Monday, September 27, 2010

New Music: GWAR, Forbidden Evil and Halford

Halford's album Made of Metal hits stores tomorrow, followed by Forbidden Evil's Omega Wave on October 26 and GWAR's Bloody Pit of Horror on November 9. So, while you are deciding which albums to spend your precious dollars on, you can stream a track from each band.

So far, I really enjoyed the GWAR track "Zombies, March" the most of these three bands. It has a classic GWAR-feel, while nailing down a raw production sound, which actually adds to the heaviness of the tune. And it seems fitting for Halloween.

Forbidden Evil isn't bad, but the song is missing a truly distinct riff, whereas Halford's song is pretty straightforward as well, and also failed to hook me into it. Of course, you can't judge an album by one track (as seen with Dimmu Borgir's new album coming out on October 12, which achieves the full-on symphonic sound the band has been trying to reach for awhile now).

Links are below! Enjoy!

GWAR - "Zombies, March"
Forbidden Evil - "Forsaken at the Gates"
Halford - "Undisputed"

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