Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Steele RIP

Apparently the rumor of Type O Negative vocalist Peter Steele dying of heart failure may actually be a reality. Like him or not, Steele has one of the most definitive voices out there and wrote some chilling songs.

So, if the rumors are all true, then RIP Peter Steele. Thanks for the tunes. True goth metal at its best.

UPDATE: Looks like Steele's death has been confirmed of what is believed to be heart failure. I figured he must be going through some medical problems, as he has been pretty strong on finding religion and looked weaker as of late.

Here is a great quote on Peter from metal journalist Joe Gausten:

"I met Peter Steele back in 1995, when Jerry and Doyle from the MISFITS brought me along to a show in New York, where they joined TYPE O onstage during an encore. This was the first time those guys has appeared onstage in MISFITS gear in 12 years.

"Backstage, Jerry introduced me to Peter, who looked up at me, handed me a bottle of whiskey and said in his classic deep voice, 'Drink!' Being an 18-year-old wiseass at the time, I immediately started chugging it like it was ice tea! 'WHOA!!' shouted Peter as he snatched the booze away from me. He then pointed to the stack of unspeakably disgusting porno mags piled up beside him. 'Um, might I interest you in some fine pornographic material?'

"Quite a nice host, if you ask me."


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