Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slayer and 3 Inches of Blood Album Info

Today both Slayer and 3 Inches of Blood announced the titles of their forthcoming albums.

Slayer's new CD is entitled "World Painted Blood" and should be out sometime late summer. The album is being produced by Greg Fidelman, who received some criticism after working on Metallica's "Death Magnetic". Kerry King said that the record's songwriting was split about 50/50 between him and fellow axe-slinger Jeff Hanneman, which sounds good to me. Hanneman is an underrated guitar player and talented songwriter.

"Psychopathy Red" has been out for awhile now, but you can get in another listen below for a taste of the new CD.

I also found this video on YouTube labeled as Slayer performing a new single on the Henry Rollins Show which made me laugh. The headbanging in the beginning to the music is pretty awesome.

As for the new 3 Inches of Blood album, that one is going to be called "Here Waits Thy Doom" and it should be out on September 8. This will be an important CD for the band's career, so hopefully they can put together some good catchy metal music.

"Advance and Vanquish" is still the band's best in my book, but "Fire Up the Blades" had some good tunes as well (see below).

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