Thursday, February 11, 2010

Metal on Metal: White Wizzard v. Holy Grail

If you haven't heard of White Wizzard, get on that shit and check out a post I made earlier with the group's latest video!

However, for those already possessing the metal know-how, I can't help but cringe when I hear the term "nostalgia metal." Whether it is the trend of movie remakes or even television commercials, it seems like creativity is pretty much dead in the world.

But for some reason I love what I have heard from White Wizzard and Holy Grail so far. Just who the hell is Holy Grail, you might ask?

Well, shortly after White Wizzard released its High Speed GTO EP, guitarist Jon Leon fired everyone in the band due to too much "tension." The former members still wanted to play music, so they started up Holy Grail and released a badass EP called Improper Burial.

White Wizzard will respond with Over the Top on March 9, and I imagine Holy Grail is probably working on a full-length right now as well.

From what I've heard both bands are recording some awesome tunes, so the split is actually a good thing for us all. However, I imagine these two bands are having at least a "friendly" feud to see who can come out on top in the metal world.

Check out both bands' MySpace pages for more info. I think you will like what you hear. Note: I put up some Youtube vids below for your enjoyment as well!

Holy Grail MySpace

White Wizzard MySpace

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