Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bluegrass, Shitty Europop Covers and Lesbians

Finals week at the University of Iowa is almost here and that marks the end of The Metal Show on KRUI 89.7 during the Spring 2009 semester. However, hopefully yours truly will be back doing the show in a few weeks for the summer edition and you can count on the show being back over the airwaves for the Fall 2009 semester.

Just because there is no Metal Show for a few weeks doesn't mean this blog is going anywhere! Expect plenty of new updates on news and music releases. (Such as the recent leak that Slayer's new album might be out on July 7!)

First off I wanted to share this video of the band Slaughter of the Bluegrass covering the At the Gates classic "Blinded by Fear". This version is awesome and the band is hoping to do a full album of bluegrass-metal covers if time and money permits.

Thank the dudes over at Deciblog for finding this one. Note that the link given leads to an interview with the band.

Also you can check out the band's official Web site and vote for songs for them to cover.

Speaking of covers, here is another cover that isn't nearly as cool by a band called The Berzerker. They recently covered the T.A.T.U.'s one-hit-lesbian-wonder "All the Things She Said". The video is stirring up quite the bit of controversy with its footage of screaming dudes and fetish actress lesbians.

Props to a kind of shitty gimmick band for thinking up a marketing scheme to get their name out there.

Note: The Berzerker are not to be confused with the band that coined the hilarious song "Berserker" that was featured on the Clerks soundtrack. That band is called Love Among Freaks and the song can be heard below.

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