Monday, February 2, 2009

What If...

Any fan of metal knows that King Diamond is one of the heaviest, most evil vocalists of all time. His story-telling ability through the use of both falsetto and haunting vocals is unparalleled by any other musician.

Others who aren't in the know see King Diamond as some make-up wearing Danish dude that was traumatized at an early age after seeing his Grandma naked, which causes him to revert to a boyish state in a falsetto voice.

Of course I know better, which is why I think that King Diamond deserves more mainstream appeal.

Every once in awhile I ponder what the world would be like if King Diamond were to reach out to the masses by collaborating with a well known rock musician.

So I bring you a hypothetical example of what could be...

Double Diamond- The Ultimate Collaboration

(mock album cover courtesy of Randy's years of extensive artistic training)

This album would be a no-brainer for both musicians as it would allow Neil Diamond to gain good standing in the inner metal circle and King Diamond to become a household name. The first album would go multi-platinum guaranteed, not to mention the sold-out arena tours worldwide.

The possibilities are endless!

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David Guisinger said...

I too have pondered this unstoppable duo. Clearly the combined power would be too great and all of music would rupture and implode because of an utter lack of competition.