Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anthrax and John Bush Reunited?

Man, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante have really been sucking up to John Bush lately. Probably because they realize it's their ONLY hope to make a comeback after firing singer Dan Nelson right before a new album was supposed to come out.

From recent interviews, it sounds like Bush will be rejoining the band.

I have always been a bigger fan of Joey Belladonna than Bush, but I respect his work with Armored Saint and on The Sound of White Noise, which is a total classic.

Hopefully Anthrax gets its shit together and puts out this new album either with Nelson or Bush's vocals. I don't really care.

UPDATE: Looks like Bush will in fact be recording vocals for the new album to replace Dan Nelson's parts. Rob Caggiano stated this in an interview I skimmed over on


Rob Liz said...

I have a co worker that's friends with Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint and last I heard they were working on a new Saint record. Makes me wonder if Anthrax is that desperate to still be relevant that they'll screw over another band just to get John Bush back.

Randy said...

I heard that the other dudes in Saint have other obligations now too, so it's really not the only priority for all these guys.

I hope that's the case, otherwise it would suck to see Bush leave em' hanging due to feeling sorry for Anthrax. That new Armored Saint song that was up on Youtube sounded pretty awesome.

Either way it's a sucky situation for both bands, although I think Scott Ian and Charlie Benante had a large part to play in the fuck-up.