Saturday, May 1, 2010

Black Label Society's new album gets a release date and Cavalera Conspiracy finishes up work in the studio

BLS will release it's currently untitled new album on August 10, 2010. The last couple efforts (Mafia, Shot to Hell) had a few notable moments, but failed to capture the brewtality of Sonic Brew, Stronger Than Death and The Blessed Hellride.

Hopefully, now that Wylde has toned down / gotten off the booze binging and is not in Ozzy he will be able to put out another solid album. I still have faith in the man.

Also in other news, Cavalera Conspiracy announced the follow-up to the Cavalera Bros. self-titled original album is recorded and will be released sometime late 2010. That's a pretty fast turnaround, and if the last album is any indicator, this should be some awesome heavy metal.

I look forward to both releases in 2010, alongside stuff like the new Blind Guardian album. Listen to some of the mentioned band's tunes below.

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