Monday, December 27, 2010

Where in the world is Randy?

So, I have been slacking on this whole writing about metal thing. There are a few instances in my life (besides being metal), that have kept me away for much of the month, and I hope to get back into things here soon. Maybe that should be my metal New Year's resolution!

Before the New Year I do hope to post a year end list and maybe even write about a few other recent topics. As always, thanks for following me over the years/checking back in every now and again.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Headbanging New Year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zakk Wylde battles the Overlord

I don't think I can even begin to explain/analyze this video tonight, so just watch it on your own below.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

System of a Down reunited

System of a Down have been apart for around five years now and now the band is reuniting for some festival gigs overseas.

The big question is, will the band also get together to record a new album and will it be any good? Mesmerize was the last album released by the band I enjoyed throughout. Hypnotize didn't really impress me songwise and continued to feature too much of Daron Malakian's vocals.

Hopefully if the band gets back in the studio, Daron gets off his egotistical high horse and sticks to writing songs and backing vocals, while Serj takes over the lead work. Then I will show some interest.

I do enjoy plenty of System of a Down's back catalog, so since the is a music blog after all, I'll post a few right here.

Oh, and I'll be more interested when Faith No More announces a US reunion tour (although it would be even cooler with Jim Martin, they should at least bring him back for an encore at a few shows, a la Kiss Unplugged, and have both guitarists jamming out).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Metallica to begin writing new album in 2011?

If Lars Ulrich has anything to say about it, the band will begin writing music sometime in 2011. However, knowing the pace of Metallica, we likely won't see a new album until at least 2012 (if that).

Death Magnetic is surprisingly well written, so lets hope all these Big Four shows have reignited the flame and the band delivers at least one more album to remember them by. I haven't listened to Death Magnetic for awhile, so here's a refresher.

*Video removed, will try and put up a new one here shortly.

Manowar is at it again

Ever wonder what it sounds like to put gasoline on your balls and light it? Neither have I...

But according to bassist Joey DeMaio, that is the sound of the new Manowar album, Hammer of the Gods.

Here is the actual message from DeMaio taken from a recent official video message:

"A couple of people were wanting to know what's going on with the new album, 'Hammer Of The Gods'. Well, the truth is this: [original MANOWAR drummer] Donnie Hamzik is officially back in the band, and that changed everything for us. So all the songs that were written have been completely fucking thrown out, completely ditched — gone, never to be heard from again. The writing has changed because Donnie's back in the band and he's burning like a mad motherfucking demon on drums. So this album is gonna basically sound like I told you before — like somebody put gasoline on your fucking balls and lit it. So it'll be worth the fucking wait, 'cause when it comes, it's coming back."

Ouch. Sounds painful and like the album wouldn't be very pleasant to the ears, but say what you will, Manowar still delivers metal to its fans, even if the group is overly cheesy at times. That's just part of the charm.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Misfits are true punk

Out of all the great classic punk bands, in my mind, The Misfits still stand at the top of them all. I can't say there is much timeliness to this post - I just haven't been able to write much in awhile and have been listening to this album lately. A total classic!

Enjoy and look out for more updates soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everyday is Halloween

It seems fitting to put up a Type O Negative song to celebrate the darkest of holidays, especially since it's the first Halloween since frontman/bassist Peter Steele's death. Rock on and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Helloween asks 'Are You Metal?"

When Helloween released Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary (full of acoustic/symphonic re-recordings of the band's classic songs), I started to lose hope for the upcoming album 7 Sinners.

The whole album was very unnecessary and should have just been packaged as a greatest hits to celebrate the occasion in my mind. Then I heard "Are You Metal?.

This is a monster of a song, full of heavy guitar riffs reminiscent of something found on Dream Theater's "The Glass Prison" mixed with the melodicism you would expect from Andi Deris-era (and most era) Helloween.

It was like the band knew it had to pull out all the stops and deliver a piece of music that could not only satisfy power metal fans, but fans of modern metal as well.

Let's hope the album (set to be released on Halloween, but more likely the Tuesday after the holiday), is equally awesome.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Municipal Waste brings the noise (and humor) with 'Wolves of Chernobyl' video

I've talked plenty about how much I love Municipal Waste's music in the past. I also love the band's creative low-budget music videos, such as the one recently released for "Wolves of Chernobyl" off the thrashterpiece, Massive Agressive.

Grab a brew, watch the video and have a laugh!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hail of Bullets gives a wartime history lesson in 'Operation Z' and Triptykon hides in the shadows

Hail of Bullets new song, "Operation Z" tells of the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. It's old school death metal and not bad at all. Check out the video below and if you like the track, On Divine Winds is in stores now.

UPDATE: And here's a double-dose of metal, this one is a video from Triptykon, it's very interesting visually, and the music is good too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh Revolver... you've done it again!

You may have seen the cover of Revolver's latest (and newly named), "The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock" issue floating around the Internet (apparently there aren't enough "hot chicks" in metal to keep it going).

If not, the magazine features model-turned-hard-rock frontgirl (she's only 17), Taylor Momsen in a steamy Zombie-fightin'-burlesque style outfit.

Tons of blogs have already offered commentary on this cover, and I have to agree, Revolver has hit a new low (even if this girl chooses to dress like a stripper and her parents don't care). Sure, Momsen has a right to do what she wants, but at what point did Revolver decide it needed to flaunt a minor on its magazine to sell copies? Couldn't they at least have picked an of-age-spokeswoman?

Valient Thorr = Metal AC/DC with beards?

Valient Thorr is another one of those bands I never really could get into. But this song isn't bad and the video has sort of a Twisted Sister vibe. So I figured I would put it up to help the partying begin on this beautiful Friday.

I also heard the group puts on one big drunken party live, much like AC/DC, but with more booze and members that are hairier/less in shape.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Flames and Trivium to enter the studio

In Flames and Trivium both recently announced they will be entering the studio to record new material in the next few days/months. In Flames is now at a loss of longtime member Jesper Stromblad (due to recovery from alcoholism) and Trivium has a new drummer, while retaining the other members.

A pair the two bands in this post, because it seems both are faced with creating career defining albums (or at least damn good ones) to remain relevant in today's metal scene.

I've enjoyed the material In Flames has put out as of late (even though I know many old school In Flames fans have not) and look forward to seeing what the guys will come up with next. However, Jesper was kind of the one strand of validity left in the band among old school fans. The band is going to have to pull out the "big guns," to get the longtime fans to take notice. Then again, the newer fans might not even know Jesper is gone...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorry about the lack of updates!

I have been Sorry sliding my fans out of metal commentary and news ,
and for that, I am sorry.

Hey loyal followers and random metal heads,

You may have noticed I have once again fallen behind on updating the blog. I've been working and applying for other jobs at the same time, which is essentially like having two jobs, on top of trying to keep healthy, work out, and just live life, so I have been slacking here, even though I also love to write, especially about metal!

I have some things bookmarked I would like to make posts about and my goal is to get some new content up by Thursday. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget about the blog!



P.S. Here is a cool new metal video from Dark Fortress to hold you over.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Music: GWAR, Forbidden Evil and Halford

Halford's album Made of Metal hits stores tomorrow, followed by Forbidden Evil's Omega Wave on October 26 and GWAR's Bloody Pit of Horror on November 9. So, while you are deciding which albums to spend your precious dollars on, you can stream a track from each band.

So far, I really enjoyed the GWAR track "Zombies, March" the most of these three bands. It has a classic GWAR-feel, while nailing down a raw production sound, which actually adds to the heaviness of the tune. And it seems fitting for Halloween.

Forbidden Evil isn't bad, but the song is missing a truly distinct riff, whereas Halford's song is pretty straightforward as well, and also failed to hook me into it. Of course, you can't judge an album by one track (as seen with Dimmu Borgir's new album coming out on October 12, which achieves the full-on symphonic sound the band has been trying to reach for awhile now).

Links are below! Enjoy!

GWAR - "Zombies, March"
Forbidden Evil - "Forsaken at the Gates"
Halford - "Undisputed"

CLIFF 'EM ALL: Tribute to a bass legend

Growing up, Cliff 'em All was the first Metallica videotape I owned (had the VHS copy), and it still is my personal favorite. Sure the quality was a little weak at times, but there is something special about seeing the members of your favorite band making a beer run in their youth. And the live performances during the Master of Puppets era, while on tour with Ozzy, were very cool too.

Why bring up Cliff 'em All today? Because it is the anniversary of Cliff's death, in which the metal world lost an inspirational bass player and songwriter. Burton's songwriting contribution to Master of Puppets and the entire metal scene is amazing and will never be forgotten. Cliff may be gone, but his legacy will live on with all the metal greats.

Here's to Cliff jamming out with Ronnie James Dio in Heavy Metal Heaven.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy Grail is making some kickass heavy metal

It's late Saturday night, so I'll keep this short. If the single "My Last Attack" is any indicator, Holy Grail's debut full-length, Crisis In Utopia, has the makings to be the best traditional metal album this year (it also looks like the band will tour America alongside Blind Guardian in the Fall).

You can check out the full song below. Crank it up and bang your head! And if you like the track, make sure to support the band and purchase this release.

<a href="">My Last Attack by Prosthetic Records</a>

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend music video to mosh to: Revocation's 'ReaniManiac"

I have expressed my love of Revocation in the past, but here is another music video in case you missed the three-piece thrash machine in action. The riff at around 2:10 is total win.

Whatever happened to 'Metalocalypse'?

For the fans of Metalocalypse, it seemed pretty damn mysterious when the show suddenly stopped showing new episodes about halfway into what would be a normal television season. This is understandable, as not many cartoon show creators also go on tour between episode writing and songwriting, but at least let us know what's up!

Finally, we can rest easier knowing that Metalocalypse will return this Sunday at 11:30 p.m. Central time (12:30 p.m. Eastern, you might want to double check all of these times), on Comedy Central's Adult Swim.

Let's hope for some solid episodes to close out the forgotten third season, with more to come afterwards.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Alice In Chains' gives fans a video twofer - one bad and one good!

Black Gives Way to Blue is a great Alice in Chains album. However, the new video for "Acid Bubble" is nowhere near as excellent.

The band (or more likely the vid's director) tried to pull together a "groundbreaking interactive video," but instead ended up creating something that is visually boring. You can check out the video minus the interaction below. And the actual version here.

I recommend just cranking the album and avoiding this video altogether.

UPDATE: Turns out Alice in Chains released another music video for "Lesson Learned inbetween the time it took me to make another post! This one is a better video and reminds me strongly of Cantrell's solo album Degradation Trip.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's in a band name? Rumpelstiltskin Grinder is now The Devil.

UPDATE: Turns out this all was a hoax. Either the band wanted some attention, or (more likely), someone just wanted to play a practical joke online. My post still stands, but like I said, as long as the band makes cool music, I will keep listening!

Call me judgmental, but there are plenty of times I have held off listening to bands with ridiculous names. I'm not sure what the deal is behind the excellent thrash outfit, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder's name change to The Devil, but I can see why the members would do it (although that name is kind of generic).

While the band's old name may be attention-grabbing to some, it also seems kind of lame. Think about calling a venue when setting up a tour, "I got this band called Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, and it would like to play a show at your venue." Of course there have been plenty of successful bands with ridiculous names to disprove this theory, but I imagine it's harder getting started right out of the gate.

The only weird thing about all this is that the band did have a comedic sort of vibe (the first live album is called Raped by Bears, so I don't even know if this was entirely the band's own decision - could have been lawsuits, other issues entirely).

Either way, if a band like Rumpelstiltskin Grinder wants to change its name to make them more commercially appealing early in its career, then more power to em'! As long as the members keep grinding out awesome thrash, I'll still keep listening.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater, thousands of prog-nerds outraged

But seriously folks, Dream Theater without drummer Mike Portnoy just doesn't feel right. This one's for you, man!

3 Inches of Blood "Silent Killer" Video

I haven't busted out Here Waits Thy Doom for awhile now, ever since reviewing it back at my old writing gig (a favorable review I might add), but "Silent Killer" is a strong example of the old school metal sound found on the album. Not my favorite track, but still enjoyable.

The video is about what you would expect from a band like 3 Inches of Blood. Check it out below!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Danzig releases 'On a Wicked Night' music video

Making music videos is still a useful marketing tool for bands, but only when they back a cool song with some awesome visuals. Danzig's "On a Wicked Night" (off the band's latest release Deth Red Sabaoth) has that classic sound that longtime fans will appreciate - but the video is terrible.

Basically Danzig is standing/sitting by his "tree throne" against a red backdrop with a well endowed woman behind him sort of swaying around. This naturally screams Danzig, but then nothing happens the rest of the video. We get some shots of the band jamming out, close-ups of Glenn, and for some reason the chick later decides to wear a skull mask.

I still dig the song, but I recommend enjoying it without the video (which is why I didn't post it on here). However, if you still want to have a look, check it out at AOL's Noisecreep.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Weekend Roundup: Halford, Immortal and Autopsy

Well it's the weekend once again, and now that the college football season is underway, the days can be full of beers, brats (yeah, that's the German spelling, not brauts), and metal music.

I just watched my own college favorite (Iowa Hawkeyes) pummel Eastern Illinois). But enough about football, you are here for metal. And I'll sum up your end of weekend metal news right here.

Halford announces release date for new album

That's right, good ol' Halford is back at it again, this time making a legitimate metal album and not some Christmas wreck.

We've already been able to check out one embarrassingly cheesy, yet deliciously heavy, track ("The Mower") from the CD titled Made of Metal, in addition to a live version of the Nascar-ode and title track, and now we can hear the rest on September 28 in the USA (a day earlier for all you European fans and Oct 13 in Japan).

Separation of Religion and Metal

Lately I've been seeing a number of news stories popping up on the various metal sites which feature artists spewing out religious comments or bashing another religion.

Every other day we hear Dave Mustaine give out a Christian rant or __________ (insert black metal band) bashing the blind followers of faith. Just the other day Nergal of Behemoth posted a message to fans while ill, saying that his experience with leukemia would not make him convert to Christianity (which of course it would be stupid to think it would).

And by now most of you have probably heard about Rev Rachel Mann's support of metal music as a release of aggression to make a person more fun-loving and peaceful.

While I respect all of these people's rights to comment on various religions, I almost feel like I'm sick of hearing it all. It's one thing to incorporate these lyrics into your music, but another to send out messages to fans saying how God/Satan/Allah has inspired you to become a better person.

What happened to the days when we could just enjoy music, without all of the religious context? If you are an "anti-Christian" black metal band, bash away in your lyrics, but just entertain when onstage. The whole Bible burning thing is tired now (and disrespectful, as it turns out ironically, there are plenty of pent-up Christian kids that listen to black metal too). And those dead animals onstage are just plain smelly.

Of course there is always the counterpoint in saying that if you take the religion/politics/message out of the music, you're just going to have Motley Crue style metal, but that's not exactly it.

You can still get your views across without alienating your fans offstage and in the live setting. Or at least come up with something a little more original (like Gojira's eco-friendly metal or maybe we can start up some more Mexi-metal and get into the immigration issue...).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blind Guardian's 'At the Edge of Time' is another solid effort from the German speed metallers

CD Review:
Blind Guardian
At the Edge of Time
8 out of 10

Symphonic metal is a genre bordering between being breathtakingly awesome and incredibly cheesy.

Bands like Therion and Nightwish helped formulate the style of music by combining heavy metal riffs with operatic sounds. Since then, there have been many bands, mainly from Europe and countries outside of the US, who have further explored this genre.

Blind Guardian started out as a straightforward speed metal band in 1984, then added a heavy dose of folk to create a dynamic sound that would be at home within The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

However, Blind Guardian is one of the few groups that can pull this off without inducing too much cringing, mainly because its members are so damn talented (Hansi Kursch is one of the best touring vocalists out there today).

2002’s A Night at the Opera saw the band taking on a more progressive symphonic direction, which continued on 2006’s A Twist in the Myth and the latest release At the Edge of Time.

The direction wasn’t really a surprise for Blind Guardian’s devout fan base, but every stylistic change comes with criticism.

The good news is, At the Edge of Time successfully combines Blind Guardian’s operatic sound, with its speed metal roots. The songs on the album are at times reminiscent of 1995’s Imaginations From the Otherside and most fit well into the band’s catalog of nine studio albums, although there are still a few issues holding it back from being a truly great album.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Unreleased Pantera track, "The Will to Survive," available on Facebook

I remember Vinnie Paul saying he had a whole slew of unreleased Pantera tracks along with another Damageplan album he compared to Vulgar Display of Power (but Vinnie is in the mediocre Hell Yeah nowadays, so don't know whether we can trust his musical opinion...). So it was inevitable these tracks would eventually be released.

Which brings us to today, when the group debuted "The Will to Survive," (a Cowboys From Hell era demo) on its official Facebook page (you do have to become a fan / hit the "I like" button to access the song).

"The Will to Survive" gives fans a look into the transition from 1988's Power Metal to the breakthrough 1990 album, Cowboys From Hell. It definitely feels more like Power Metal vocalwise, but musically, the group sounds like it is developing a sound of its own (although there is still plenty of Judas Priest and 80s metal influence).

Especially note the groovin' bass intro courtesy of Rex Brown and the familiar guitar riff that can also be found on "This Love".

My only complaint about issuing this song by itself, is that it means Vinnie will likely be staggering the release of any additional tracks as the Pantera albums are reissued (which I assume they all eventually will be).

I understand Vinnie wants to keep the legacy of Dimebagg alive, but I would be more willing to buy a box set with the final Damageplan album and a CD of all the unreleased demos, in addition to the unreleased Dimebagg DVD Vinnie still has lying around, rather than a reissue of an album all us loyal fans already own.

Putting all this aside though, it does feel good to hear Dimebagg shred once more.

UPDATE: Well I figured the label would take down that clip of "The Will to Survive", so I guess you will all just have to go the Facebook route to check it out. Old school Power Metal track is now below.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Skeletonwitch "Submit to the Suffering" in new music video

When I first heard Skeletonwitch in the video for "Repulsive Salvation" I wasn't all that impressed and thought this was the case of yet another overrated metal band.

Eventually I saw the band live and still wasn't impressed, due to the muddy sound quality and similar sounding tracks in the live setting.

And now, after hearing the song / watching the video for "Submit to the Suffering" off Breathing the Fire, I'm actually impressed! Not too long. Cool riffs and vocals. And good imagery.

Maybe I'll give Skeletonwitch another shot... check out the video below.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Quite Metal: Killing Joke's influence on the music world

I'll admit, I didn't even really give Killing Joke a proper listen until I heard Fear Factory's cover of "Millenium" on the lackluster 2005 album Transgression.

I thought enough of Fear Factory's cover to check out the English post-punk band (who had a mix of punk, prog and industrial sounds) and picked up a copy of 1994's Pandemonium.

Revamping the Metal Blog

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for bearing with me through some infrequent posting. I really do hope to make this blog bigger and better, and have begun making some changes of the small variety.

First off, I finally got around to reviewing Iron Maiden's latest album The Final Frontier. Better late than never right? You can check that out right here.

You may notice that I gave the album an "8 out of 10." I used to use a five-point scale because it worked with the job I had previously at The Daily Iowan, but I always found that to be restrictive. I think I am going to try and keep reviews to whole numbers too.

Also now on the main page, I've switched over to the "jumps" blog format in which on longer posts, you actually click on, "Read More," if you would like to do so. I feel this helps clean up the main page, and it has proven popular on a number of other major blogs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bonded By Blood: Wanted By the Crong

There's one thing about not growing up in the thrash explosion of the 80s that many fans of metal fail to realize - for every Testament or Exodus, there were five more mediocre to poor generic thrash bands in their wake.

Sure, this is a common theme among any "trend" in music (and some trends, such as nu-metal, were pretty much all bad, with atrocious bands following suit), but it seems like it is currently hitting the recent "thrash-revival," of the mid to late 2000s.

I've heard of a number of bands recently that have put out some music that might have been best left in the 80s, but the one that inspired this is Bonded By Blood.

Now, I'm not saying this song sucks. In fact, I think it's decent and you have to hand it to a modern thrash band who writes a concept album (Exiled to Earth) based off of defeating an evil overlord named Crong. The group is definitely not doing this for the money.

Ozzy Osbourne "Life Won't Wait" Music Video

First off, I know I've been slacking on updating the blog once again. But the rest of this week I plan to get things up and running again (and finally write that Maiden review, moreso just to hone my review writing skills at this point).

However, over the weekend, I remember seeing that Ozzy released his new video for, "Life Won't Wait." The video was directed by his son Jack, and while not amazing, it is tolerable.

The track is a one of the better softer ones on the album, but if you still haven't checked out the CD yet, there are better (and more rockin') songs to be found on Scream.

Check out the video below (and don't mind the goofy freeze frame).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iron Maiden Final Frontier CD Review

Iron Maiden
The Final Frontier
8 out of 10

Iron Maiden’s latest album, The Final Frontier recently made the number four slot on the Billboard Charts in the U.S., while reaching number one in a places ranging as far away as our northern neighbors in Canada to the Godzilla-fearing Japan.

So what’s America’s problem? Are we just a bunch of metal hating music snobs? Not exactly.

Sure, Iron Maiden’s 15th album is a solid offering (and kicks the ass of most anything released in the last few months), but it definitely doesn’t hold up to the classics, and isn’t even the best record the group has released in its “later years,” (that honor goes to Brave New World).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tila Tequila, Andrew WK, and Juggalos

So, I'll briefly mention this, only because I know a lot of metalheads dig Andrew WK and I was interested by this video of him performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos (presented by the Insane Clown Posse).

If you missed the recent news, Tila Tequila was recently "attacked," at this year's annual jughead fest.

Where I come from, if you don't like a performer (even if they suck as much as Tequila), you don't EVER physically abuse them. It's scum like this who give metal, hip-hip, whatever form of music a bad name.

What disturbs me the most, is this isn't just one person throwing shit on stage, it's at least 20 or 30 goddamn juggalos! That would not be tolerated at any metal show I've been to. Just ridiculous. Especially when you think of that bastard who went onstage and took Dimebagg Darrell's life.

On a lighter note, check out Andrew WK performing at 2008's annual gathering and having to be dragged off stage, probably because people were in fear of an all out riot breaking out. Part of me says this is idiotic for him to even try and perform and part of me says, "well done."

Killer of Giants

These last few days haven't brought in too much amazing metal news, but I did find the setlist for Ozzy Osbourne's first Ozzfest performance.

Osbourne played the staple tracks, like "Mr. Crowley," "I Don't Know," and "Iron Man," but he also broke out some other songs I didn't expect...mainly "Killer of Giants" off The Ultimate Sin and "Fire in the Sky" off No Rest For the Wicked.

The complete setlist is available on

This news inspired me to post the song "Killer of Giants" below. I wonder if Ozzy remembered the words?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Behemoth releases another cinematic video for 'Alas, Lord is Upon Me'

By now, many of you probably know that Behemoth vocalist Adam 'Nergal' Darski is undergoing treatment for an illness (of which he has not yet revealed).

I'm not going to make any speculations on his condition, just wishing him a speedy recovery. I can't say I agree with all his views, but Nergal has created some interesting and creative heavy music for the world, and hopefully he can continue creating soon.

Despite his sudden illness, Nergal and the rest of Behemoth were able to finish a new music video for "Alas, Lord is Upon Me" off the latest album Evangelion. Didn't follow the video's story too closely in the first viewing, but it is cinematic and I'm guessing Darski could talk for a long time about its subject matter (which is anti-Christian).

UPDATE: I originally tried to post the uncensored version of the video, saying, "I think the uncensored version would be Darski's preference," however, the video embed code won't allow me to do so. So, below is a censored video, but check out a better quality, uncensored video RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE 2: It was announced that Nergal actually has leukemia. I wish him the best of luck in fighting cancer and hope he pulls through to make even more extreme metal.

Slayer performs on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Although I don't particularly like Jimmy Fallon's brand of humor, I do appreciate that he isn't afraid to have metal acts perform on his show (it seemed like Conan used to do this a lot too in this timeslot). Granted, Fallon probably doesn't book the bands, but I imagine he might have some say in the matter.

Check out Slayer's performance of "Hate Worldwide" below off the album World Painted Blood. I haven't actually listened to that record in awhile, so maybe I'll give it another spin.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cannibal Corpse announces Des Moines stop with support from Dying Fetus

Is Des Moines the new mecca for Midwest metal shows?

OK, maybe I shouldn't go that far, but it seems someone who books for People's Court has got an eye for metal acts, since both Meshuggah and Fear Factory have performed shows there recently (and don't forget about the upcoming Black Label Society and Children of Bodom gig at 7 Flags Event Center in October).

I've also been able to partake in a variety of cool metal shows here over the years, such as In Flames, Shadows Fall, Exodus, etc.

And now, it was announced that Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Vital Remains and Devourment will all be stopping by for some death metal fun at People's Court on November 12!

How many female's do you think will be at this show? (just a joke, I know there are plenty of death metal fans that are women!). But seriously, should be an interesting night.

After the jump is a complete list of stops for those "out-of-state" readers, with the Des Moines' show in bold, in addition to some music from the bands.

Municipal Waste debuts yet another 'horror-themed' video on Fangoria

I always love me some Municipal Waste, so I figured I should put up the link to the group's new video for the song "Acid Sentence" off Massive Aggressive.

Here is some info on the video straight from the press release:

"Based on the legendary serial killer John Haigh, the song/video center around a serial killer who bathes his victims in acid. The clip was shot over several weeks in May and June of 2010 and features the band as well as plenty of Fangoria-style gore. The gore and body parts were provided by the world-renowned Dapper Cadaver, whose fine gore craftsmanship has graced TV shows like 'Bones' and 'Dexter.'"

Check out the video via and I'll post the video straight on the blog, once/if it is available to do so.

Randy Rhoads gets a tribute wine

That's right! For only $53 bucks, you can be the proud owner of Randy Rhoads' tribute wine.

As much as I love Rhoads' guitar playing with Ozzy before he passed away, I can't see myself purchasing this anytime soon (although if I was rich, who knows...).

It looks like a portion of the proceeds go to the "Randy Rhoads Charitable Trust" - to carry on his legacy. It might be more honorable to donate part of the money to another charity... I think the music will preserve Rhoads' legacy just fine!

If you are curious you can check out the D'argenzio Winery's website for more info.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Exodus Release seizure-inducing "Downfall" music video

Exodus' new video for "Downfall" can be 'seizure-inducing,' - for those prone to get seizures that is (no joke). So if you don't fall into that category, enjoy the video.

I haven't been able to spend as much time listening to the new Exodus album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition as I'd like, but there are some solid tracks on there (some are just still a little too long for their own good, but it's still above average thrash).

As for the video, it's a bit ridiculous towards the end, with death-by-gavel smash, but has a sort of '80s feel with the dudes headbanging on the jury. I also think the song shows off some of Gary Holt's ability to take influences from newer metal genres (like metalcore) and incorporate it into his thrash repertoire. Good stuff.

UPDATE: Oh and as a 2-for-1 video bonus, also below is the latest video from Evergreen Terrace. Yes the music does have a bit of a trendy metalcore feel, but these guys' are really into their music, and after chatting with some of them / seeing em' live, the group puts on an energetic show every time.

CD Review: Black Label Society's "Order of the Black" is a solid stomper

After checking out today (as I always do shortly after waking up), I noticed Black Label Society is streaming its new album, Order of the Black on AOL Music.

Part of me wanted to wait until tomorrow to check out the CD, but my curiosity got the best of me (although I mainly just skimmed the songs with a few exceptions, because I'd rather give it a full listen after picking up a copy).

So, while this is not meant to be a full review, here is my take so far.

Order of the Black is not another "classic BLS" sounding album like Sonic Brew or Stronger Than Death. It also isn't as amazing as 2002's 1919 Eternal.

However, soundwise, it is on par with The Blessed Hellride with elements of Wylde and Co.'s older and newer outputs intermixed. There's plenty of metal stompers this time around ("Crazy Horse," "Parade of the Dead," "Black Sunday," "Godspeed Hellbound," etc.), so those fans who miss the "take no prisoners" style of BLS brewtality, should be satisfied.

There are also plenty of southern-tinged ballads, which seem pretty hit-or-miss, but none are terrible (and "Darkest Days," is actually pretty damn good). There is even an acoustic instrumental entitled "Chupacabra", which is another one of Wylde's homages to Eddie Van Halen's "Spanish Fly" (think "Speedball," off 1919 Eternal).

Order of the Black feels like the album that should have came after 2003's The Blessed Hellride and fits well into the band's catalog of music.

Most impressively, Wylde has shown that a true musician doesn't need to use performance enhancers (in the form of booze or drugs) to create great art. All you need is practice, songwriting ability, and some personality to make a truly brutal album.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blind Guardian release awesome new song, with slightly cheesy video

This isn't the first time I've logged in to The Official Metal Show Metal Blog to geek out on Blind Guardian. In a previous post, I even claimed the group is one of the best metal bands of all time (you can check that out here.

However, this time around, I'm just going to let the new track, "A Voice in the Dark," do the talking for itself. This song sounds like something off Somewhere Far Beyond and the new short-haired Hansi still delivers one of the best vocal performances around.

Blind Guardian's new disc, At the Edge of Time, is set for an August 24 release in the U.S.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

Can an Ozzy-fronted Black Sabbath make an album as good as "The Devil You Know"?

I'm going to pose a question to all of you metalheads. Do you think that Ozzy, if he were to reunite with the other members of Black Sabbath, would be able to put out anything close to the excellent Heaven and Hell release, The Devil You Know?

It almost seems like blasphemy for me to even ask this, after the death of the legend that is Ronnie James Dio. However, it's likely going to happen, assuming Ozzy makes it to the recording sessions (which hopefully he will, don't get me wrong).

While I think another Black Sabbath reunion could be cool, I don't know if a new album with Ozzy's 'processed' vocal styling of today, would go over as well. Maybe I'm just biased towards Dio though...

Below are examples of each band's latest work. And feel free to voice your opinion and leave a comment.

Heaven and Hell - "Fear"

Ozzy Osbourne - "Diggin' Me Down"

Best news I've heard in awhile from Shadows Fall

In a recent interview with the Rock it Out! Blog, Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair was asked about plans for a new studio album.

This is what he had to say:

"We've been talking about the new record. We haven't really started writing, but me, Matt [Bachand, guitar] and Jon [Donais, guitar] were talking, [and] we wanna write a really fast, technical thrash record this time around — really just kind of keep it nice, brutal and heavy."

As a long time Shadows Fall fan, I just want to say 'hell yes!' This is the news a lot of us old school fans were waiting to hear, and while I do like a lot of the slower more melodic Shadows Fall songs, the heavier stuff on Of One Blood, The Art of Balance and The War Within is still where it's at.

Let's hope the band delivers on its word. If so, Shadows Fall might just be my favorite modern metal band once more (Retribution was great in my opinion, but it takes a lot to make up for Threads of Life).

A Perfect Circle rumored to reunite

I was first introduced to A Perfect Circle in what I remember as early high school by my guitar instructor Michael Curry (who worked at the great Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe in Urbandale).

Between goofing around and playing music, we also listened to great number of bands, and Michael was the one who got me into such metal greats as Pantera and Fear Factory. However, a slightly 'less metal' band he got me into was A Perfect Circle. He called it "some dark shit," if I remember correctly, and I would say he was right.

Mer De Noms is a masterpiece of an album in my opinion, which I enjoy almost more than anything Maynard James Keenan has done with Tool. I did like the band's second album, The Thirteenth Step, but can't say I still listen to it regularly, and even the covers album was decent.

I'm looking forward to see what the guys in A Perfect Circle can put together, since they have had time to recharge since breaking up in 2004. This should be interesting, at the very latest, and something I would keep on your metal/music radar.

Children of Bodom set to record new album, perform on Black Label Berserkus Tour in Des Moines

Children of Bodom has been very 'hit or miss' lately.

Blooddrunk had a few solid songs, like "Hellhounds on my Trail" and the title track, "Blooddrunk", Are You Dead Yet was a little stale, and I won't even get started on the covers album.

The last really great album the group put out was 2003's Hate Crew Deathroll (which is what took the band slightly away from the neoclassical style to all-out-heavy music).

Now, word is the band is preparing to record its next full-length album. If the band can somehow channel the energy and technicality found on the older discs (including my personal favorite, Follow the Reaper, and combine that with the heaviness of Hate Crew, then maybe Alexi Laiho and co. can finally get the respect they all deserve, while making us longtime fans happy.

However, it's not Bodom's job to impress us, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. In the mean time, Children of Bodom will be hitting the road and playing a show in Des Moines, Iowa, along with Black Label Society (whose newest album hits stores on August 10).

It should be interesting to see Zakk Wylde perform sober and Children of Bodom break out some new tracks.

Concert info is below:

Black Label Berserkus Tour
Featuring Black Label Society, Children of Bodom and Clutch.
7 Flags Event Center, Clive, IA
Fri, Oct 1, 2010 7:00 PM

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Randy M.I.A.

Hey everyone stopping by the blog! I apologize for not updating with the frequency I have been able to the past weeks/months (it was almost daily, at least multiple times a week!).

I am currently serving as arts editor and looking for full-time writing jobs, doing Insanity and rockin' out in the little free time I have, which leaves me little time to blog about the things I would like to.

Hopefully I'll be back in action soon and thanks for all the support of this blog and The Metal Show over the years! I will rock again!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CD REVIEW: Ozzy Osbourne proves he is still the 'Prince of Darkness' on "Scream"

Ozzy Osbourne
**** out of *****

Over the years, fans have come to expect two things from a new Ozzy Osbourne album.

First, the musicianship is always going to be stellar, with an emphasis on grinding guitars and lightning-fast solos. Second, Osbourne will continue to amaze the masses by still being alive and releasing music after decades of binge drinking and drug abuse.

Album quality, however, is generally unpredictable.

Osbourne’s latest record, Scream, is actually a fair addition to the godfather of metal’s back catalogue of legendary albums, such as Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman, Bark at the Moon, and No More Tears.

The first thing longtime fans will notice about Scream is the inclusion of Firewind’s Gus G. on lead guitars (no Zakk Wylde on this one, although his influence in the songwriting process is still apparent from time to time).

There is something about Osbourne and his knack for selecting amazing guitar players (the late Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Wylde) that makes for some excellent music — and Gus G. is no exception.

Some will defend Wylde’s integrity as a guitar player and refuse to acknowledge this album’s worthiness. With his overly flashy pinch harmonics and scruffy biker look, there is no question why the man is one of the last true “guitar gods.” As amazing as Wylde is, though, the best thing to happen to this album is the addition of Gus G.

Click here to read the full review.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Black Label Society: "Parade of the Dead"

As much as it sounds like the latest George Romero zombie flick, "Parade of the Dead" is actually a new song off Black Label Society's forthcoming album, Order of the Black.

I actually think this song is heavier, meaner, and more groovin' than anything Zakk Wylde and BLS have done for awhile. Hell, maybe it was for the better Ozzy didn't work with Zakk on the new record, because now he can concentrate fully on his band.

Listen to "Parade of the Dead" below, and another track, "Crazy Horse", is available for download on iTunes if you just can't wait for the album (due out in the US on August 10).

Monday, June 14, 2010

As I Lay Dying Release "Parallels" Music Video

Can't watch this right now, because I'm rockin' out while editing articles at work, but I have heard good things about As I Lay Dying's latest album.

Check out the video below, and hopefully sometime soon I can get back to my usual frequent updates, with commentary!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier

It's been awhile since I've found time to update The Metal Show Metal Blog, but what better reason than to announce new Iron Maiden???

From what I've heard so far, the song sounds promising (more commentary to come when if I have time tomorrow). The track can be streamed below.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Death Shocks the Metal World: RIP Paul Gray

Damn. I came out of graduation to hear that Ronnie James Dio passed away and then as I ended my road trip back from Texas I saw that Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died close to home, in Urbandale, Iowa, yesterday.

This is sad news, whether you like Slipknot or not, and I'm sure this is a rough time for both the members of the band, family and all of the friends the group has made while on the road.

Here's to you Paul Gray. May you also rest in peace alongside James "The Rev" Sullivan, Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio in Heaven ... or Hell (depending on your preference).

UPDATE: Just caught the end of Slipknot's press conference. The whole band (and Gray's wife) were there and seemed very torn up over the bassist's death. Pretty intense stuff and crazy to see all these guys in a room without masks on such a somber occasion.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rest in Peace Dio!

I heard the news of Dio's passing right after my graduation ceremony. Talk about a bittersweet moment. Like I said I am taking a week hiatus from the blog, but not without posting this live clip as a personal tribute to the heavy metal legend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Soilwork releases "Two Lives Worth of Reckoning"

I am going to be taking a week hiatus from the blog to make a road trip to Texas, so sorry for the lack of metal news updates! In the meantime listen to some new Soilwork.

The Panic Broadcast releases in the US on July 13.

Check out a better quality clip of the song on the band's official MySpace, or just hit play below if you're in a hurry.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Nevermore Song: "Without Morals"

Yeah, it was my very last finals week at The University of Iowa (which is why I haven't been updating very much) and now it's time for some finals celebration! However, first I'll leave you with a brand new kickass Nevermore tune called "Without Morals". Gotta love that chugging riff at the beginning!

The Obsidian Conspiracy drops on June 8.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accept It: "Teutonic Terror" is Damn Good Classic Metal!

I honestly did not have very high expectations for the new Accept album, but after watching the music video for "Teutonic Terror" all I can say is that this is an album to look out for!

Blood of the Nations will be released via Nuclear Blast on Sept. 14 in a record store near you.


Accept | MySpace Music Videos

While You Were Studying / At Work: A Heavy Metal News Update

I had my first final today of my very last finals week at The University of Iowa (and went on-air for my last edition of The Metal Show earlier tonight) and I now am ready to pass out ... but first I wanted to comment on some of the bigs news of the day in case you missed it.

1) It's Offical: Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax

That's right, the crazy-haired metal vocalist with a wide vocal range, that about 50% of Anthrax fans hate and 50% love, is back in the band. Most of the day's talk has been on the topic of Belladonna being the "third choice" for the group and its new album.

If I remember right, it was Belladonna himself that wanted to leave Anthrax after the reunion (although it was probably from the encouragement of Scott Ian and Charlie Benante), so now he is ready to come back because Ian and Benante frankly have no other option.

This means the deal is on Belladonna's terms, which I think works for the band's relationship at this point. This shit is more wild than the Van Halen saga.

Anyways, Belladonna will be joining the band on the Big Four Tour with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and is set to begin writing and recording an album for an early 2011 release with the band. Who knows, maybe all that tension will make for a hard-hitting thrash record???

2)Death digital albums and the long-rumored second Control Denied album will finally be released.

That's right, Relapse Records announced a partnership with Perseverance Holdings Inc. and Chuck Schuldiner's family to reissue digital releases of the older hard-to-find Death albums (such as Spiritual Healing), in addition to the second Control Denied record (Note: as of this time, not sure when these digital releases will be available in US).

Watch a previously unreleased recording of Death's "Crystal Mountain" below:

3) Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French says band will "never tour again"

The longtime guitarist revealed this news in a recent interview with Noisecreep. Interesting that a band is finally realizing that nostalgia tours aren't always all they are cracked up to be. Although plenty of bands have proven French wrong as well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brian Posehn: Fart & Wiener Jokes

Here's a bit of weekend humor for you, brought to you by metal nerd and comedian Brian Posehn. The first clip "Puppy Time" is pretty damn funny especially towards the end when he compares a puppy to a crazy homeless person: "he'll eat your shoe and shit in your hat." Priceless.

Also posted below, is the "single" "More Metal Than You" from the new album Fart & Wiener Jokes, which is in stores now.

But even more importantly, have a rockin' weekend!

Puppy Time

Brian Posehn - Fart & Wiener Jokes Out Now! | MySpace Video

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I like to believe that most Pantera fans aren't redneck racists.

Today on Facebook, the official Pantera group posted:

"Here is a bit of Pantera trivia for you. What was the original title of "The Great Southern Trendkill"?

The seemingly innocent question, led to a variety of colorful responses specifically from one individual who used a bunch of racist terms, talks of lynching, and more in an effort to be funny. As big of a Pantera fan as I am, I don't know the official original title of the album (although I think it is simply The Great Southern Trendkillers), but I doubt it involves malt liquor and the n-word.

Don't get me wrong, I think racial humor can serve a purpose as social commentary or even just funny incidents where stereotypes prove to be true. But guessing "Shooting Coons" or "Time for a Good Ol' Lynching" as the album title is not funny. Period.

C'mon America, it's time to set the racism of the past aside. And it's douchebags like this that give the genre a bad name. Anyone can enjoy metal.

Listen to Pantera - "The Great Southern Trendkill" below:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Are you frickin' kidding me?!?: Joey Belladonna rumored to rejoin / perform with Anthrax

I just read on Blabbermouth that Joey Belladonna is rumored to be playing with Anthrax at the Sonisphere gig and maybe reunite with the band in time for the Big Four Tour.

Here is what was on the Sonisphere website: (translated from Swedish) "Who is singing? Let's say this: His initials are J.B. And he has one goal: a mosh, for everyone."

Note: John Bush and Joey Belladonna both have the same initials, but Belladonna is more associated with moshin'.

This could just be a bunch of BS, but if not, the overly dramatic saga of Anthrax continues.