Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Interesting News

Well, it is the weekend and I have business to attend to in the form of music, friends and a nice cold glass of RC Cola and E&J Brandy (I'm broke). Before all of that, I found some interesting news I thought I would fill you all in on, so that you don't have to cipher through all the crap.

+Heaven and Hell Reveal Songs to Appear on "The Devil You Know"+

That's right. Black Sabbath with Dio are releasing an album under the new moniker of Heaven and Hell in about two months! The release is set for April 28 and you can bet I will be one of the first to pick up the recording.

I'm liking the song titles so far:

01. Atom & Evil
02. Fear
03. Bible Black
04. Double the Pain
05. Rock & Roll Angel
06. The Turn of the Screw
07. Eating the Cannibals
08. Follow the Tears
09. Neverwhere
10. Breaking into Heaven

Be prepared for Dio, the superior Sabbath singer, to show the young ones how it's done.

+Mastodon to Play New Album in its Entirety Live+

I am never sure if it is a good idea for bands to do this and Mastodon is no exception. However, they have announced they will play "Crack the Skye" live on the upcoming tour, so it will probably happen.

I will say it does take balls though to be proud enough of your newest album that you are willing to play it all live, even before you judge people's reactions.

We'll see if they follow through, unlike Rob Halford's visions for a Nostradamus live show (thank Christ that never happened). Although who knows... it might!

+Motley Crue Announce Cruefest 2 Line-up+

Now, the news you have been waiting to hear. Sleaze-rock legends Motley Crue are doing Cruefest 2 and this time they upgraded the quality of the other acts. Slightly.

Here's the potential list:


Hey I said "slightly"! Theory of a Deadman and Saving Abel flat-out suck, but Godsmack and Drowning Pool are OK. They at least should be more tolerable to watch live than P-Roach. I won't even say the full name.

But it doesn't matter anyways, I won't be attending. I still like Crue though. "Too Fast for Love" and "Shout at the Devil" are solid and "Kickstart My Heart" is one of the most rockin' party tunes ever made.

+Static-x Release New Video+

That's right, good ol' Wayne Static and Co. are preparing to release a new album called "Cult of Static".

While most people dismiss the band as 90's nu-metal garbage, looking back I think "Wisconsin Death Trip" is still an interesting enough of an album to warrant some attention. Plus Static has some of the wackiest hair I have seen this side of House Party.

The song, called "Stingwray", sounds a bit generic (I guess it's about Static having a hot wife that drives a Stingray), but there is a cool heavy groove at the very end.

Oh and apparently Dave Mustaine plays on the first track Lunatic.


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