Thursday, November 20, 2008

God Forbid Go Green

God Forbid is a newer band that is waving the banner of heavy metal for a younger generation (OK so they have been around for a little while now). I picked up their album before I went to a Anthrax show which they were opening for.

I liked what I heard on the album IV: Constitution of Treason. A modern sound, but definitely influence by old-school metal as well.

Live, the band put on a better show than most of the bands I have seen at their level. High energy and great sound.

Now they are preparing to release a new album called Earthsblood which is due out Feburary 24, 2009(same day as new Lamb of God)!

This band seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each album, so lets hope they keep up the trend with this new release.

Here are some clips from the new CD!

And if you want more while you are waiting check out the video for the song The End of The World off IV: Constitution of Treason.

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