Monday, August 17, 2009

Megadeth Releases Another New Track from "Endgame": "1,320"

Megadeth put up the song "1,320" on the Roadrunner Web site. It sounds decent. An interesting main riff and some cool solo work from Chris Broderick.

I'm not 100% sure this will be the new-era Megadeth album to top "The System Has Failed" (you can't fuck with Chris Poland on lead guitar), but I have faith it will be better than "United Abominations".


Dan Contogiannis said...

It's a pretty damn awesome song, and all indications are that it'll be a pretty damn awesome album.

Anonymous said...

Best song so far, I guess, is Headcrusher. Probably the heaviest and most direct anyway. There are far too many melodic songs on this album falling into the vein of Cryptic/Youth/Countdown or probably on any other post Rust In Peace Mega record save Risk. It just retreads like How the Story Ends, Bodies, Bite the Hand, and 44Minutes. I like the middle part of How the Story Ends but otherwise its pretty generic. The lyrics are also pretty lame, especially in the title track. What a letdown.

Randy said...

Yeah ultimately from my few listens through the album it sounds like it's going to be a toss-up among fans. It's great music, but those who don't like the Youthanasia sound might be turned off by some of this album.

I mean there are still heavy hitters, but there is a lot more melody too, which for me I think is a good thing.

United Abominations problem was almost that the band spent so much time making it heavy, there wasn't much memorable on there outside of a few tracks.

Plus it had that "A Tout Le Monde" cover...