Monday, April 19, 2010

AC/DC Still Got It!

I'll keep this brief, but the AC/DC show on April 17 in Des Moines, Iowa, rocked! I wasn't all that excited going into the arena and the opening band The Last Vegas didn't do much to pump me up, but then AC/DC came out with "Rock 'n' Roll Train" and never let up the rest of the night.

Brian Johnson still has that swagger to him and Angus Young ran around the stage, signature Gibson SG in hand, like a 12-year-old boy hopped up on caffeine. The fact that he can still go crazy on stage for a nearly two-hour set is just insane.

Anyways you can check out the new video for "Highway to Hell" promoting Iron Man 2 below. And that live track doesn't even do the real show justice.

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