Monday, January 19, 2009

New Semester, Brand New Metal Show Tuesday 6-7PM!

Randy here reporting in after a long break that still ended all too soon...

At least the first day of school can start out right with a brand new Metal Show at its new time-slot every Tuesday from 6-7PM on KRUI 89.7!

Metal continues to takeover KRUI from 7-8PM with Gloves of Metal, followed by Invisible Time Lines from 8-10PM.

Apparently KRUI listened to its fans and decided that metal is indeed alive in well in Iowa City.

Remember you can stream the show via KRUI's website.

Check out the concert updates to the right to see an exciting update. Meshuggah, Cynic and The Faceless will be performing at People's Court in Des Moines, IA. Should be an insane show!

Watch this video of Faceless guitarist Micheal Keene shredding at the recent NAMM guitar show.

Like what you hear? All of the playing is taken from the album Planetary Duality.

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