Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ace Frehley's Anomaly

Can a sober Space Ace release a good album in 2009?

Back in the 70’s Ace Frehley posters could be found on the walls of budding guitar players worldwide. Fast-forward to 2009 and much of today’s youth probably A) does not know much about Frehley or B) doesn’t care (it has been 20 years since his last full-length solo album!!!).

Well Ace, The Metal Show cares and is rooting for you to put out one of the best albums of your career. OK, so that might be a tough thing to do, but at least something that is not too cliché and cheesy in today’s world.

Frehley did say he was looking towards his first solo album outside of Kiss (1978’s Ace Frehley) for inspiration. If he can write a song that even comes close to Snow Blind I will be satisfied.

For those of you who don’t follow the lives of Kiss members as extensively as your host Randy, Frehley’s new album is titled Anomaly and is supposedly coming out this Spring. He designed a new promotional site and the album cover which you can check out below.

Both give off a little bit of a cheesy old-school rocker feel, but at the same time the album cover has grown on me and is a simple retro 90’s looking Web site really that terrible?

Here’s to Frehley releasing an album that is fun, energetic and rockin’ in 2009, even if he isn’t trashed out of his mind.


The Hawg! said...

Great clip! I've been waiting for the new "Ace Frehley" solo album for quite a few months now and do hope that it's even half as great as his 1978 solo effort (clearly the best of that crop of KISS "solo" albums).

By the way, I missed Ace perform at Rocklahoma last year. Why? My wife wouldn't let me go to the show. I'll get over that in a couple of decades, I'm sure...

Randy said...

Just goes to show women can be both a blessing and a curse to man. Ha ha. Next time you'll have to make her go with you!

Sadly I have never seen Ace perform, only an Ace-less Kiss (which I'll admit I did still enjoy).

Hopefully he'll do a lot of touring for the new album though.

P said...

Ill listen to anything Ace releases and most likely enjoy it. But Ace, please, cant you do all the vocals?