Monday, January 26, 2009

Faith No More Reunion... Not Without Jim Martin.

Faith No More is one of those bands that people usually love or hate.

It seems that often these love/hate bands often write some of the more influential music of our time and Faith No More is no exception.

Mike Patton's vocals can be odd at times, but I now consider the man as one of the best singers out there.

The Real Thing and Angel Dust are both quality CDs that have influenced countless bands over the years. If I had my way, any person owning a music collection would have a copy of The Real Thing.

Countless rumors have been swirling around that the band might one day reunite. Some even said it could happen at the 2009 Coachella music festival in California where Rage Against the Machine first reunited for a show.

This rumor was dispelled, but nevertheless Patton said he wouldn't rule out a reunion of some kind in the future.

I believe that Billy Gould and Mike Bordin would follow suit, but the biggest player that I would want to see in a reunion would be Jim Martin.

Growing up I remember reading a Guitar World article about Martin and how he lived out his days as a pumpkin farmer now, occasionally playing with lesser known bands. His last musical activity appears to be with the punk band Fang from 1998-2000.

Martin was a influential part of Faith No More's sound and was attributed for giving albums, such as The Real Thing, that heavy guitar-driven edge. Some say that he left the band after Angel Dust due to Patton's desire to take the band in a more eclectic direction.

That would make sense seeing as how Angel Dust and future Faith No More albums contain songs ranging in style from jazz to lounge music.

If the reunion does happen, I hope that Jim Martin is a part of it. It's the obvious move, as the band was at its height during the Martin era and that is the era that many fans love the most.

UPDATE: Recently a close source to the band said that Roddy Bottum contacted Martin about possibly doing some shows and he expressed interest. However, the band decided to utilized another guitar player (probably from one of the later albums) if the festival shows do happen. I hope they change their minds about this! Not likely though.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Charlie.

Martin was not a founding member. Actually, there had been at least 4 guitarist in the band before he joined.

Randy said...

Ok, so yes, you are right that Jim Martin wasn't a founding member of Faith No More, but when he joined around 1983-84 the band had no official releases.

The band was then signed and Martin contributed to much of the sound on the We Care a Lot and Introduce Yourself albums.

But, it is good to see you are reading my post closely and keeping me in check.

I think one thing any Faith No More can agree on is that Martin is a badass guitar player.

Anonymous said...