Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Even More New Music!

Mastodon announce they will be releasing a new single Divinations, Cannibal Corpse streams their new album Evisceration Plague via MySpace and God Forbid debuted a new track.

You can check out my previous posts on Cannibal Corpse and Mastodon.

Hell while you're at it, here is a link to the Lamb of God post I made with the link to Set to Fail.

Here is the new God Forbid tune Walk Alone:


But wait! There's more...

I discovered that doom legends, Candlemass, have also released some previews of songs from the new album Death Magic Doom due out April 3.

Is it just me or are the next 3 months going to make me go even further into debt with CD purchases?

See the album art and player below:

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