Monday, August 9, 2010

Exodus Release seizure-inducing "Downfall" music video

Exodus' new video for "Downfall" can be 'seizure-inducing,' - for those prone to get seizures that is (no joke). So if you don't fall into that category, enjoy the video.

I haven't been able to spend as much time listening to the new Exodus album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition as I'd like, but there are some solid tracks on there (some are just still a little too long for their own good, but it's still above average thrash).

As for the video, it's a bit ridiculous towards the end, with death-by-gavel smash, but has a sort of '80s feel with the dudes headbanging on the jury. I also think the song shows off some of Gary Holt's ability to take influences from newer metal genres (like metalcore) and incorporate it into his thrash repertoire. Good stuff.

UPDATE: Oh and as a 2-for-1 video bonus, also below is the latest video from Evergreen Terrace. Yes the music does have a bit of a trendy metalcore feel, but these guys' are really into their music, and after chatting with some of them / seeing em' live, the group puts on an energetic show every time.

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