Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiss "Sonic Boom" Artwork Revealed!

I think everyone who reads the blog knows that I will back all of Kiss's 70s catalog, as well as select 80s and 90s releases.

Today Kiss revealed the album art for "Sonic Boom" and it has a very 70s feel to it. It was created by Michael Doret, who also designed the "Rock 'n' Roll Over" sleeve, so I expected a little more. I can't say I like the purple/orange color combo, but it could be worse I guess...

Also below is a preview of the song "Modern Day Delilah", which sounds promising.

On October 6, the "Sonic Boom" will be released in the Kiss Korner" exclusively at Walmart. While I hate the store, I look forward to hearing what the band puts out at this point.

UPDATE: Full song is now available online. I like it. There is one part where Paul Stanley does some weird falsetto yell that isn't quite there before the solo, but besides that it sounds rockin' and Eric Singer rules. Check it out. > News > KISS - MODERN DAY DELILAH

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