Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AC/DC is back with a new track!

Check out AC/DC's official site to hear the newest single Rock n' Roll Train!

AC/DC is one band that you will never have to question what the new album will sound like. Like it or love it, it is pure rock n' roll!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just so you know...

Metallica is releasing songs off the new CD Death Magnetic every Monday until the CD comes out September 12.

Here are the first two released songs... My Apocalypse and The Day That Would Never Come.

NOTE: These songs are decent, but they definitely take some getting used to. James' vocals seem to be mixed a little lower than usual and Lars' drums are still loud as all hell much like on St. Anger. Kirk's solos seem to be the most inspired since Master of Puppets days.

I think that the album will be solid, but unless the rest of the tracks are above and beyond the ones released so far it will not be mind blowing.

However, it should be a fun album and there are bound to be plenty of riffs that will make both old and new Metallica fans smile.

UPDATE: Song #3 Cyanide Studio Version added! Plus new video for The Day That Never Comes!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Metal Meltdown!

Haven't posted in awhile, but just wanted to say that the Metal Masters tour in Tinley Park, Illinois was the shit! Was there a little late into Testament's set, but they seemed to rip it especially when playing the new track Formation of Damnation live.

Motorhead delivered a solid 40-45 minute set that reminded everyone why Lemmy is God. The highlight there was probably In the Name of Tragedy, what a rockin' song! Oh and the current drummer, I'm drawing a blank on his name, but he was in King Diamond played an insane drum solo.

Heaven and Hell won the award for best theatrics and Dio gave an awesome performance, his voice has barely changed since the 80s. One of the greatest metal singers of all time. Period.

And Judas Priest ended the night with a bang with great tunes such as Painkiller, Hellbent for Leather and Dissident Aggresor. Fuckin' right!

Oh and don't forget the new Motorhead album Motorizer comes out August 26th. Here is a preview!

P.S. Took the preview widget off of the blog because it automatically started on its own. Check out the link though here

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back in Iowa City

Greetings Iowa City metalheads,

Your most awesome host Randy is back in the Iowa City area and will be continuing The Metal Show in the fall semester assuming that KRUI gives me a spot. Stay tuned for an exact start date and time for the show. Right now temporary studio setup is in Quad (far away from my house!) rather than the usual KRUI studios, so hopefully everything will be setup and working ASAP.

And now I will leave you with yet another music video. This one is the band new Motley Crue track, Motherfucker of the Year.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Metallica North American Tour Dates!

I just was glancing at and I noticed that there were Metallica tour dates up. I know most University of Iowa students are either from Illinois or Iowa, so guess what?

There is one stop in Des Moines, Iowa, a stop in Moline, Illinois right on the Iowa/Illinois border and a stop in Chicago, Illinois.

See the tour date section for the exact dates and information. Hell yeah!

Oh, if you are wondering all dates near Iowa/Illinois are with Down and The Sword as openers. Except for the Chicago show that is. Machinehead in place of Down.

UPDATE: Check out this video of Metallica doing a Mercyful Fate medley, with the almighty King Diamond himself!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random News

Knowing the raging heavy metal fans that we all are it is important to keep up on news around the globe. I mean what better to fuel metal lyrics than real world problems? I was scoping the web, and while there are many serious matters, such as the conflict between Russia and Georgia, I found a few interesting and funny random news stories.

Here is a couple that I thought were fairly cool...

Invisibility cloak:

According to BBC news scientists are closer to developing cloaking devices, once thought only to be science fiction myths. Check it out here!

High Gas Prices Result in an Interesting new Trend...

Apparently in Oregon police have been finding discarded bottles of urine that people have dropped out of their car windows. Why? Gas is so damn expensive who wants to take the time to stop and take a leak?

See the full story.

UPDATE: Check out this other interesting news story I was reading...

The right to bear arms... in school?

A new law has made it legal for some of Texas's school teachers to carry concealed weapons. What's next? Guns for the students to protect themselves with?

Lets hope they train those teachers how to use em'!

More here.

New Metallica Song: Cyanide

Yes, that's right, Metallica have finally decided to play a new song live and it is called Cyanide. It is the one they used clips of for the video promoting their album release site Mission Metallica.

It sounds good, most surprising was that Rob has his own bass sections in the song, which Metallica has never really done before. It kind of sounds like a mix of Black Album and Load sound, with a slight thrash edge. My only worry is that the long song problem, as seen on St. Anger might show up again on this album. By long song problem I mean that the songs on St. Anger had the tendency to go on about 3 minutes longer than they should have.

However, this song has a lot more change-ups and the addition of a solo does help break up the song.

All in all I would give the song a B rating from the live performance of it. But, I won't make my final judgment until I hear it on Death Magnetic.

Check it out for yourself right here!

NOTE: Video is taken from Metallica's Ozzfest performance last night, on Saturday August 9.