Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helloween Rerecord Classics for 25th Anniversary

Helloween still rocks in my book, even if Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are no longer part of the band.

The Dark Ride is a phenomenal metal album and contains some of the catchiest metal music of all time. Now the band is going to rerecord some of the most memorable tunes for a new greatest hits package, celebrating 25 years of power metal.

Here is the track list along with some music vids below for the album Unarmed- Best of 25th Anniversary.

01. Dr. Stein
02. Future World
03. If I Could Fly
04. Where The Rain Grows
05. The Keeper's Trilogy
06. Eagle Fly Free
07. Perfect Gentleman
08. Forever & One
09. I Want Out
10. Falling To Pieces
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right

There is no official US release date, but I'm guessing it will be announced soon.

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