Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lamb of God versus God Forbid: Tune-in February 24, 2009

It is almost the last week of February and in the first two months of 2009 there have already been some great metal releases.

Kreator- Hordes of Chaos and Cannibal Corpse- Evisceration Plague are bound to be contenders for at least one of the top five metal albums of 2009.

Saxon's Into the Labyrinth delivered the sound that listeners know and love, while incorporating some blues elements into the mix. I haven't had a chance to listen to the new Napalm Death album, but if grindcore is your thing, then look no further than Time Waits for No Slave.

The always underrated Derrick Greene-era Sepultura released A-lex, which I also have not been able to buy yet. From what I've listened to so far it isn't as good as Dante XXI (which was a great CD, one of Sep's best in my opinion), but it still sounds like it has enough elements to make it an interesting listen. And there is plenty to head-bang to.

Tuesday two of the newer generation of metal bands will be releasing CDs. Lamb of God's Wrath and God Forbid's Earthsblood both come out on February 24th. I should have both of the albums to play on the show then and I will try and get reviews posted over on the review blog ASAP.

Just to make it more interesting, I figure it will be a Lamb of God v. God Forbid sort of event. I will not only review the albums individually, but also I will end with a post comparing the two.

Lamb of God may be the popular favorite, but you can never count out the underdog hungry for the kill (God Forbid in this case)!

UPDATE: Felt like this post needed a video. Here is Lamb of God's video for a song that always makes me feel energized, Now You've Got Something to Die For!

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