Monday, February 8, 2010

David Ellefson Rejoins Megadeth

That's right, ol' Junior has rejoined the mighty Megadeth after seven years of being away from the band.

I am kind of curious as to what brought all of this on, but I guess I won't question it (although it always sucks for the "other guy" aka James Lomenzo when shit like this happens).

However, Ellefson played a huge role in Megadeth and is the most iconic member next to Dave Mustaine, so I am excited to hear this news.

Who knows, if Mustaine and Ellefson can set aside their differences, maybe Mustaine and Metallica can too? (Yeah, right.)

I could post some classic Rust In Peace era Deth on the blog, but why not be original and pick a cool tune from the softer, yet still badass, Youthanasia for some late night listening? Boom. "Blood of Heroes".

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Rob Liz said...

I'd have to dig up the Blabbermouth article but apparently Lomenzo left on his own and Shawn Drover texted Junior to tell him this was his chance to talk to Mustaine and it went from there.