Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Week's Playlist

Once again the Web streaming is down on from KRUI. The song log is also down so I am posting a playlist from tonight's show here.

The Metal Show airs every Tuesday from 6-7PM.

Playlist 1/26/09

Sepultura- Inner Self (Beneath the Remains)
Megadeth- Die Dead Enough (The System Has Failed)
Shadows Fall- Thoughts Without Words (The Art of Balance)
Saxon- Crime of Passion (Into the Labyrinth)
Pantera- You've Gotta Belong to It (Revolution is My Name)
Judas Priest- Deal With the Devil (Angel of Retribution)
Sepultura- Strike (A-Lex)
Faith No More- Midlife Crisis (Angel Dust)
Anthrax- A.I.R. (Spreading the Disease)
Motley Crue- Take Me to the Top (Too Fast For Love)
Obituary- Slowly We Rot (Slowly We Rot)
Metal Church- The Dark (The Dark)


David Guisinger said...

Damn good playlist. Stupid class preventing me from listening!

Randy said...

Thanks David. Class is stupid and totally not metal. You should skip it.