Monday, April 27, 2009

Megadeth and Slayer Team Up to Fight Crime... I mean... Tour!

It turns out that the rumors going around about Megadeth and Slayer taking part in a co-headlining tour are true. It was announced today that the thrash legends will be touring together along with Machine Head and Suicide Silence for our neighbors to the north. That's right so far, there are only four dates with this line-up and they are all in Canada!

More than likely you can expect tour dates to be announced in the States shortly, or else there are going to a lot of pissed off Americans!

As for the opening bands... meh! It seems like Machine Head, despite my feelings of them being only a mediocre band, are always picked to open for the big name metal acts.

Why not get a band like God Forbid that deserves more exposure, or at least a cooler band like Gojira to kick ass opening up for this tour. Better yet, do some research and get a lesser known band that deserves some publicity a chance (yeah, I know that the labels probably put this stuff together).

As for Suicide Silence, I think they could have found a better fit. There are a ton of bands that sound similar to this right now, that are actually doing it better. But who am I to judge?

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