Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's Up Anthrax??? Part 3

See Anthrax perform a tune with John Bush below. Sounds like the band is in top form and more energetic than it seemed with Bush before he left upon Belladonna's return.

Part of me wants him to stay in Armored Saint though. I always thought that was the band which best suited his vocals. Also, has anyone seen interviews with Scott Ian lately?

He seems to be sucking up to Bush pretty hard, trying to get him to come back. Obviously he knows the band is in a bad place right now, with the dismissal of Dan Nelson, but at least have some dignity man! He was talking about crying after the Sonisphere Festival and all of that. Seems like a bit much to me...

I just hope Nelson "accidentally" leaks his version of "Worship Music" online. That would make things even crazier. You would think if all the instrumental tracks were laid down, once Anthrax figures out the vocalist situation, they could re-record that shit really fast. Early 2010 maybe?

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