Monday, February 23, 2009

Mastodon and Lamb of God Marketing Blitz

It is cool to see that in the age of online music some bands are still trying to get us to remember why physical albums are that much cooler than their digital counterparts.

Mastodon announced that they would have a limited edition tunnel book release for Crack the Skye which comes out on March 24th.

The limited edition release is rather expensive at $39.99, but it may just be some of the coolest album art out there. I am sure some of the more loyal fans will want to get their hands on this one! It even puts bands like Tool to shame.

Mastodon also just launched a trippy Web site promoting Crack the Skye. It requires the latest version of Adobe Flash software. Here is a preview of what it looks like below.

Lamb of God is also doing a unique contest with their new album Wrath and are releasing a deluxe version of it as well (contains vinyl, CD, USB stick with bonus songs).

The first 100,000 people who purchase the CD, which is released tomorrow, will be able to enter a code at the Escape the Plague Web site. Upon entry of the code, fans will be asked to answer questions and will then be entered into a drawing for 100 different prizes.

As each prize is chosen it will be deleted until they are all gone. Here is a list of the prizes as seen on Lamb of God's Web site.

"Escape The Plague prizes include:

2 - Trips for two to see Lamb of God perform at a major UK festival in August

1 - Barbecue at your home hosted by Randy Blythe

2 - Mark Morton Guitars (Courtesy of Jackson guitars)

2 - Willie Adler Guitars (Courtesty of ESP Guitars)

2 - John Campbell Basses (Courtesy of Jackson Guitars)

1 - Chris Adler drum kit w/ an autographed Chris Adler snare (Courtesy of Mapex drums)

5 - Golden laminates, good for entry at any Lamb of God show for a year

10 - Introduce the band onstage in your town

20 - Roadie for a day in your town

7 - Sing on stage at soundcheck with the band

20 - $50 giftcards to the Lamb of God webstore (Courtesy of Bravado)

25 - Autographed super deluxe Wrath packages, including the CD, Vinyl, and UBS stick with bonus tracks

1 - Mark Morton guitar lesson

1 - Willie Adler guitar lesson

1 - John Campbell Bass lesson"

If only more bands would do stuff as cool as this maybe people would stop stealing so much music!

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