Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Soon: Forbidden and Exodus Albums

Forbidden just announced the name of its new album, although there still isn't a set release date (it's likely to be sometime in 2010). The name of the disc is Omega Wave, which sounds cool to me.

Also don't forget that Exodus' album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition drops May 18. Not forcing you to go out and buy em', but should be some solid thrash metal from both parties.

On a side note:

I still am not sure about the whole music industry business model. Some of the labels are putting out reasonable packages like the one below, but if you are selling a straight CD with no bonuses no one is going to buy it at $12 or even $10.

The industry needs to find a way to cut costs and get those prices down or it is screwed. Or instead, reward loyal buyers with cool stuff, like T-shirts, or even just posters or other cool things.

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