Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halford Saves Christmas

When I first listened to Nostradamus immediately I thought, "hey, at least there's always Halford 3 right?"

Well if you haven't heard the news, Halford 3 is a holiday album called Winter Songs. Now I am not going to say this can't be awesome, because it is Halford after all, but I think I would have rather just had the album be Halford 3: Metal Songs.

Now you can purchase two of the songs from the new album online ("Get Into the Spirit" and "We Three Kings"). I am debating whether or not to do it...

Halford 3: Winter Songs will be in stores on October 26.

We now have Alice Cooper doing Halloween songs, Halford doing Christmas... what's next a KISS Chanukah album???

1 comment:

Rob Liz said...

There's something not right with that cover. Beautiful snowy forest landscape and then Rob's mug with shades, goatee, leather and tattoos in the foreground.

I would have preferred a demonic Santa. This looks like Judas Priest meets Enya:P