if you don't know who Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert are, do some brushing up on your guitarist knowledge man!

Listen to Tonight's Metal Show!

Tonight's show is going to focus on bands with great guitar players and songs that have memorable solos. You should definitely check it out from 7-9PM tonight!

Also check out this new Whitesnake video for the song "Lay Down Your Love". This album has been hyped up a lot from the European market. I never got that into Whitesnake, but the song is rocking, and not bad for a band that many thought were past their prime.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Check out the new Behemoth video for "At the Left Hand Ov God". It is pretty badass, even if the whole black metal vibe doesn't agree with you, it is a lot cooler than any other metal music video I have seen released in awhile.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Threat is Real!

Hey, Randy here once again giving you some random news as well as reminding you to listen to The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7 TONIGHT from 7-9PM!

Anyways, I was reading an article online about the 2008 Robocup German Open Humanoid League.

What in the hell is that you ask?

Well there are these robots that are supposed to resemble humans that compete in a soccer game. Here is a quote from the article on USA Today's website.

"Stefan Kohlbrecher, a member of the Technical University of Darmstadt's Darmstadt Dribblers team, said the process of getting six tall robots on wheels to play each other was not as complicated as it looks.

"It works with this camera, he can see with this regular webcam. He can look around, and when he sees the ball these data are processed," he told AP Television. "We tell him that what is orange and round is the ball."

The two-legged robots playing in the Humanoid League are much slower and, frankly, not much good at the game. However, Bredenfeld said they've made a lot of technical progress recently.

"They have to open doors, recognize faces and reach for items," he said.

Ultimately, Kohlbrecher says, the aim is to field a team of robots against people.

"The goal of the RoboCup is to compete against human world champions with robots by the year 2050," he said. "We're still a little far from it, but there is a lot of time to reach it.""

Is it just me or did that last quote scare you and send visions of *insert random robots revolting and destroying the world movie here* into your head?

If these robots get to the point where they can play soccer against humans in 2050, how long will it be before they can crush human skulls?

That could be a metal song, RoboSkullCrush!

Anyways, just some food for thought, remember to listen to The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7 tonight from 7-9PM!

Check out a video of the 2007 Robocup here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breaking News!

Randy here with a LIVE studio update.

I have some breaking Judas Priest news! The band has announced the official tracklisting for the new album Nostradamus. The album is due out June 17, the same day as the new Crue album.

Check out the track listing and other info here.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's a double disc set? It is going to rock!

It is also rumored that an announcement and ticket news for the concert with Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell and Judas Priest will be released soon.

Word is that some of the tickets will go on sale as early as next week, and the closest leaked date so far appears to be Aug. 19 - Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre if the rumors are true.

Stay tune to The Metal Show and the blog for the latest news on what will be the biggest metal tour of the year in the U.S.!


Check out the new Arsis video for the song "We Are the Nightmare" off of the album of the same name. I usually have to be in the mood to listen to death metal and I feel it can get repetitive, but this band play some mean technical guitar licks that are smokin'!

Monday, April 14, 2008



Check it out here!



Saints of Los Angeles