Monday, July 27, 2009

Slayer Releases Another Track: "Hate Worldwide"

You can check out the new Slayer song "Hate Worldwide right here.

Is it just me or do the guitars sound a bit too "happy" for Slayer??? The tune is another short number in the vein of "Psychopathy Red". It's not bad, but "Seasons" part II this is not (I'm only saying that, because that's what the band compared it to). Plus the production feels a little weak.

"Hate Worldwide" will be available for purchase at Hot Topic stores tomorrow as a single, while "World Painted Blood" is due out later this year.

UPDATE: Song available below.

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Blakken said...

I think it sounds a lot like they did back in 80s. When I first heard it, it reminding me a lot of SOD...I kinda of like it...