Saturday, March 27, 2010

Will Nevermore deliver with "The Obsidian Conspiracy"?

Yeah, that album cover above is the real deal. I think it's cheesy and wish the band would have gone with something different, but then again, I'm not the one making the badass music.

The new Nevermore disc, The Obsidian Conspiracy is coming out in just a few months (June 8) and that leaves me wondering one thing... will the band be able to put out an album to satisfy its fans?

While This Godless Endeavor was a solid return to form for the group, I think that Dead Heart in a Dead World still remains Nevermore's masterpiece. I just don't find myself returning to the last album all that much.

Some of the more recent stuff seems like it is more concerned with shredding guitar solos than the songwriting and riff writing itself.

This sort of relates to my post discussing how tech death metal is almost too technical. I wouldn't mind seeing guitarist Jeff Loomis studying some of his old riffs (and maybe even some of the old Sanctuary riffs, even though he didn't write em') and combine that foundation with his progress skillwise to write some truly awesome heavy metal music for us all.

Below is the greatest Nevermore song ever recorded ("The River Dragon Has Come") as well as some recent footage of Loomis shredding and what is supposedly a new tune!

UPDATE: I got rid of the old video because I believe it only had an older track on there and it loaded slow on my comp. I found a slightly lesser quality of just the new track from the same event which I added below. The song is "The Obsidian Conspiracy".


Rob Liz said...

I really hope it does. Nevermore has become one of my all time favorite bands and I think the time is ripe for a band of this caliber to make themselves known.

In an era of American metal where hardcore and ret thrash is the rage it's time for a techical,heavy,intelligent band to show everyone how it should be done.

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