Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week's Playlist

Here is the playlist as promised for the January 20, 2009, show.

The Web streaming and playlist feature were down on the always reliable KRUI Web site...

Remember to tune in to The Metal Show next Tuesday at its new time slot from 6-7PM.

Playlist 1/20/09

In Flames- Cloud Connected (Reroute to Remain)
God Forbid- War of Attrition (Earthsblood)
Metallica- Broken, Beat and Scarred (Death Magnetic)
Iron Maiden- Wrathchild (Killers)
The Faceless- The Ancient Covenant (Planetary Duality)
Meshuggah- Bleed (obZen)
GWAR- Saddam a Go-Go (This Toilet Earth)
Blind Guardian- I’m Alive (Imaginations From the Other Side)
Iced Earth- Last December (Burnt Offerings)
Gojira- Esoteric Surgery (The Way of All Flesh)
Dark Mirror- At the Edge of Reality (Immortalized)

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