Monday, February 23, 2009

Queensryche release "If I Were King"

The new Queensryche song can be found here. I will post my judgment on it once I can actually get the damn thing to work! Every metal site is putting up the same link, so it must be working for some people.

Maybe it will work for you guys!

Concept album, American Soldier, is set to release on March 31.

UPDATE: You can now download the single at all digital retailers and you can preview it right here. Sadly after finally being able to listen to it, I was a bit disappointed. Kind of a mellow tune that gets old fast. Maybe the rest will be better though!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not working for me either....ugh!

Randy said...

Yeah I don't know what the deal is... damn!

Anonymous said...

i've tried the damn thing probably 10 times in the last week and it won't work for me either.BS!