Friday, July 31, 2009

Suicide Silence: Do they suck?

Deathcore sucks for the most part. That is a fact. But does Suicide Silence suck? Many in the true metal crowd would say yes and from what I've heard of "No Time to Bleed" it is pretty bland music that basically pummels you into a deathcore coma.

However, this live performance actually got me to listen to three full songs in a row, a feat which I never thought would happen. Two lame things about the video: 1) It was recorded at the Hot Topic headquarters. 2) The singer acts like a tool at times and doesn't seem to give up trying to instruct the crowd to react.

However, the band does put on an energetic performance and is really tight live. You have to give them that and for what it's worth, they definitely do the breakdowns well.

Check it out and decide for yourself below.


Loud Reviews said...

I've heard of them, but havent heard their music. I'll give them a chance.

Sound Strategy said...

"Bang your heads like we do."

Yyyyyeah, about that....

Rhys Bob said...

they should get a new vocalist, if that factor changed, maybe you'd have a band worthy. worthy is a word thrown about too much these days, lets say 'decent'