Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burgers and Tech Death Metal

I saw a news story on Blabbermouth.net today about some dudes that drive a Grill 'Em All truck and sell metal-themed burgers.

The new burger they are debuting for a limited time only is the Death-Punch Lunch, and while I don't necessarily enjoy Five Finger Death Punch the idea is cool and I would support these guys if I was in the area (plus they do offer cooler burgers like Behemoth and Molly Hatchet).

Anybody that can find a way to mix metal and business to make money is OK in my book. Check out more about the dudes and their truck at the Grill 'Em All Web site.

In the meantime I propose a perplexing question for you all... can tech death metal be too technical for it's own good? A case study below:

Brain Drill: "Apocalyptic Feasting"
If you do like this: Brain Drill's new album Quantum Catastrophe should be out later this year.

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