Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Evisceration Plague is Spreading!

Sometimes all it takes is context to make the experience of listening to an album for the first time that much more memorable and appropriate.

I booted up my computer and was browsing the Web, when I thought to check up on my bank account. What I saw when I got to the site was a message which read something like...

"We believe your card has been compromised, expect a new card in the mail in about a week."

At the time I was streaming the first track of the new Cannibal Corpse album Evisceration Plague called Priests of Sodom.

(You too can stream the track via the band's MySpace page.)

The brutality of the music seemed to fit the disbelief and anger that some sort of credit card theft could have happened to me.

But enough about my personal problems... you all want to know how it sounds.

It is definitely Cannibal Corpse, but rather than fast face ripping songs, the band seems to favor a slower more groovin' sound. I'm about halfway through the album now and though a few of the songs are leaning towards the repetitive side, it seems there is enough to keep me listening. I am really digging these grooves!

UPDATE: After a full listen I have determined that Evisceration Plague is a heavy, riff-laden album that is more mature than most of the band's previous work. I will be picking this one up ASAP.

You should go to the MySpace page and check it out for yourself though.

UPDATE: Album's first week sales was upwards of 9,000 copies, charting that band on Billboard at #66! What's more metal than that?

Here is the album cover:

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