Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arsis is "Forced to Rock"

Tech-death band Arsis has added another song called "Forced to Rock" on its MySpace Page.

The lyrics are more tongue-in-cheek than I would have expected from Arsis, but I actually am enjoying the "rock 'n' roll" direction of this song a lot. In fact, it's one of the better tunes I've heard from the band. Catchy licks and excellent songwriting all around.

"Starve for the Devil" comes out on February 9, 2010, in the United States.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

21 Best Metal Albums of the Decade

Just about everyone at the major metal publications has posted up their best of the decade lists and of course no one completely agrees with any of them.

I came up with a list of albums that I think have shaped or changed metal in the 21st century or were just damn fun to listen to. These aren't necessarily "THE BEST", but these are the ones that I immediately thought of when making a decade list.

Here are my picks, starting with an honorable mention and descending from #21 to most essential after that.

Honorable Mention:

Pantera - Reinventing the Steel

Why it almost made the list: I really enjoyed this Pantera release (especially "Revolution is My Name"). It's some of Pantera's heaviest work, even if the band would break up shortly after. This decade will always be remembered for Dimebagg's tragic death. Spin this one for him.

21. Slipknot - Iowa

Why it made the list: Let's face it, Slipknot inspired a lot of people to get into heavy metal and is arguably the biggest band to come out of Iowa. Plus tracks like "People = Shit" are just great mindless fun.

20. System of a Down - Toxicity

Why it made the list: Yeah, another "mainstream" metal band on my list. System of a Down are damn good when that guitarist isn't squawking around. "Toxicity" is the shining moment on this album, but it's definitely solid the whole way through.

19. Tool - Lateralus

Why it made the list: Tool has made better albums in the past, but who doesn't remember the constant radioplay of Tool's Schism back in the day?

18. Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation

Why it made the list: It seemed like out of nowhere party thrash exploded back into the metal scene over the course of the last decade. Municipal Waste prove that they are true party kings on this breakout album. Check out "Mind Eraser" and "Thrashin' of the Christ" for all around good times.

17. God Forbid - Earthsblood

Why it made the list: You may notice this is my only 2009 release on the list... why? Because it's that good. I never listened much to God Forbid until seeing them on tour a few years back with Anthrax, but the guys slay live and the album features some great songwriting, even if the album didn't sell for shit. Give it a shot.

16. Opeth - Blackwater Park / Damnation

Why it made the list: Sure, Blackwater Park is a fine piece of ace, but for some reason I spent more time listening to the softer Damnation, until I lost my copy of the CD that is. A great mood setter and epic background music. However, I'll throw up both albums as a tie, so the true fans don't have a heart attack.

15. Meshuggah - Catch Thirtythree

Why it made the list: When this album came out, I thought it was terrible (along with the previous one Nothing). Years later, I have finally begun to "get" this cerebral album that takes you on a journey like none other. Then again, I still kind of hate it. Damn you Meshuggah!

14. 3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish

Why it made the list: One of the most fun and rockin' metal albums of the decade. Sure the high pitch vocals are over-the-top, but that's the point! "Deadly Sinners" and "Crazy Nights" are the key moments on the album.

13. Into Eternity - Buried In Oblivion

Why it made the list: Badass power/death metal combo that is very effective. Sadly the band could never top this, although the The Scattering of Ashes with that newer vocalist is pretty damn good as well. "Beginning of the End" is my personal favorite track.

12. Strapping Young Lad - Alien

Why it made the list: Alien is another album I didn't really get into at first, but I later recognized it to be one of the most aggressive albums I have ever heard. This one needs to be cranked loud to fully appreciate it's awesomeness and Devin Townsend has some amazing moments both vocally and instrumentally throughout the entire album.

11. Black Label Society - Stronger Than Death / 1919 Eternal

Why it made the list: I can't help but love(former) booze smashing and (still) guitar thrashing madman Zakk Wylde. I couldn't decide between these two albums, so they are both at number 11. Here's to hoping he can channel some of the energy of past releases in the next decade!

10. Iron Maiden - Brave New World

Why it made the list: I remember that sticker on the album declaring "Brand New Maiden for the 21st Century" with the return of frontman Bruce Dickinson. Brave New World was Maiden's true shining moment of this decade and almost nothing tops "The Wicker Man".

9. Mastodon - Leviathan

Why it made the list: This is Mastodon's best album hands-down. Crack the Skye and Blood Mountain are fine-and-dandy, but there is just something about this album that rocks much harder than the rest.

8. Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Why it made the list: "The Glass Prison". Enough said.

7. Megadeth - The System Has Failed

Why it made the list: Maybe it was getting Chris Poland to do some lead work, but Megadeth just seemed to get it all right with this album. The later releases haven't been able to top the memorable songs on System, such as "Kick the Chair", "Back in the Day", and Tears in a Vial".

6. Sepultura - Dante XXI

Why it made the list: Derrick Green-era Sepultura always gets a lot of shit, but throw this album on and give it a chance. For me, it is one of the band's finer moments and just an intensely fun album to listen to.

5. Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper

Why it made the list: Children of Bodom mixed elements of neo-classical music with vicious death metal, creating a very interesting addition to the metal scene. This is easily COB's masterpiece.

4. Killswitch Engage - Alive or Just Breathing

Why it made the list: I'll be the first to admit, when I saw the music video for "My Last Serenade", I thought these dudes were douchebags. Turns out, later I would eventually buy Alive or Just Breathing and be blown away. One of the best guitar tones on a metal album in the 21st century.

3. Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake

Why it made the list: Lamb of God has one of the best instrumental sections of any metal band out there right now and Randy Blythe finally was able to blend his growling vocals with the rest of the band to perfection. Nothing beats the pummeling riffage in "Now You've Got Something to Die For" or the groove of "What I've Become".

2. Shadows Fall – The Art of Balance

Why it made the list: I got this CD on Christmas Eve after it came out and it is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received. The Art of Balance is an amazing metal record, combining both clean and growling vocals (as would be popular throughout the decade) with guitar solos that came straight from the 80s heydays. "Destroyer of Senses", "Stepping Outside the Circle" and "A Fire in Babylon" seal the deal.

1. In Flames - Clayman

Why it made the list: "Old" In Flames put out some of the best Swedish Death Metal around. "New" In Flames is what got me into the more extreme forms of metal and is still a personal favorite to this day. "Pinball Map" is the perfect example of how extreme metal with growling vocals can still be catchy as hell. In fact the whole album is a lesson in memorable songwriting.

The band definitely influenced the direction of metal in the 21st century and continues to show innovation with each release. You can do no wrong by checking out this album.

THE END! The list is complete. I highly recommend any album on here if you haven't heard it. It may not be obscure, but these are the albums I still enjoy pulling out to this day.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Immolation Crushes Holiday Spirits

Around this time of year everyone is feeling the Christmas/New Year's cheer. I even put up a post wishing everyone a happy holiday, which isn't very metal! But, here is some news that will set your Christmas trees ablaze with metal.

New York death metal band, Immolation, releases its latest album, Majesty and Decay on March 9, 2010. I'm not a huge fan of the death metal religion bashing trend (prefer the smarter lyrics of bands like Death), but this band writes some solid music.

The cover is below along with an older tune called "Put My Hand in the Fire" off the album Close to a World Below.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Have a Merry Metal Christmas Everyone!

Hopefully all you metalheads are rockin' out to some of your favorite tunes and spending time with family/friends/booze and all that good stuff.

I hope to keep updating the blog regularly over the Winter Break, even if music news is slow around these times. I will try for a post a day and soon will also be writing about some of my favorite metal albums of 09 (and possibly some sort of abbreviated decade list, we will see).

Below are two Christmas songs to get into the spirit with. If you want to see a bunch more cool songs check out Decibel's top 12 metal Xmas list (these are just two that made the cut).

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/insert other holiday here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MISFITS Reunite (and open for Danzig)

Hell yes. You read that right. The American Psycho line-up of the band, featuring Michael Graves on vocals, will reunite for a special show on Saturday December 26.

Jerry Only (who is touring with his own version of The Misfits) will not be performing at the show. However, it is cool to hear this line-up will be opening for Danzig. If only I lived near the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey!

Watch some videos below:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Danzig is Still Rockin' and Meshuggah Comes "Alive"

Well, besides the fact that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is back in rehab, music news is pretty slow around this time. But I did find this cool video of Danzig performing "Tired of Being Alive" off of Danzig II.

Hopefully the good performance here is a sign of things to come on the new album. Now, if only John Christ would get back with Danzig...

In other news, Meshuggah is putting out a live DVD soon (Alive due out February 9, 2010). Here is a teaser trailer for it, although I'm not sure why they chose to use "Future Breed Machine", since it isn't actually on the DVD!

Tuesday Late Night Music Video Roundup: Mudvayne and Rammstein

Two new videos from Mudvayne and Rammstein below. Although Mudvayne's new album is still a bit generic sounding, I think it's a step in the right direction for the band. Also I'm digging the Rammstein song and "Rammlied" is also a great song off the new album.

Check em' out below.

"Scream With Me" video:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Excellent Moments in Metal: Sanctuary - "Future Tense"

This video doesn't even really need any commentary. Just a great metal band rockin' out to some awesome music.

Brief history lesson: 3/5 of the ending line-up of this band went on to form what is now known as Nevermore, another awesome band. Apparently Warrel Dane is going to be doing some solo shows and playing songs from the Sanctuary days. Badass.

Slipknot "Lite" Now with only 55 calories!

Wait a minute bartender I ordered a Budweiser!

The new Slipknot video for the song "Snuff" has been making its rounds on the Internet and I finally checked it out just now.

I got into the whole Slipknot game late and I'm not a huge fan or anything, but these seems like a perfect example of a band forgetting their history and isolating fans. I'm not one of those dudes who calls every band a sell-out for not making each album 100% brutal, but "Snuff" is just a lame ballad. Period.

(And I don't give a shit that there is cross-dressing or whatever, that's fine if the song is good).

From what I have gathered about Slipknot, who I have followed over the years, is that their fans are loyal to a band that was all about getting out anger and rage with insane live shows. This song live would be a total mood killer and if you are going for the cleaner melodic stuff, Corey Taylor's other band Stone Sour does it better than this.

Right now, it appears Slipknot has stretched its style too far, and hopefully (if the band ever releases another album) they will get back to a full-on aggressive album, then call it quits if they want to do the arena rock anthems.

But that's just my opinion. An example of Slipknot doing what it does best can be seen below.

P.S. If you want to see Slipknot's video for "Snuff", check it out here.

Ozzy Osbourne is a "Soul Sucka"

You may have heard this news by now, but in case you haven't, Ozzy's newest album featuring Gus G. (of Firewind) on guitars in place of Zakk Wylde is called Soul Sucka.

Judging by the name, maybe it's a good thing Wylde won't be on this album. But then again, can we really judge an album based on its title alone?

The Ozzman is still capable of busting out a few surprises (see "Trap Door" below), so who knows what will happen with Ozzy in 2010...


Ozzy Osbourne has scrapped "Soul Sucka" as the working title of his new solo album. "When we put that on the Internet none of my fan base liked the title," Osbourne tells "They were like, 'I can't imagine me walking around the fucking house with the words 'Soul Sucka' on my T-shirt.' So I was like, 'Fuck it. I've got to come up with something else!'" The now-untitled set is due out in July, the same month Osbourne says that Ozzfest will return after a one-year break. "After Ozzfest I'm doing the most extensive tour of my life," he says. "It'll be something like, 3,025 dates."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Relapse Ressurects Convulse's "World Without God"

I don't claim to be the local expert on death metal, but I do know good old school growlin' when I hear it and Convulse definitely delivers. World Without God is set to devastate speakers once more on January 19.

Apparently Convulse only released two albums, but the band made em' count! Check out the official MySpace for more info or just hit play on the tunes below.

"Incantation of Restoration"

"Blasphemous Verses"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Night Guitar Noodling with Zakk Wylde

By way of special request from metalhead Chris, I am posting this video, which hopefully is what he was looking for.

Chris comments:

"Wow! Been a ZW fan for ever. I just watched the 8 minute solo with Zakk using the Dimebagg Razor he made for Zakk and at about 7 minute into it, he's using the tremolo and the low E string to make some wild metal guitar noises.

When he bends the E string, I swear it is moving by itself! I can't tell how he's doing it, but it's pretty wicked! Watch that one, and watch the closeup on the strings at 7 minutes for about 30 seconds or more and watch the low E string bend itself!"

That was so enthusiastic, I had to check out the solo and it is pretty badass. Plus it's fitting since two posts ago I mentioned the anniversary of Dimebagg's passing.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not-so-metal News Update

KISS finally released a music video for "Modern Day Delilah". A little late, but it's still a decent rock tune and the video shows off the live show, although it feels like it has been done many times before.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 Years Gone: Remembering Dimebagg

Five years ago on December 8, I received a phone call from my brother late into the night asking if I had heard the news. Dimebagg Darrell, guitarist for Pantera and Damageplan, had been shot pointblank on-stage.

I immediately went downstairs to my computer in disbelief and saw all of the news stories speculating what had happened that night.

I then put on some Pantera. I was wide awake, even if it was late and I had school in the morning.

No matter if you agree that Dimebagg is a legendary guitarist or not, his death was shocking and terrible. It was probably the only "celebrity death" where I felt like I had actually lost a brother and friend.

That was what was so amazing about Dimebagg, even people who only knew him through the music, recognized him as family. That is sort of what is so cool about metal in general. Its ability to connect people is unheard of in just about any other form of music.

As the day draws to an end, I just want to say that no one deserves to go out like Dimebagg did. However, it almost seems kind of fitting for Dimebagg to die doing what he loved on-stage.

He may be dead and gone, but the music still lives on.

Rock In Peace Dimebagg!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Devin Townsend Project Music Video: "Bend it Like Bender"

I haven't had a chance to check out Addicted yet, but from what I have heard it's fairly catchy rock. Here is a video (which I haven't been able to watch yet from where I am typing this), but I have heard mixed things about.

I think it's anime or something, but see for yourself. I'm waiting for the next album which is supposed to be the heaviest thing Townsend has done.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Overkill is "Ironbound"

Listen to the new song "Ironbound" below. If this is the direction this album is going, I will be pleased.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music Video Roundup: Alice In Chains "Your Decision" and Scar Symmetry "Ascension Chamber"

Two new videos. I dig the Alice In Chains one and great choice for a single. Scar Symmetry's is a little cheesy, but the song is still pretty good.

Go here for the full Alice In Chains video.

SCAR SYMMETRY - Ascension Chamber

SCAR SYMMETRY | MySpace Music Videos

Blaze Bayley creates more fist-pumping metal

Blaze Bayley is coming out with a new album already!

He put out The Man Who Would Not Die in 2008 and now he will be releasing Promise and Terror on February 1, 2010.

Say what you will about Bayley's time in Maiden, but the man has lived a tough life and can belt out some solid tunes.

Below is a video of the band playing a new song called "Watching the Night Sky".

Serj Tankian and the Orchestra

Elect the Dead may not exactly be full of raging metal tunes, but I think it was an excellent album. Although, that probably depends on whether you like Serj Tankian as a vocalist or not to begin with.

The dude sings his ass off all the time and his voice isn't half-bad once you get used to it, unlike that other System of a Down guitar fellow.

Now Tankian is working with an orchestra to release a live recording of the album's material. Seems fitting enough to me... although I question the necessity of playing with an orchestra for some bands.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dream Evil Unleashes "Into the Night" in January

Randy here, wishing all of you metal heads a happy Thanksgiving weekend! Figured I'd chime in with this update that Dream Evil's new album Into the Night will be released on January 25, 2010.

The band always delivers on the power metal goodness. Have a safe and rockin' weekend!

P.S. New song, "Bang Your Head" available now on the band's official MySpace.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pray to the Metal Gods for Ronnie James Dio!

Today, it was announced that metal god Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer (thankfully it is in its early stages).

No matter what kind of metal you are into, I think we can all agree that this man has done more for heavy metal than just about any other. At age 67, his pipes are still in top shape, and he never puts on a bad show.

Send your prayers to the metal gods that Dio recovers from this terrible disease. It's going to be a tough fight, but I think he can pull through and maybe even show us how to rock once more!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Overkill: The Hardest Working Band in Metal?

Overkill is probably one of the most overlooked thrash bands that are still around today.

Sure Testament and others may have never gotten the spotlight they deserved, but Overkill got even less. (Maybe it's because of the fact that Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth sometimes resembles a banshee when singing, but hey, just like Geddy Lee once you get into it, it just fits).

To this day the band puts out a new album what feels like every other year (or sooner) and usually the end result is better than what the old school bands take 6 years to make!

Overkill will continue its thrash domination with the release Ironbound, coming out on February 9, 2010.

Also for any listeners in my home state of Iowa, a road trip may be in order for the upcoming show in Chicago.

April 09 - Chicago, IL @ The Metro

While you are waiting, check out a video of one of my favorite Overkill tunes, "Necroshine"!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Softer Side of Zakk Wylde - "Sold My Soul"

There was once a time when Zakk Wylde was not a booze-slamming, beard-growing, biker dude that always talked about drinking and banging in interviews.

Yes, Wylde once had a very sensitive side, which is showcased on the brilliant Book of Shadows album. Especially on one of my favorite acoustic tracks ever recorded, called "Sold My Soul".

Even if you don't like the Wylde of today, this song and video prove why he is revered as a guitar God. And he actually has a mean set of pipes (or at least had) - the vocal performance on this song is haunting.

"Sold My Soul"

Also check out a young Wylde rockin' the solo to the same song:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dream Theater lays on the cheese with "Wither"

Actually, I kind of like the song and the video is fitting, but c'mon you have so many other rockin' tunes on Black Clouds and Silver Linings! From a marketing standpoint of course, this is the shortest song on the album and good for radio play, so not a bad idea.

Not that Dream Theater gets played on the hit radio stations that often anyways. Check out the video below:

Why did I never get into Heathen?

Lee Atlus does some great work now with Exodus, but for some reason I never paid much attention to Heathen. Occasionally I do denjoy their tunes whenever I take some time to seek em' out.

Heathen will be releasing a new CD entitled "The Evolution of Chaos" in March of 2010. I'll be looking forward to checking it out!

Billy Milano Cameo #2: "United Forces" with Municipal Waste

Not sure why he did the same song as he did with Lamb of God a few weeks back, but this is a quality video, so I figured I would post it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

American Carnage: Late Update, But Still Badass!

If you actually haven't heard yet, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica are teaming up to bring you the American Carnage tour. The best part? For a limited time tickets will be only $10! How's that for a deal?!

Closest date to Iowa City? Feb. 05 - UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL

Other select dates you may want to travel to below:

Feb. 04 - Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN*
Feb. 06 - Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI*

* Tickets sold through Ticketmaster

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zakk Wylde to cover Suicide Note Pt. 1

This is kind of old news, but cool nonetheless. Guitarist Zakk Wylde will be covering "Suicide Note Pt. 1" off Pantera's underrated album The Great Southern Trendkill.

I think the song will fit Zakk's style well and seeing as Wylde had a near death experience himself (although not from heroin), maybe it will add some personal emotion in the song.

Here is the current list of bands that are recording cover songs for the Metal Hammer tribute album (for the 5th anniversary of Dimebagg's tragic onstage death).

* MACHINE HEAD - "Fucking Hostile"
* CHIMAIRA - "Slaughtered"
* EVILE - "Cemetery Gates"
* THROWDOWN - [to be announced]
* ZAKK WYLDE - "Suicide Note Pt. 1"

Check out this cool "demasked" intro version I found:

Buckethead's New Signature Gibson Geetar!

Now you can own Buckethead's sleek white guitar. Although I think it would be cooler without the weird orange input jack, but hey, I'm no Buckethead.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nile Gets Brutal With Latest Release: "Those Whom Gods Detest"

I have to admit I never was all that into Nile, but the new album Those Whom The Gods Detest is making me reconsider. A few of the newer bands could learn a lot from Karl Sanders and company about the ways of death metal.

Nile: "Kafir!"
If you like it support the band and buy: Those Whom The Gods Detest

Dave Lombardo v. The Taxi

I enjoy me the new Slayer as much as I enjoy me some drunken hijinks. Listen to legendary drummer Dave Lombardo tell the tale of the Taxi Tackler.

Slayer: "Snuff"
If you like it support the band and buy: World Painted Blood

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saviours: Accelerate Into High Gear

Somehow I completely missed the release of the new Saviour album Accelerated Living... and it came out in October!!!

I saw this band live in Iowa City about two years back now and they put on a pretty good show.

On Accelerated Living, it sounds like the band expanded its sound from generic doom metal to a more badass style of heavy metal. Check out the song "Acid Hand" and if you like what you hear, support the band and buy the album.

Listen to "Acid Hand":

Mudvayne: The Song Remains the Same on "Scream With Me"

So now there are two new Mudvayne tunes available online. "Heard It All Before" is actually pretty badass, but the new one "Scream With Me" is a bit generic.

However it is by no means a bad tune. Still sounds like the album could be their best since the early days when the group was actually interesting. Listen below.

"Scream With Me":

"Heard It All Before":

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Very Special Edition of The Metal Show TONIGHT!

That's right, get your asses tuned in to KRUI 89.7FM from 8 to 9 p.m. tonight because on the show I will be debuting new music from Iowa's own power/thrash metal band Dark Mirror.

The band will be playing a show at House of Bricks in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday the 13th in celebration of the release of Portrait of Evil. On the following night the band will perform at the Picador, 330 E Washington St, Iowa City, Iowa.

I want to see a ton of locals going METAL THRASHING MAD at the concert!

Here is the full line-up and info:

Location: the Picador, 330 E Washington, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240
Time: Doors at 9 p.m.
Age Limit and Admission: 19+ show, $5 at the door.

DARK MIRROR- Melodic Thrash/Power Metal.
The band originated in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and currently calls Des Moines its home, although the vocalist currently lives in Waterloo. Really the band considers all of Iowa its home!

Dark Mirror's MySpace
Dark Mirror's Official Web site

Cur - Early 90's style thrash with rap elements from Cedar Rapids. Don't worry they are actually pretty cool sounding.

Cur's MySpace

Crusher of Souls - Death metal from Des Moines, Iowa.

Crusher of Soul's MySpace

Identity Crisis - Melodic, Progressive, Death Metal
High energy melodic metal from Iowa City!

Identity Crisis' MySpace

The show should be awesome, so come out and support DARK MIRROR and local Iowa metal. The band will blow you away live no matter what style of metal you listen to.

And if that wasn't enough I will be playing new music and the usual classics on the show for your listening pleasure only on KRUI 89.7 FM from 8 to 9 p.m. or streaming live on KRUI's Web site.

Metallica: Live In France

Well, this recording is probably more epic than the usual live shows the band puts on, but you have to admit the band is on fire while playing Blackened for the upcoming DVD recorded in France (Francais Pour Une Nuit).

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Iron Maiden and Ronnie James Dio to Hit the Studio (Not together of course)

Iron Maiden recently announced it would be returning to the studio to work on new material for its 15th studio album.

None of the more recent releases have held my attention all that long since The Wicker Man (although I do like a lot of the newer material), so hopefully the guys spend the time to make this one count.

A close inside source has also told me that Dio guitarist Craig Goldy received a call from Dio himself about setting up a date to begin recording new Dio material, so I always look forward to that, seeing as Dio can still sing like a beast.

New Music Video Roundup: Baroness and Suicide Silence

Hmmm... the new Baroness is pretty rad, but I still don't know about that Suicide Silence.

A little too trendy for me, but at least they seem to have more energy than some of those new bands. It all starts to sound the same after awhile though.

Videos available for your own judging eyes below (note that the Suicide Silence video is just a link because the video kept messing up my blog):

A Horse Called Golgotha

Baroness - 'Blue Record' Out Now!!! | MySpace Video

Suicide Silence Video:

Strange Metal Sub Genres: Arnold Schwarzenegger Metal

I just saw a post on about a band called Schwarzenator that is releasing a self-titled EP.

This means that there are now 3 (if not more) bigger metal/punk parody bands that revolve around the legendary action hero and governor of California's fame. The strange thing is I don't mind some of the music these bands create, although ArnoCorps seems the most legit.

The new Austrian Death Machine album Double Brutal is fun to listen to while hanging out with friends, but I might be biased since I love me some Schwarzenegger movies.

And Schwarzenator is just insane.

Check out what each band has to offer below:

ArnoCorps "Total Recall":

Randy's Commentary: Traditional punk-metal with a Youtube user created highlight reel is a win in my book.

Austrian Death Machine "Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?":

Randy's Commentary: Jingle All the Way is one of my all-time favorite holiday classics and a smash box office hit, so this song was a no-brainer.

Schwarzenator "Conan":

Randy's Commentary: A song about Conan the Barbarian sung by a band wearing Conan O' Brien masks, what more could you ask for?

Metalocalypse Season 3 Begins Tonight!

That's right, everyone's favorite metal cartoon on Adult Swim is back and it airs at 11:30 p.m. CST. The new episodes are now a half hour long (although there will probably be commercials now), so hopefully the transition is smooth.

Season 2 started out kind of slow, but the last half was hilarious, so hopefully Brendon Small took his time for this season and continues to deliver more of the same.

UPDATE: New episode had some pretty funny moments overall, but was a little slow in parts. Looks like they are going to actually develop the story more this time around, which could be cool. I look forward to seeing how the season turns out.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fear Factory Moves Forward, Signs to Candlelight Records

Apparently, any legal problems the current Fear Factory lineup was having with the name got cleared up because the band has signed to Candlelight Records and set a release date of February 9, 2010 for the new album Mechanized.

I actually loved the work the latter day members did on Archetype, but the guys the created Demanufacture playing alongside Gene Hoglan on drums? Goddamn!

Let's hope it's not a huge disappointment.

UPDATE: New song "Powershifter" is now available for streaming. Don't know if the band put this online themselves, if not, then it might not last long, so check it out fast!

The song has impressive drumming from Gene Hoglan's end of the deal and it's good to hear Burton sounding a bit more aggressive again. Dino definitely has some tight rhythms, but I hope he mixes it up a little more on the album, so things don't get too repetitive.

I can now say I officially look forward to hearing new shit from this lineup of Fear Factory.

Arsis Starve For the Devil

To all my fellow metal heads:

I, Randy, host of The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7FM (8-9 p.m.) have been kind of spastic in my blogging activity. So starting now I hope to get caught up and provide up-to-date news for all you all. So I begin with some Arsis news.

I remember when We Are the Nightmare came out in 2008, it rocked my CD player for awhile. So I am hoping for good things with the band's latest which comes out on February 9, 2010.

Recently the album cover and tracklist were revealed over the Internet, so check em' out below as well as one of my favorite tunes off the previous album.

Starve For The Devil track listing:

01. Forced To Rock
02. A March For The Sick
03. From Soulless To Shattered (Art In Dying)
04. Beyond Forlorn
05. The Ten Of Swords
06. Closer To Cold
07. Sick Perfection
08. Half Past Corpse O'Clock
09. Escape Artist
10. Sable Rising

Bonus tracks:

11. A Pound Of Flesh (For The Hell Of It)
12. The Lake (KING DIAMOND cover)

Also: Sorry about the sound quality on this one, but it will at least give you idea of the bands crazy riffage if you've never heard them before.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Could the new Mudvayne album actually not suck?

So Mudvayne is coming out with a new self-titled album on December 22.

Generally a self-titled album means one of two things. Either the band feels like it has made an impressive album that features a band at one with its sound or it's a cheap attempt at a cash grab.

Well I just listened to the new Mudvayne song "Heard It All Before" and I'm impressed. Looks to be the best work they've done since L.D. 50, but only time will tell.

In the meantime listen to Mudvayne back when the band was actually unique and original.

UPDATE: Blacklight album cover available for viewing.

Rob Zombie Halloween Show

Once again I managed to stop updating the blog for a week, but this time I promise you my goal is to offer at least one new piece of content each day this week (if not more!). Seeing as it's never too late to celebrate Halloween in the world of metal, here is some live video from Rob Zombie's live show!

"Sick Bubblegum" may be repetitive, but damn if it isn't catchy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Edition of The Metal Show TONIGHT!

Listen in tonight from 8-9 p.m. as I bring you a very special Halloween show! I will be playing lots of metal classics, as well as some non-metal favorites to get people pumped for the upcoming holiday.

Click here to tune in via the Web!

Don't forget that every Monday night from 6-10 p.m. is Metal Monday on KRUI 89.7FM. Also while you are waiting for my Halloween show, check out this classic shortened clip of Helloween's "Halloween" epic.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anthrax and John Bush Reunited?

Man, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante have really been sucking up to John Bush lately. Probably because they realize it's their ONLY hope to make a comeback after firing singer Dan Nelson right before a new album was supposed to come out.

From recent interviews, it sounds like Bush will be rejoining the band.

I have always been a bigger fan of Joey Belladonna than Bush, but I respect his work with Armored Saint and on The Sound of White Noise, which is a total classic.

Hopefully Anthrax gets its shit together and puts out this new album either with Nelson or Bush's vocals. I don't really care.

UPDATE: Looks like Bush will in fact be recording vocals for the new album to replace Dan Nelson's parts. Rob Caggiano stated this in an interview I skimmed over on

Helloween Rerecord Classics for 25th Anniversary

Helloween still rocks in my book, even if Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are no longer part of the band.

The Dark Ride is a phenomenal metal album and contains some of the catchiest metal music of all time. Now the band is going to rerecord some of the most memorable tunes for a new greatest hits package, celebrating 25 years of power metal.

Here is the track list along with some music vids below for the album Unarmed- Best of 25th Anniversary.

01. Dr. Stein
02. Future World
03. If I Could Fly
04. Where The Rain Grows
05. The Keeper's Trilogy
06. Eagle Fly Free
07. Perfect Gentleman
08. Forever & One
09. I Want Out
10. Falling To Pieces
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right

There is no official US release date, but I'm guessing it will be announced soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dave Mustaine to Play Metallica Demos on Megadeth Radio

Oh lord. It seems Dave Mustaine just loves to talk, contradict himself and stir up shit in general. And now he has a radio outlet to help him do so.

Mustaine has a show via the 24-hour Artist Personal Experience radio station. Along with the other members of Megadeth, Mustaine handpicks the songs that are played on the station and also records vocal news, commentary and info to play between songs.

Recently, Mustaine announced he will be playing some tracks off the old "No Life Til' Leather" Metallica demo where he plays lead guitar. He even invited people to compare his work to Kirk's.


However, the dude did write Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? and Rust in Peace, so I guess he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Stream Megadeth Radio below. I just tuned in and Faith No More's "Falling to Pieces" was playing, so that's rad.

Remember When: Drain STH

I can't say I was ever totally into Drain STH in the '90s (I know the group was on Ozzfest). But I was doing some YouTube browsing and decided to check out some videos of them. Pretty cool music with sort of an Alice In Chains vibe.

They have some heavier tunes, but this one was the best quality. I wonder what this band is up to now?

Update: After doing some research, I found out that apparently this band is no more. The members broke up after what I believe was their second album. The singer married Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and the rest are playing music in other bands.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey, sorry for the lack of updates. Expect the usual updates later in the week, being busy with school is never fun.

Also tune into the Metal Show tonight from 8 to 9 p.m. on KRUI 89.7FM.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skeletonwitch Music Video: "Repulsive Salvation"

"Repulsive Salvation" comes off Breathing the Fire, which is out now. The band will be appearing in IC alongside The Black Dahlia Murder and Toxic Holocaust next Thursday October 22.

Watch 500.000 rock & metal videos on ROCKTUBE

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baroness Blue Record Album Review

Modern Day Epic
Baroness creates an atmospheric rock album with hints of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Blue Record
**** out of *****

Chances are anyone outside of the underground music scene has never even heard of Baroness.

The band, which started up in 2003, often gets lumped into the “sludge metal” category, where bands are quickly born and forgotten. On the 2007 offering Red Album there were some decent songs, but overall the music lacked the diversity to hold listeners attention. However, on Blue Record Baroness sheds most of its metal shell and enters the realm of psychedelic progressive rock.

While there are still some heavy tunes (“The Sweetest Curse” and “War, Wisdom and Rhyme”), there are also plenty of sprawling musical interludes and acoustic tracks such as the Pink Floyd-esque “Steel That Sleeps the Eye.”

“Jake Leg” and “A Horse Called Golgotha” condense the formula of latter-day Led Zeppelin into three to five minute rock songs that provide some epic background music, suitable for throwing on when doing work or just hanging out.

The bright dual guitar harmonies on instrumental songs like “Bullhead’s Psalm,” “Ogeechee Hymn,” and “Blackpowder Orchard” sound more like something that could be found on Queen’s back catalog than say, the doom of Black Sabbath.

Baroness knows the important art of creating a cohesive album. On Blue Record each song flows together to make the listening experience feel more like a complete package rather than on more recent albums that tend to sound like they contain songs recorded one at a time for iTunes.

Even the cover art, which features two women, some fish, and tons of the color blue (big surprise), has a sense of a classic painting, that works to tie everything together.

That being said, this album is certainly “a grower,” so don’t expect to be hooked on the first listen. But for those listeners willing to spend time with Blue Record, they will find the band has crafted an album that is more than just another “sludge-metal record”. It is a modern day rock opus that calls to mind the musical greats of old.

Randy’s Picks: “The Sweetest Curse,” “Jake Leg,” “A Horse Called Golgatha.”

Billy Milano Plays SOD Classic "United Forces" With Lamb of God

Not much more to say. Can I get a Ric Flair? WOO!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Misfits Return on Halloween (Sort of)

Misfits have released so many Halloween-appropriate songs there is no way that you can leave them off the party playlist.

Now the band's current lineup - consisting of bassist Jerry Only, guitarist Dez Cadena and drummer Robo - is preparing to release Land of the Dead.

The single, which contains the brand new songs "Land of the Dead" and "Twilight of the Dead", will be available on iTunes and other digital shops on October 27. Just in time for Halloween.

The cover artwork is pretty cool too, the classic Misfits skull with a zombie twist (courtesy of Marvel Zombies artist Arthur Suydam). Hopefully just focusing on two tracks means that the music will be solid as well.

Black Label Society Back in Action

It looks like Zakk Wylde is recovering from the rare blood clotting disorder, which put him into the hospital a little while back.

Black Label Society will be in the studio around January/February, recording music for a new CD due out in Spring 2010.

Good to see Zakk is alive and kicking. Strength Determination Merciless Forever!

Friday, October 9, 2009

CONCERT ALERT: Gojira @ the Picador

Make sure to check out Gojira at the Picador, 330 E. Washington, if you are in the Iowa City area. Doors open at 6 p.m. It should be a badass show, even if it does coincide with University of Iowa's Homecoming.

Also, it looks like Blabbermouth picked up one of the stories which I write as my alter ego for The Daily Iowan.

I'll hopefully be rockin' out front row at the concert!

Friday Rocks

So does the newest Slayer track "Hate Worldwide". World Painted Blood will soon be here.