Friday, May 29, 2009

Bring it On: God Forbid "War of Attrition" Music Video

God Forbid's new music video for "War of Attrition" off "Earthsblood, one of the best albums to come out so far in 2009.

Blow your speakers!

New Music From Voivod

New track "Global Warning" from Voivod's latest and last album "Infini" featuring riffs recorded by guitarist Piggy(RIP).

The album comes out June 23.

UPDATE: The band's drummer Michael Langevin is releasing a limited-edition book of artwork which you can check out here. Looks pretty cool to me.

UPDATE 2: As of June 23 the album is streaming RIGHT HERE.

Ozzy Sues Tony Iommi!

Ozzy Osbourne brought a lawsuit against Tony Iommi stating that he illegally claimed sole ownership of the Black Sabbath name.

The lawsuit is asking that Iommi hand over fifty-percent interest of the Black Sabbath name to Ozzy, also giving up some of his profits that resulted from use of the name after Ozzy left the band.

Ozzy's legal team argues that since Ozzy was a defining part of the band's sound, he has a right to a part of the band's name and profits.

I could maybe understand Ozzy bringing this lawsuit in the 80's after leaving Black Sabbath, but he has allowed Iommi to use the name for so long since then that it seems this case is no longer relevant. I just don't see there being anyway he can win this, but I guess money talks in our legal system.

Plus, Iommi is now recording with Dio under the Heaven and Hell moniker. They are no longer using the Black Sabbath name to sell records. Bad timing on Ozzy's part in my book.

Does Osbourne really need anymore money??? I think not! Maybe Sharon needs some new plastic surgery or something.

For the official news story check out the New York Post article.

Check out a statement from Ozzy here.

Ozzy-era Black Sabbath is legendary I will admit that:

However, Iommi and the rest of the gang released plenty of good stuff after Ozzy left.

Exhibit A: Ian Gillian-era clip

Exhibit B: Dio-era clip

Exhibit C: Tony Martin-era clip


UPDATE: To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sabbath's "Headless Cross", Tony Martin will be doing a full tour across the United States. Ozzy is already filing court papers. You can't have three Sabbaths!

Killswitch Engage Release "The Reckoning" for FREE Download

Love em' or hate em' Killswitch Engage is one of the bands that helped to shape the metalcore genre. Now you can check out a track from the self-titled album due out June 30, 2009.

The song is called "The Reckoning" and I think it sounds better than a lot of the Howard Jones-era stuff. His vocals almost give off a hint of power metal at times and are not overdone. I still doubt this can top "Alive or Just Breathing" though. The band needs to get its balls back in order to do that. Hopefully they will give us some more pummeling riffs!

Get it here (e-mail sign-up required).

UPDATE: The album is currently streaming on the band's MySpace page.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloodbath: "Hades Rising" Music Video

Check out the new Bloodbath video for the song "Hades Rising" off of "The Fathomless Misery".

Heavy, yet catchy. Video not for the squeamish.

Bloodbath - Hades Rising from Peaceville Records on Vimeo.

Another One Bites the Dust

German heavy metal music label SPV declared insolvency (similar to bankruptcy) a few days ago, but say they will continue doing business for as long as possible.


Annihilator recently parted ways with the label before it announced it was having problems.

I am sure stories such as this will be more and more common as the months and years roll on. Physical albums just aren't selling like they used to and record companies refused to adapt to the age of the internet until it was too late.

Record companies need to get off their high horse and start charging 10 bucks or less for CDs, otherwise no one will buy, when the digital copies are so easy to come by.

Lets hope that bands start taking the independent route (Shadows Fall announced they would be doing that after leaving Atlantic and Halford is launching Metal God Records) and then aid the smaller bands by finding truly talented musicians and marketing them online.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Armored Saint: Marching On

The thrash knights in Armored Saint are well into the recording process, with nine songs finished for the new album featuring John Bush(Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax) on vocals.

No title revealed for the CD, but it will come out through Metal Blade sometime later in the year/early next year.

Armored Saint will be taking over the stage at the 4-day Rock Gone Wild Music Festival on Sunday (the last day of the event. Other bands set to appear include Saxon, Primal Fear, Dokken and more.

The concert's a little pricey at $175 for two tickets, but seeing Saxon and Armored Saint would be very cool.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BUY THIS ALBUM: Candlemass- "Death Magic Doom"

The new Candlemass album "Death Magic Doom" came out a few weeks ago and only managed to sell around 800 copies in the first week. This release may be one of the best of 2009 and Blabbermouth recently gave it a nine-out-of-ten.

Do whatever it takes, but BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Judas Priest: "A Touch of Evil" Live Tracks Announced

Judas Priest are releasing a live album that contains songs previously unavailable to fans. "A Touch of Evil Live" is set for a July 2009 release. Check out the track listing below:

"A Touch Of Evil: Live" track listing:

01. Judas Rising
02. Hellrider
03. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
04. Riding On The Wind
05. Death
06. Beyond The Realms Of Death
07. Dissident Aggressor
08. A Touch Of Evil
09. Eat Me Alive
10. Prophecy
11. Painkiller

This actually looks cool, even if Halford can't quite hit all the notes in "Painkiller" anymore.

UPDATE: Listen to samples below.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Anthrax Sounding Good Live

Once again it is a slow news day in the metal world, but I did come across this video of Anthrax performing the song "Random Acts of Senseless Violence" off of "Stomp 442" with the latest singer Dan Nelson.

They actually sound pretty good in this video. Lets face it, this album will not sell as well as a Belladonna or Bush release, but I still have hope for the band.

New album "Worship Music" is expected to be out in October.

UPDATE: This one sounds even better.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Slayer v. New Megadeth: "Something for everybody?"

In a recent interview by, Slayer guitarist Kerry King said that the new album "has a little bit of everything", but is most similar in sound to "Seasons in the Abyss".

Even more recently, Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover said that the new album "has something for everybody".

What does this possibly mean and is "something for everybody" going to become the next overused descriptor for a band's new album?

United Abominations was a decent album, but none of the tracks really stuck out in my mind that much (I actually think "The System Has Failed" is more memorable). "Christ Illusion" was a step up for Slayer, but sounded a bit samey which is a problem for many Slayer albums.

Plus whenever I hear "Psychopathy Red" I'll always think of the fake lyrics some person put up on Blabbermouth.

I'm hoping that Mustaine's hype of guitarist Chris Broderick will play out on the new album and that King's "Seasons in the Abyss" description is accurate. If so, we could have two great metal albums in our hands in the next few months.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Behemoth Evangelion Album Cover

Check out the new album cover from black metal pop band Behemoth. OK, so maybe they aren't pop, but they are definitely mainstream black metal, which is by no means a bad thing. In fact they are one of the better ones out there right now.

Here is the cover:

The new CD "Evangelion" is coming out on August 11. The Apostasy was a decent album, even if it got a little stale in parts. The video for "At the Left Hand Ov God" is still cool in my book.

Artillery Bring the Big Guns and Drowning Pool Video

These old school thrash bands that I never heard much about seem to keep releasing new material this year and here is yet another band that has an album coming out.

Danish thrash band Artillery will release the disc "When Death Comes" on August 11 and the first single is called "10,000 Devils".

The band has been around since the beginning of the thrash scene and this song has elements of thrash, power and death metal all mixed in. I like it!

Next up is a video from Drowning Pool. I know, they are pretty commercial, but the latest single they released is catchy. Former Soil vocalist Ryan McCombs is a large part of this and any band that can keep on playing after going through as many singers as they have albums deserves some credit.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Warbringer: Keeping Thrash Alive in 2009!

I saw Warbringer playing before Exodus a month or two ago and I was impressed by the energy they had live. These guys are very young and seem to be improving all the time. I think they will be a band to look out for in the future.

Here is the new video for the song "Severed Reality" from the album "Waking Into Nightmares" which comes out next Tuesday (May 19).


Friday, May 15, 2009

Metallica Perform Dyer's Eve Live

It's not perfect, but who would have expected this one???

Also check out pictures of this exclusive vinyl release from Megaforce Records of the colored vinyl for "Feel the Fire" coming out on May 12. Also being released is the "Fuck You and Then Some" album. These are limited to 500 copies, so vinyl collectors be on the watch!

GWAR to Release "Lust in Space" in August

Underground theatrical metal legends GWAR recently resigned to Metal Blade Records for the new album "Lust in Space" which should be out sometime in August.

GWAR took the whole theatrical metal bit to a new level when they first entered the music scene in the mid 80's. Wearing enormous costumes and taking stage names such as Oderus Urungus and Beefcake the Mighty they soon grew a loyal fanbase.

25 years later the band is ready to unleash "Lust in Space" on all of the slaves (fans) in the world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get to the Choppa: Slow News Day = Austrian Death Machine Video

If you never heard of Austrian Death Machine, it is the side project of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis where he makes metal songs out of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.

It is a fun listen and you can watch the video for "Get to the Choppa" below as well as a fan-made video for "Come With Me If You Want to Live".

Monday, May 11, 2009

Epiphone Revolver Golden God Awards: Hell Yeah!

Watch a comedy bit taken from the intro of the recent Revolver Golden God Awards show that features Brian Posehn and some heavy metal legends.

You can check out the full show streaming on MTV's Web site. They do play metal after all, but only when it's trendy to do so.

Killswitch Engage Suck.

Actually I kind of like em'. But it would be shameful to admit that to the metal community. "Alive or Just Breathing" was a good CD and despite being blatantly metalcore, the album has energy that makes it fun to listen to.

Wish I could say that same about the rest of their catalog...

Who knows, maybe Killswitch Engage will surprise us with the new self-titled album coming out on June 30. Check out the videos below and the band performing the new song "Light in a Darkened World" live below.

It's always hard to judge new music live and on Youtube, but it's safe to say they aren't straying from their formula established on the last two albums.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream Theater: "A Rite of Passage" is HEAVY!

Work! Damn you!

This new video by Dream Theater for the song "A Rite of Passage" is not playing for me, but I'll put it up in hopes it works for you guys. It is Dream Theater after all so we can expect a few things...

1) A five-minute-plus song featuring some heavily layered vocals and a soaring guitar solo from John Petrucci.

2) Some kind of dark sci-fi/fantasy themed video, with possible special effects.

3) A heavy breakdown of some sort, since this is modern Dream Theater we are talking about here.

Lets see if this video starts working and if my predictions are correct...

UPDATE: It turns out that the video does work, you just need to hit pause and let it load properly. I recommend going to the crapper and then coming back and enjoying what is actually a fairly cool/slightly cheesy music video that does contain most of what I predicted above!

If "A Rite of Passage" is any indicator of the heaviness of the album "Black Clouds and Silver Linings" then sign me up! However, it is guaranteed that there will probably be at least one mediocre/lame song on the CD, but I think this song could make up for that.

Besides you can always make a Dream Theater Metal Mix Tape that includes your favorite heavy songs by the band. Imagine...

Randy's Dream Theater Metal Mix Tape
1) "Ytse Jam" ("When Dream and Day Unite")
2) "Pull Me Under" ("Images and Words")
3) "Strange Deja Vu" ("Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory")
3) "The Glass Prison" ("Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence")
4) "As I Am" ("Thoughts Without Words")
5) "Dark Eternal Night ("Systematic Chaos")
6) "A Rite of Passage" ("Black Clouds and Silver Linings")

That would be a sweet album!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bluegrass, Shitty Europop Covers and Lesbians

Finals week at the University of Iowa is almost here and that marks the end of The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7 during the Spring 2009 semester. However, hopefully yours truly will be back doing the show in a few weeks for the summer edition and you can count on the show being back over the airwaves for the Fall 2009 semester.

Just because there is no Metal Show for a few weeks doesn't mean this blog is going anywhere! Expect plenty of new updates on news and music releases. (Such as the recent leak that Slayer's new album might be out on July 7!)

First off I wanted to share this video of the band Slaughter of the Bluegrass covering the At the Gates classic "Blinded by Fear". This version is awesome and the band is hoping to do a full album of bluegrass-metal covers if time and money permits.

Thank the dudes over at Deciblog for finding this one. Note that the link given leads to an interview with the band.

Also you can check out the band's official Web site and vote for songs for them to cover.

Speaking of covers, here is another cover that isn't nearly as cool by a band called The Berzerker. They recently covered the T.A.T.U.'s one-hit-lesbian-wonder "All the Things She Said". The video is stirring up quite the bit of controversy with its footage of screaming dudes and fetish actress lesbians.

Props to a kind of shitty gimmick band for thinking up a marketing scheme to get their name out there.

Note: The Berzerker are not to be confused with the band that coined the hilarious song "Berserker" that was featured on the Clerks soundtrack. That band is called Love Among Freaks and the song can be heard below.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heaven and Hell Announce Tour Dates With Coheed and Cambria as Support!

So Heaven and Hell release and awesome CD "The Devil You Know" and now it's time to tour. Interesting choice on Coheed and Cambria as the opener, but it makes sense after I read Black Sabbath with Dio was the first big concert Claudio (singer of Coheed and Cambria) had seen.

Coheed and Cambria have always had metal elements in their songwriting and they even did a cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper"! Too bad the only versions I can find of it are of unpublishable quality.

Here are the two dates I think people in our neighborhood will be most interested in...


Aug. 19 - Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion
Aug. 21 - Detroit, MI - Meadow Brook Pavilion

Click here for the complete list!

Here is the concert that Claudio saw:

Chimaira and Toxic Holocaust Music Video Double-Header

Check out this new music video for the song "Destroy and Dominate" from Chimaira's latest album "The Infection".

I actually think what I have heard of the rest of the album is better than this song, but I guess it's a good thing when you can release one of the worst songs on your album and still have it be an OK single.

Chimaira - Destroy And Dominate

Next up, we have a video from modern day thrash band Toxic Halocaust" for the song "Nuke the Cross" off their latest album "An Overdose of Death...".

Is it just me or is it becoming hip to be thrash again? Even old thrash bands seem to be reuniting that I never heard of in the first place! Anyways check out the video below.

It has the essential items every metal music video needs. Loud guitars. Leather. Fire. Guitar players on fire. Solos. And mosh riffs. Goddamn!


Friday, May 1, 2009

As I Lay Dying: "I Never Wanted" Video

Check out the music video for the song "I Never Wanted" off of As I Lay Dying's album "An Ocean Between Us".

By now everyone has grown tired of this metalcore business, but these guys do it right and have some good live energy. Their DVD "This is Who We Are" is out now.

P.S. Check out this news about a Dimmu Borgir comic??? I guess black metal musicians will make good comic book characters!

Zombie Outbreak Strikes London!

That's right, according to none other than BBC news, the swine flu has apparently evolved to a new form known as H1Z1 that causes people to be brought back from the dead in fits of violent rage.

Don't worry, if you check the link, it is actually to a site that is not the official BBC one, but good job on the hoax! We need some humor now and again.

Check out the story.