Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Week's Playlist

Tonight featured some classic thrash tunes as well as a few more modern songs. Next week's show should focus on a lot of new music, with a few classics thrown in to boot. Make sure to tune in starting at 6PM next Tuesday on KRUI 89.7 to hear tunes off the new God Forbid and Lamb of God albums which come out that day.

The Metal Show Playlist 2/17/09

Meshuggah- Stengah (Nothing)
Testament- More Than Meets the Eye (Formation of Damnation)
Shadows Fall- Storm Winds (Threads of Life)
3 Inches of Blood- Crazy Nights (Advance and Vanquish)
In Flames- Pinball Map (Clayman)
Metal Church- Hypnotized (Hanging in the Balance)
Megadeth- Hangar 18 (Rust in Peace)
Hebron- In The Name of War (Resurrection) (playing in Des Moines 2/27/09)
Racer X- Loud and Clear (Street Lethal)
Anthrax- What Doesn't Die (We've Come For You All)

And for your viewing pleasure I have posted a video of Sepultura playing an acoustic version of Sepulnation that I discovered randomly on YouTube. I don't get why so many people hate Derrick Greene-era Sepultura. He is a talented singer when he wants to be and he also growls pretty well too.

In my opinion he is a better vocalist than Max, even though albums such as Beneath the Remains and Chaos A.D. are still amazing. I would be disappointed if the band ever ditched Greene to reunite with Cavalera. Max's would never hold up in an acoustic set.

If you are interested, here is the regular version of the song being performed.

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