Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halford Saves Christmas

When I first listened to Nostradamus immediately I thought, "hey, at least there's always Halford 3 right?"

Well if you haven't heard the news, Halford 3 is a holiday album called Winter Songs. Now I am not going to say this can't be awesome, because it is Halford after all, but I think I would have rather just had the album be Halford 3: Metal Songs.

Now you can purchase two of the songs from the new album online ("Get Into the Spirit" and "We Three Kings"). I am debating whether or not to do it...

Halford 3: Winter Songs will be in stores on October 26.

We now have Alice Cooper doing Halloween songs, Halford doing Christmas... what's next a KISS Chanukah album???

Monday, September 28, 2009

Immortal: "All Shall Fall" Streaming on a MySpace near you.

The title track off All Shall Fall is now on Immortal's MySpace. Of course I'm sure someone else uploaded the track on the page, while Abbath and Demonaz hung out in the forest.

I think "All Shall Fall" is a great tune. It's definitely Immortal.

Alice Cooper Halloween Special

Shock rocker Alice Cooper will release an exclusive digital single Keepin' Halloween Alive this Tuesday (Sept. 29). Of course Halloween is the most metal of all holidays, so I am looking forward to the new song and the month of October.

Hopefully it will be more than just a cheesy throwaway single.

UPDATE: Listen to "Keepin' Halloween Alive" now on Cooper's MySpace.

Lemmy Knows the Secret to Living a Long Healthy Life

In a recent interview with Canada's Calgary Herald, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister shared his drinking habits:

"I do still drink a lot. About a bottle of Jack (Daniel's) a day," Lemmy said. "[As for the drug consumption], I steer clear of talking about it"

Lemmy is current on the road with Motorhead at the ripe old age of 63. Obviously he is doing something right. Or at least he makes my alcohol consumption look tame by comparison.

More Slayer Leaks Online: "World Painted Blood"

Another track has leaked off World Painted Blood and is available on the Slayer's MySpace.

I think that the new song is definitely cooler than "Hate Worldwide" and "Psychopathy Red", although the production still doesn't sound all that great to me (curse you Greg Fidelman!).

I know bands like capturing that "raw" sound, but I think Seasons in the Abyss and South of Heaven had better production than this.

Anyways the song itself is an epic five-minute track that has a slower groove to it. I'm digging all the variations in riffing going on and the usual chaotic solos.

Decibel gave the album a 9/10, so I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing on November 3.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Metal Mario Bros.

This recording is the castle song from Mario... MADE METAL! I can't say I am all that crazy about the "Nintendocore" trend, but Nylithia made this badass. Thanks to the guys over at Metal Sucks for the find.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heavy Metal Billboard Charts Update

While the Billboard Charts aren't always a friend of metal, a number of artists have landed in the top 200 list for album sales this week. Check it out in order from highest to lowest charting position!

Band: Megadeth
Album: Endgame
Albums Sold: 45,000
Charting Position: No. 9

My take on the album: While Endgame is the highest charting album, I definitely have given more attention to the new Shadows Fall and Ace Frehley albums.

That being said, Endgame is a kickass metal album, that blends influences from the '80s and '90s Deth sound. Only a few of the songs really land in your head ("44 Minutes" especially), but the guitar playing is spot on.

Band: Ace Frehley
Album: Anomaly
Albums Sold: 17,000
Charting Position: No. 27

My take on the album: "Anomaly" flat-out ROCKS!

Ace Frehley has really gotten his act together and his vocals are better than ever. The album makes you remember what true rock 'n' roll sounds like, having a classic sound that most rockers are unable to touch in the more recent years.

This should have made the Top 10 and is likely to be one of the best releases this year.

Band: Shadows Fall
Album: Retribution
Albums Sold: 13,000
Charting Position: No. 35

My take on the album: "Retribution" is the best album the band has put out since "The Art of Balance".

They finally nailed mixing the heavier growling stuff with the melodic clean vocals. Too bad it took them two uninteresting albums ("Fallout From the War" and "Threads of Life") to get there.

This band really deserves to be on top of the game in the current metal scene. The album is better than Lamb of God's "Wrath", however that album sold much better.

Lets hope word gets out about how good this album is!

Band: The Black Dahlia Murder
Album: Deflorate
Albums Sold: 12,000
Charting Position: No. 43

My take on the album: "Deflorate" is probably the best album of The Black Dahlia Murder's career.

A band like this can get stale quickly, but with the new album it's The Black Dahlia Murder's brutal energy put into each song that forces you to headbang.

Congrats to this band! The members tour heavily and deserve to be here.

Band: Kittie
Album: In The Black
Albums Sold: 3,400
Charting Position: No. 132

My take on the album: Say what you will about Kittie, but the all-female group has proven the test of time, despite what all of us guessed.

I haven't had time to listen to this album, but from what I've read, it is a vast improvement over previous work, even if it does take on a sort of "Lamb of God knock-off" sound.

And the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Award goes to...


With Sonic Boom on the way and the Alive 35 Tour, how could the legendary rock band not get inducted???

It's going to happen, mark my words. And most likely this year.

Today KISS was announced to be among a dozen finalists in contention for the honorable award. Now we just need to get bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in there!

Now it seems like Ace and Peter would have to be present for the ceremony or fans would revolt. Just maybe they would end with a jam between the old and new members a la MTV Unplugged?

Devin Townsend: Underground Guitar Legend sets release date for "Addicted"

Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Project, Steve Vai) released Ki earlier this year. It is a mellow album and admittedly I haven't given the time it deserved.

However, I do think it is a great CD that blends sounds ranging from pop-rock Muse-like sounds to the more technical. Each song starts slow and gradually builds up to an epic mix of guitars and vocals.

Now Townsend is preparing to release the second in a four-part series of albums. "Addicted" comes out November 17 and sounds like things are only getting better.

For those who crave Dev's heavier material, make sure to check out part three (Deconstruction), because I hear it is devastatingly HEAVY!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GWAR: "Let Us Slay" Music Video Really Does Slay

Solid video and song from the dudes in GWAR.

Alice In Chains: "Black Gives Way to Blue" Listen Now!

What could be the biggest rock album of the year is almost here. I haven't had time to listen to "Black Gives Way to Blue" online yet, but I have heard only positive things so far.

"Black Gives Way to Blue" comes out this upcoming Tuesday, Sept. 29. Take a sneak peak (or more like full peek) at this Web site.

Alice In Chains "Black Gives Way to Blue" Short Film

Revocation: "Existence is Futile" Streaming Now

I haven't really listened to Revocation in the past, but I have heard good things. Sounds like some solid technical death/thrash to me!

Listen to Existence is Futile in its entirety right here.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Metallica: Putting Metal Up the Haters Asses!

There are those instances when a band just nails a song live. This recent performance of Metallica's "Ride The Lightning" is one of those instances. Badass!

Metal Show Playlist September 21

Metal Show Playlist Monday 9/21 (8 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

1) Ace Frehley- Outer Space (CD)
2) Shadows Fall- The Path to Imminent Ruin (CD)
3) Shadows Fall- My Demise (CD)
4) Behemoth- Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
5) 3 Inches of Blood- Snake Fighter
6) Megadeth- Bodies
7) The Agonist- Thank You Pain
8) Alice In Chains- Check My Brain
9) The Black Dahlia Murder- Throne of Lunacy
10) Identity Crisis- Deception of the Fourth Dimension (CD)
11) Judas Priest- Deal With the Devil
12) Blaze Bayley- While You Were Gone

Badass Metal Movie Pick of the Week: Crank 2

Crank 2: High Voltage is one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. Plenty of dudes get murdered, there are countless amounts of nudity as well as trippy fight sequences.

It also features a soundtrack by Mike Patton and David Carradine as an old prostitute-loving Asian.

Crank 2 is definitely metal. Give it a rent sometime!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Megadeth Performs "Headcrusher" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Can't say Dave Mustaine's vocals are the best during this performance, but he hasn't ever really been known for the strongest of live vocals. The guitars rock. However, this performance is why Metallica will have an advantage over Megadeth in the mainstream.

Metallica has that groove they find and they are much more energetic live, whereas Megadeth's shit is so technical that they are more focused on playing accurate than entertaining.

Just my two cents though.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dying Fetus: "Shepherd's Commandment" Music Video

"Shepherd's Commandment" is from the latest album Descend Into Depravity, out now. Can't say I much like pig vocals, but it works for this band most of the time. Brutal.

DYING FETUS - "Shepherd's Commandment"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rammstein shows America what Freedom of Speech really means

There will definitely be a division between the people that watch the new Rammstein video "Pussy".

Group 1 will think the video is offensive, disturbing and indecent. I mean the last part is hardcore porn.

Group 2 will realize that Rammstein is breaking the mold once again, challenging American's perceptions of sexuality and just how damn insecure we all our in this country.

Actually I'm not sure where I fall on this. It is ridiculous. When I say hardcore porn I mean hardcore porn.

I have to say I never thought I would have the lyrics, "You have a pussy/I have a dick-ah/so what's the problem/lets do it quick" stuck in my head. You win Rammstein, you win.

Check out the video here. Unless you are under 18 of course. Or easily offended. Or if you don't want to see the dudes in Rammstein's junk.

White Wizzard: "High Speed GTO" is NWOBHM in the new millenium.

So I gained another new follower that runs the blog "Heavy Metal Basque", and while I don't speak fluent Spanish, I do speak METAL!

Nice blog she (at least the pic is a she, so I'm assuming) has going over there, so drop by and show some love. Also I saw this video on the blog for White Wizzard's song "High Speed GTO", which is ridiculously cheesy and low budget even for the '80s.

However, the song and vibe of the video is what matters and it's pure New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound!

It's like these guys stepped into a time machine to bring us that old school sound.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Slayer Unveil "World Painted Blood" Album Cover

Four limited edition covers that form together to make a bloody world map. The album is called World Painted Blood. Get it?

Collect them all.

Speaking of blood I had this song stuck in my head earlier today. It's called "Bloodline" off of God Hates Us All. An album that has some good tunes, but shitty production (this video sounds better than the CD).

Rob Zombie Brings Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Tour to Des Moines!

Looks like Rob Zombie is coming to the Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA, on November 21. This tour is called Hellbilly Deluxe II, maybe that means Zombie is going back to his industrial metal ways?

Either way, he always puts on a good show, even if he seems to get out of breath easily while singing his songs. I'm looking forward to it.

UPDATE: Megadeth and Warbringer to come to Davenport in December (see concert dates to right). Wha??? We'll see. (NOW CONFIRMED)

UPDATE 2: Rob Zombie will be calling his new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool. It will be out on November 10.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Somebody "Check My Brain"...

So... this week looks to involve very little sleep. And to top things off I might have to miss The Metal Show tomorrow night due to the Buckethead concert...

I hate to miss shows, but I can't pass up Buckethead! Please forgive me! The Metal Show will be back next Monday September 21, bigger, badder and better than ever, with new tunes from Ace Frehley, Shadows Fall, Megadeth, 3 Inches of Blood, The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus, not to mention some great metal classics in between.

Now onto the good news. Alice In Chains released another video, this time for the song "Check My Brain". A great Alice In Chains tune!

This is much more straightforward than the video for "A Looking In View", but still shows the band rockin' out in all its glory.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Down Does Van Halen "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love"

I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on it, but it actually isn't bad. Phil Anselmo is really turning himself around these days.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heavy Metal Tuesday: Shadows Fall and The Black Dahlia Murder Web streams

Shadows Fall's Retribution and The Black Dahlia Murder's Deflorate are both currently streaming online. I have had the Deflorate for awhile and it is definitely one of the band's best. I am waiting until I get my preordered copy in the mail to hear Retribution.

Click here for Shadows Fall.

And here for Black Dahlia Murder.

Update: Dying Fetus's album Descend Into Depravity is also available for your listening pleasure online now. It's BRUTAL!

Remember if you end up liking any of these albums to go support metal and buy one either online or at your favorite store. This Tuesday has many big releases, so I made a list below.

Tuesday Metal Release List:
* Ace Frehley- Anomaly
* Megadeth- Endgame
* Shadows Fall- Retribution
* The Black Dahlia Murder- Deflorate
* Dying Fetus- Descend Into Depravity

Friday, September 11, 2009

Megadeth: "Headcrusher" Music Video

Whoa! It's double Dave on The Metal Show blog!

"Headcrusher" is definitely a thrashin' good time, even if this video is using the overdone MMA thing. But he definitely puts a spin on it with prisoners and the whole women empowerment thing.

Megadeth: "Endgame" Streaming NOW!

Right on the MySpace page.

I thought The System Has Failed was a phenomenal album, but Endgame gives it a run for its money.

There are actually lots of Countdown to Extinction/Youthanasia influences on here, just with a heavier edge.

KISS and Arch Enemy Clips

Yup. Both Kiss and Arch Enemy have some new clips out. And I'm not sure what to think about either, but I'll wait for the full CD's to judge. Sonic Boom out on October 6th. Root of All Evil same day.

Is it just me or does that old Arch Enemy tune have a riff that rips straight from Blue Oyster Cult's "Astronomy" (although sounds more similar to Metallica's great cover about 2 minutes in)???

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dokken Versus the Chicken: Cock Rock Gets a Whole New Meaning

While Dokken may not be all that relevant now, at least it can still survive in this all too cruel world to fight chickens. Watch the new ad campaign for Norton Antivirus below.

Especially the second one. Do it.

Dethklok Return with "Bloodlines"

New music video for "Bloodlines" from cartoon metal band Dethklok aka Brendan Small and company in real life. Dethalbum II out September 29.

September 29 Couldn't Come Sooner

Watch Alice In Chains perform "Nutshell" during a live unplugged set.

Ace Frehley's Anomaly Streaming on VH1's The Leak

Click HERE to warp into "Outer Space". Look for my take on Anomaly September 15.

3 Inches of Blood: "Here Waits Thy Doom" Album Review

A bloody nod to the old school

3 Inches of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom
**** out of *****

Heavy metal has always had its stereotypes — ranging from the devil-worshipping, partying reputation to the loner kids that hang out in their parents’ basements listening to music and playing roles.

I would imagine that 3 Inches of Blood frontman Cam Pipes fit into the latter stereotype, staying up until 5 a.m. decked out in full-on battle gear playing Dungeons & Dragons while listening to old Mercyful Fate records.

Despite what his high-school adviser might have said, sometimes hanging out for endless hours in a basement can pay off. The band’s fourth studio album, Here Waits Thy Doom, is a solid offering that at its best sounds like the battle cry for a group of ravage warriors — or at least all those confused adolescents out there.

Click here to read the rest of the review on The Daily Iowan's Web site.

Evergreen Terrace release new tune: "Sending Signals"

Hardcore metal band Evergreen Terrace actually performed in Iowa City tonight at the Picador and is releasing its latest album Almost Home on September 29.

The song "Sending Signals" is now up on the band's MySpace page. Sure the band may be a part of the metalcore trend, but it always puts on an awesome show and the guys are honest in the music.

Bonus: Listen to the opening track off the new album "Enemy Sex" below.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fozzy writes a decent tune and Metal Blade teams up with Sony

That's right Sony is going to be distributing all Metal Blade releases... in Germany and Austria that is. Still it is cool to know that Metal Blade will be able to hold its own for awhile longer.

Also Chris Jericho's band Fozzy released a tune that I actually kind of like called "Martyr No More". I always thought the band was a bit bland, but this one is catchy at least. Listen below.

P.S. If you didn't notice, "The Metal Show" did not air tonight on KRUI due to the Labor Day holiday. The metal will be back and better than ever next Monday from 8 to 9 p.m.

2 for 1 Bonus: Tesla "Breakin' Free"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Shadows Fall Perform "Still I Rise" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Shadows Fall rocked Jimmy Fallon's 5-year-old smirk right off his face last night. View the carnage below.

Beavis and Butthead Reunion

Mike Judge creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead has a new movie called Extract coming out. Here is a Web trailer for it featuring some familiar faces.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Metal Rumor Report: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax Tour

Apparently in UK's Metal Hammer magazine Kerry King mentioned that Lars Ulrich had been contacting people from the above mentioned bands about getting a tour together.

Now the odds of this happening are slim-to-none, but just imagine how amazing that tour would be... and probably expensive. Plus who would headline? I would imagine they would all have to work it out so they played about evenly or there would be some infighting for sure from the get-go.

Also King already dealt a blow to Anthrax by saying:

"I said in this day and age, I know we had that time together, but how do you leave out MACHINE HEAD? There's better options than ANTHRAX and that's nothing against ANTHRAX, but they've just been in pieces for quite some time and that doesn't make as much sense to me."

Look for updates as they become available.

UPDATE #1: Scott Ian is game, in a recent interview he was quoted as saying the statement below.

"There's this big rumor that we're gonna do METALLICA, ANTHRAX, SLAYER and MEGADETH next summer in Europe, and this is supposedly coming from the METALLICA camp. So whether it's true or not, I'm really excited about it, and I'll say right now that we will absolutely do it. So we're in. [laughs]"

The Agonist: "Thank You Pain"

I've been researching some female fronted extreme metal bands for an article I am writing and The Agonist seems cool by me. Check out the new video for the song "Thank You Pain" below.

Get Better Rex!

Down/former Pantera bassist Rex Brown was recently diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, which is serious business. The condition can be life-threatening even after treatment.

The Metal Show wishes one of the greatest bass players of our time good luck in recovering from surgery and beyond. It has been a long road full of booze and mayhem -- and I'm sure the fans would like to see Brown stick around a lot longer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

EVILE: "Infected Nation" Video

Damn, EVILE release a cool new video for "Infected Nation" that looks and sounds straight out of the 80's (with some modern elements of course). This whole thrash revival thing is bringing out some great bands, let's just hope there isn't a grunge revival after this.

Don't say Alice In Chain's new album will do it or you lose. AIC is more than just another grunge band.

Enjoy the video below and check out "Infected Nations" when it comes out on September 22.