Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guitar Hero: Metallica = Best Guitar Hero Yet!

Today the complete track listing for Guitar Hero: Metallica was announced and I was surprised and excited to see all of the songs that made it on there.

It's no secret I am a Metallica fan-boy, but even those that only occasionally enjoy their Metallica should be impressed with the song options.

Here is a sample of what's to come and you can check out the complete song list via Blabbermouth.

Metallica songs:

+All Nightmare Long
+Creeping Death
+Disposable Heroes
+Dyers Eve
+No Leaf Clover
+Mercyful Fate (medley)
+and many more

Other bands:
+Diamond Head- Am I Evil?
+Judas Priest- Hellbent for Leather
+Mercyful Fate- Evil
+Alice in Chains- No Excuses

Any video game that gets kids into Mercyful Fate, Diamond Head and Samhain is cool in my book.

Even if you haven't played Guitar Hero and put it off as a toy, believe me, it is plenty of fun to play when gathering with friends and a few brews.

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