Friday, September 11, 2009

Megadeth: "Headcrusher" Music Video

Whoa! It's double Dave on The Metal Show blog!

"Headcrusher" is definitely a thrashin' good time, even if this video is using the overdone MMA thing. But he definitely puts a spin on it with prisoners and the whole women empowerment thing.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "overdone MMA thing"? As far as I know there's only been two music videos, Seether and they were fighting in wacky costumes and a new Shadow's Fall video which literally came out a few weeks ago. You should do your research before you speak..

Eclectic said...

Umm...Five Finger Death Punch's video for Way of the Fist back in 2006? Chimaira's lead singer is a huge MMA fan.Damn near every MMA fighter has some sort of hardcore or metal theme.

Speaking of doing research. How do you say "As far as I know" and come up with only two obscure references if you've done any "real research"?

Nice try troll.

Anonymous said...

that's because there's been no videos like this... you can't say it's overdone, i've never see it it like this in a music video... you're just speaking out of your ass... even proving my point with your own MMA video reference from one obscure band from three years ago.. wow, overdone, okay . "As Far As I Know" you're the troll..

Randy said...

MMA has been blowing up in popularity as well, I guess I was saying it just sort of seems like a trendy thing to do, but one thing I think we can all agree on it's a better song and video than MotoPsycho.

Ha, now I'm waiting for a response from someone saying how awesome Motopsycho is.

Eclectic said...

(sheepish grin).........I like Motopyscho?


It at least has a memorable riff.(shrugs)

P.S. Five Finger Death Punch is an obscure band from 3 years ago? You so crazy, anonymous.