Monday, March 29, 2010

The Anthrax Debacle Continues: Still no word on what will happen with "Worship Music"

There's no denying that We've Come For You All is a solid album. And now that John Bush is back in the band, hopefully we can get another one.

So what is the current status of the whole Anthrax debacle? Here's what the Armored Saint/Anthrax frontman had to say in an excerpt from an interview with

MetalSucks: So you think you would be re-recording some of [former ANTHRAX singer] Dan Nelson's vocals?

Bush: That is what they want to do, and it's been a conflict for me, to be quite frank, simply because I kind of felt like I wasn't part of the creation of it. On all the other ANTHRAX records, I was part of it when it happened. I just wasn't involved in this, and it's something that they've already actually completed. I haven't disregarded it completely, and I know it's important to them. I realize they made this record and they're kind of sitting on it. They want to put some of it out, if not everything… at least a single, and we've talked about [releasing] an EP. We're still trying to figure out if we can do that, especially in conjunction with these shows in June. We've just got to kind of iron out some specifics. That's where we're at today, March 15, 2010.

Check out the full interview on

I hope that Anthrax will be able to work things out and release this album, but at the same time, Bush should maintain his integrity and only do the vocals if he actually wants to.

Hopefully Worship Music won't suffer from being left in the cutting room for so long...


Rob Liz said...

Christ, I'm so sick of the vocal merry go round with this band. Just release the album with Dan Nelson, sell your 5000 copies,and then go make some real money on the Sonisphere shows in Europe.

I hate the rerecording stuff bands do. If it was good enough at the time to actually press copies of it then just release it and leave the personal shit as just that.Personal.

Honestly if I were Anthrax I would just call it a day after the big 4 tour. It'd be a perfect swan song.

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