Monday, February 8, 2010

High On Fire Gets Divine with Snakes

I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, especially now that it's February, but if I did make a resolution back when, it would have been to listen to more High on Fire.

I'll admit, despite seeing the band live a year or two ago, I just haven't really listened to em' all that much. Maybe it's because I try to avoid most doom metal that isn't Candlemass or Black Sabbath, but I hear they are the most kickass of the newer doom bands.

So lets make this agreement. When High On Fire's latest album, Snakes For the Divine comes out on February 23rd, I will buy it and review it. Then I can finally make my judgment on the band once and for all.

Oh and while you are waiting you can listen to a new song "Snakes for the Divine" streaming at I would listen to it, but the craptacular Mediacom Internet service is shitting out again.


speedemon86 said...

There's samples to be had on amazon, itunes, and

Between all that and the two songs they've let out in full so far, no question that this is going to be a great album, likely one of the greatest.

rockstrongo said...

High On Fire is not a doom band at all, they're more in the vein of Motorhead and Celtic Frost than anything else.