Friday, October 2, 2009

Zakk Wylde's Hellfire Halloween Bash

While he hasn't made a truly great album with Black Label Society since The Blessed Hellride, it is good to hear that Zakk Wylde is recovering from having blood clots and performing with a new Epiphone axe called the "Graveyard Disciple".

Apparently Wylde's Halloween Bash is a free event put on by Hard Rock Cafe New York on Halloween. Should be a cool time for anyone in the New York area.

Looks like the coffin guitar would be difficult as fuck to play sitting down, but should be cool when performing.

I was going to put up the studio version of this song off 1919 Eternal, but the riff from this live version just kills and the lyrics are emotional, even if Wylde isn't the greatest live singer.

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Chris B said...

The Graveyard Disciple guitar seems a little corny to me. Plus, it looks like it up-side-down. But What-ev. Zakk's the man and that's about all there is to say about it.