Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey, Randy here with another update. If you didn't know the Metal Show was not on the air this week as I had a lame final to take care of. Now I am done, but I will be returning to my hometown for about a month to train further in the ways of metal and come back energized and focused to bring you all another semester's worth of the music you love!

If you didn't notice yet I updated the concert section on the right with the Black Dahlia Murder and 3 Inches of Blood show at the Picador right here in Iowa City! Aren't you excited?

Also, I will be possibly putting up minor updates on here throughout the coming weeks as I will be less busy over break than I am during when school is in session. (don't hold me to that though!)

Oh, and as far as I know next semester the Metal Show will be back on from 9-11PM every Tuesday night, but if anything changes I will make sure to update it here first in big BOLD letters so everyone sees it!

I expect all of you to listen again next year and support metal on KRUI 89.7! Oh, and if you haven't checked out the show yet you definitely should!

Merry Kissmass and a Happy Booze year,



Check out some metal christmas songs to get you in the holiday mood...

Twisted Sister- Twisted Christmas (get the CD!)
Manowar's cover of Silent Night, Holy Night (search for the link) (get a free download of the Special FIGHT Christmas song, Christmas Ride while it lasts!!!)

Oh, and what would a metal show blog post be without a cool music video? Only this time it's even cooler because it is Christmas themed as well. Here is Dokken with their metal cover of Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hang on to your lugnuts its time for an overhaul!

Hey metalheads Randy here letting you know that the blog was actually updated today! (are you as surprised as I am?)

I apologize for the lack of updates in November, but it does explain why November is the month with the highest case of suicide and coincidentally awesome heavy metal songs. Because there is so much damn stress and anger that month with classes coming to a culmination and cold weather all around.

But now Christmas cheer is rearing its head and although that may not mean great rage filled metal music it does make for metal show blog updates as well as Twisted Sister Christmas cover cds.

Listen to the Metal Show Tuesday night only on KRUI 89.7 from 9-11PM for a breaking concert announcement that comes surprisingly close to home... in fact there is going to be an awesome metal show at one of Iowa City's very own venues so you will just have to listen for that news!!!!

Oh, and it will be put up on the blog after Tuesday.

Have a metal week and listen to the metal show tomorrow night!


While you are waiting in suspense for that update here is a little clue as to one of the bands coming...

Monday, November 5, 2007

NEW Metal Show tomorrow!

Once again be sure to check out the metal show in its new time slot from 9-11PM on KRUI 89.7!

Don't worry I will hopefully start doing better updates to the blog again soon, life has just been busy lately! But you will still get your does of metal tuesday night!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are listening to the Halloween edition of the Metal Show tonight from 9-11PM on KRUI 89.7!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Week a New Metal Show!

Randy reporting in courtesy of 89.7 KRUI and The Metal Show,

I just wanted to make sure that everyone turns on their radio this Wednesday from 1-3PM to 89.7 for the Metal Show! Make sure that you blast the volume so everyone else can hear the awesome metal that will come out from your computer or stereo speakers.

We have a great show this week with some brand new Overkill straight from their new album Immortalis. Also there is the classic thrash and modern metal that you all know and love. Don't forget you can always call in and make a request!

Oh, and next Tuesday a lot of good stuff comes out so look at the cd release list to the right!


P.S. As always, here is a great metal music video. This song is the first In Flames song that I heard and it got me into them and ultimately into some good death metal. This is the video for Pinball Map!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Overkill CD Out Today!

Randy here live from the KRUI studio to tell you to go out and pick up the new Overkill CD- Immortalis in stores now! It should be a rockin' album I will be getting it and playing it on the show ASAP.

Keep headbangin' (but not naked) !

Until next time,

Never added a music vid on here, so here is a good one... Bruce Dickinson's Abduction!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long live Metal!

Randy here making the weekly post informing everyone to listen to the show 1-3PM Wednesday! The show should be a good one with news and metal madness for all!

Just an update, the Metal Show will be on October 31st this year so look forward to a special Halloween edition of the Metal Show with lots of great music and festivities!

Feel free to call in and make requests or let me know some bands that you would like to hear on the Metal Show at 319-335-8970!

Now while you insomniacs are waiting for the Metal Show tomorrow check out this sweet video by the band Death! I can't believe I didn't get into the band sooner they are like Children of Bodom except more thrash influenced!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't forget...

The Metal Show is back live and non-prerecorded, so definitely check it out from 1-3PM this Wednesday only on KRUI 89.7!

There will be some new music from Iced Earth, Arch Enemy, Black Dahlia Murder, and Down as well as the usual metal classics.


P.S. Serj Tankian of System of a Down is coming out with a new solo album, I know the band is hit or miss with a lot of people, but I thought this new video for the album coming out October 23 was pretty cool.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday is the day that we all go broke...

Hello again, it is Randy here for your what seems to be weekly blog message. Tuesday September 25th is going to bring the pain on metal fans pocket books as the new Arch Enemy, Down and Dethklok cds come out! Not too mention if you are like me and forgot that Iced Earth's new one is also out now.

It is times like this where you have to prioritize which albums you need the most...

Not to mention that Tuesday is the official release date for Halo 3 if you are into video games. This game is ridiculously huge, so I assume at least some of you reading this will be buying that as well.

Whatever you do go out and support metal, whether it be buying any of these new cds or an old classic thrash album!

That is an order!

Sgt. Randy

P.S. If you are a fan of metal and don't know what Metalocalypse is do yourself a favor and check out the show on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally, an update!

Hey all you headbangers, this is Randy, your fellow metalhead and DJ for the Metal Show reporting for duty. I just wanted to let anyone checking out the blog to know that I updated the concert lists with some new ones, as well as the CD Releases. They are constantly being updated so check back for more, in fact why not just bookmark the blog?

For this week's edition of the Metal Show (Wednesday, from 1-3PM) I will actually be prerecording my show so if you try and call in you will not get an answer. However, you should still hear my wonderful voice, although this time around there will be significantly less talking and significantly more raging metal music!

Why am I prerecording my show do you ask? For a test??? No way!

I am going to see my bro's band Dark Mirror open for Megadeth at the Rave in Wisconsin! Check em' out if you get the time and

I will post concert updates on the blog ASAP and hopefully maybe I will even get a review and some photos up as well.

Stay tuned to the one and only Official Metal Show Blog and the Metal Show (Wednesdays from 1-3PM) for more info on all things metal!


Oh, and check out this video of Cedar Falls own Dark Mirror in action at the legendary Lang Auditorium!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to the Metal Show Blog!

Hey Randy here, sending out a greeting to all you metalheads at the University of Iowa or around the world. I decided that since other shows on KRUI have blogs, my show should have one too! Only this blog will hopefully not be neglected like some of those other blogs out there. My goal to is to make the blog informational and entertaining. I already added a news feed straight from Blabbermouth and I will hopefully be updating the concert and cd release section sometime shortly.

Remember that this blog is a work in a progress and it will only get better! Stay tuned for more updates. And while you are waiting check out this sweet Overkill video for Elimination on Youtube!