Monday, September 27, 2010

CLIFF 'EM ALL: Tribute to a bass legend

Growing up, Cliff 'em All was the first Metallica videotape I owned (had the VHS copy), and it still is my personal favorite. Sure the quality was a little weak at times, but there is something special about seeing the members of your favorite band making a beer run in their youth. And the live performances during the Master of Puppets era, while on tour with Ozzy, were very cool too.

Why bring up Cliff 'em All today? Because it is the anniversary of Cliff's death, in which the metal world lost an inspirational bass player and songwriter. Burton's songwriting contribution to Master of Puppets and the entire metal scene is amazing and will never be forgotten. Cliff may be gone, but his legacy will live on with all the metal greats.

Here's to Cliff jamming out with Ronnie James Dio in Heavy Metal Heaven.

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